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Topic: Letters in Marble

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Letters in Marble




Raised letterlike shapes found inside a block of marble from a quarry near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Corliss 1978, p. 657; American Journal of Science 1831, vol. 19, p. 361). The block of marble came from a depth of 60-70 feet in strata dated 500-600 million years old. [p. 797, Forbidden Archeology]

Now, since a picture is worth a thousand words or more, here is a manmade subscription embedded in a chunk of 500 Million Year Old Marble. Note how similar they are to the Hebrew Letters in the second picture (Chet and Vav) which when reversed as in a mold, would spell an abbreviated form of the word Chava - to reveal.Are we to assume that aliens were here billions of years ago speaking an early form of Hebrew?Hebrew probably being the Antediluvial Language that was not confounded at Babylon, since Abraham was not there for that event.

"Michael Cremo is a well known crank. Also, you do realize that he does not claim that the age of the Earth is incorrect, but that humans have been inhabiting it for billions of years right?Let me be more clear on this - he thinks scientifically determined ages are correct. He thinks that humans have been around for billions of years. Are you sure you want to hitch yourself to his wagon? "

Exactly what do you mean when you say he is a "known crank"? He is guilty of fraud? Did he fake the artifacts he presents? If not then nothing changes the facts that he presents - anomalous artifacts found in billion year old strata - that is a fact - which I notice you don't want to address.His Theory is that of alien seeding million or billion of years ago because he does not realize that the man made dating methods are off by billions of years.The Artifacts are Facts - his conclusions are theory.Apparently you people would rather defame the messengers instead of dealing with the facts.


Welcome to my World...


Looks more like a form for pouring metal into to make a type of pin and hinge ? Just a thought. Ohm another thought, so they found it in strata that is "believed" to be some 100s of thousands of yrs who's to say that the strata they found it in was at some time changed, as in forced. I've seen rock strata that is millions of years old, pushed up into mountainous cliffs, that once was 1000s of feet below us. VjC

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