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Topic: Coin found 114 Feet below surface

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Coin found 114 Feet below surface



"This coinlike object, from a well boring near Lawn Ridge, Illinois, was reportedly found at a depth of about 114 feet below the surface (Winchell 1881, p. 170). According to information supplied by the Illinois State Geological Survey, the deposits containing the coin are between 200,000 and 400,000 years old."

So, this would have us believe (i.e. 'old earthers') that the flood occured circa 300,000 BC and yet this is like the Constellation of Taurus being painted on a cave in France somewhere for the age of Taurus was 4KBC (i.e. spring equinox in that constellation) and to think that the paintings themselves were made the last time this was the case (i.e. 29,000 BC) defies logic - that the ink of the cave paintings would last that long.


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