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Topic: Aluminum Collar for a Mastodon

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Aluminum Collar for a Mastodon




This was found on the bank of the Mures River in Transylvania near Aiud in 1974 and is made out of aluminum and was found among 20,000 year old Mastodon bones.  The Oxidation makes it 300-400 years old but them, thar, Mastodon Bones makes it just a little bit older then that.
A chunk of metal found buried with a couple of Mastodons whose metal is, "very complex" one chemical of which is aluminum which does not occur naturally in nature - thus ruling out the reply that it was manufactured in the backwoods of some third world country. The differences in the metal content of all these anomalous artifacts - something they all share in common, by the way - that is different from any metal content today is partially due to the increased barometric pressure that existed before the flood - about twice what it is today. All the man made metals found in anomalous circumstances all display the same pattern of abnormal mixture one trait of which that they all seem to have in common is that they don't rust.


In 1974, in Romania, two kilometers east of Aiud, a group of workers, on the banks of the river Mures, discovered three buried objects in the sand, in a trench about 10 meters(32 feet) in depth . Two of the objects, proved themselves to be Mastodon bones, some millions of years old from, between the Miocene and the Pleistocene periods. Florin Gheorghita, for one, had the opportunity to examine the report, and the analysis performed under the direction of Dr.Niederkorn of the institute for the study of metals and of non-metallic minerals (ICPMMN), located in Magurele, Romania, emphasized that it is composed of a alloy of extremely complex metal. Gheorghita affirms that the alloy is composed of 12 different elements, of which he has succeeded to establish also the volumetric percentage of the aluminum (89%). He identified the presence of Copper (6,2%), silicon (2,84%),zinc (1,81%), lead (0,41%), pond (0,33%), zirconium(0,2%), cadmium (0,11%), nickel (0,0024%), cobalt (0,0023%), bismuth (0,0003%), silver (0,0002%), and gallium (in trace amounts).


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