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Topic: Wood in Sandstone

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Wood in Sandstone




Dating dilemma : fossil wood in ‘ancient’ sandstone

Creation 21(3):39–41 June 1999 by Andrew Snelling

In June 1997 a large finger-sized piece of fossil wood was discovered in a Hawkesbury Sandstone slab just cut from the quarry face at Bundanoon. Though reddish-brown and hardened by petrifaction, the original character of the wood was still evident. A piece of the fossil wood was sent for radiocarbon (14C) analysis to Geochron Laboratories in Cambridge, Boston (USA), a reputable internationally-recognized commercial laboratory. The analytical report from the laboratory indicated detectable radiocarbon had been found in the fossil wood, yielding a supposed 14C ‘age’ of 33,720 ± 430 years BP (before present). Of course, if this fossil wood really were 225–230 million years old as is supposed, it should be impossible to obtain a finite radiocarbon age, because all detectable 14C should have decayed away in a fraction of that alleged time—a few tens of thousands of years.

The very fact that they were able to carbon date the wood proves that it, nor the sandstone it is embedded in, is 200 Million years old. Further, it is doubtful that piece of wood would have lasted the dated 33 Thousand Years indicating, as stated, that "All man made dating methods are subject to error due to heat and leaching" as the Smithsonian stated to myself in a letter.

Thus, the earth is a lot younger then most people believe and the Bible is the only record that fits all the facts left in the fossil record.

"Dr. Alexander Cherkinsky has stated that “It wasn't wood at all and more looked like the iron concretion with the structures lightly similar to wood.”"

So, did Dr. Cherkinsky actually test the material to verify that it was an iron concretion? No, he just thought it was, which throws your next comment out the window until it is tested one way or another however, as I stated in the post above, carbon dating would be affected by heat and leaching thus rendering a false age of 33,000 years when the flood occurred 1666 FC (From Creation) or about 2516 BC rendering the date off by about 30,000 years, more or less.


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