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Topic: A Dirge for Darwin : Driving the final nails in Darwin's Coffin

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A Dirge for Darwin : Driving the final nails in Darwin's Coffin



Press Release November 13, 2006

Press Release Contact Information:

David Hill
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A Dirge for Darwin

There is a mournful song echoing down the halls and corridors of this brave New World's Institutions and it is being sung by the choir of Darwin's once great Cathedral called Evolutionary Biology.

/24-7PressRelease/ - November 13, 2006 - The Choir leader of these Dirges in the Dark is the new kid on the Biological Block called Population Genetics, waving his wand at the DNA Deacons as they bellow out the death toll of the End of the Evolutionary Era.

The words of this ode are not hard to learn as they follow logic to its full term.

To put it in plain, albeit not so poetic, English, Population Genetics shows us that, because the mutation rate of DNA, and Mitochondrial in particular, is much greater then was expected, the human race, as such, is not much older than six thousand years, or we would have long sense degenerated into a sterile extinction. (1)

This understanding at once crumbles Darwin's Pillar of Evolutionary Biology occurring over the course of millions of years however, this pillar had previously been cracked by the Choir Boys themselves when, due to the lack of thousands of transitional species ( the infamous missing links by the millions) represented in the fossil record, they promptly buttressed the edifice with the pillar called Punctuated Equilibrium (now called DNA Hot Spots) humming to the tune that evolutionary mutation may occur in leaps and bounds and thus not leave a trace in the Paleontological History Books of the Origin of Species.

However, when the wand is waved in the other direction, we learn that less than a 3% change in DNA would be terminal for the host and thus at once the second, and last, pillar of the Ecclesiastical Evolution topples to the ground - Hot Spots, in more ways than one, not-with-standing, for this would require a slow rate of mutation over millions of years which we now know is not possible. The Razor's Edge of Haldane's Dilemma, you might call it. (2) To put it another way, even the change of one nucleotide in the genetic DNA strand would probably render the resulting protein non functional. (3)

And thus, with the last resonance of Darwin's Dirge fading into the Ethereal Mists of History, we can look anew at the truths that have been given a new voice, as it were.

In the Creationist's camp there is a quote of note, I believe, from an Evolutionist, that says that when they finally arrive at the top of that Mountain that they have been climbing for two centuries now, Darwinists are going to find that there is a group of Theologians that have been sitting there all along.

It is questionable however, to this author, knowing the tenacity of religious traditions in general, whether or not the Evolutionary Choir Service will ever be held at the top of that particular Mountain.

Whether Darwin himself made it or not is still hotly debated, but what is not debated is that he did meet with Lady Hope and said, "I was young and full of ideas and they took those ideas and made a religion out of them." (4,5)

Yeah, they did...

Sources :

1) Loewe, L and Scherer, S. 'Mitochondrial Eve: the plot thickens.' Trends in Ecology and Evolution, November 1997.

2) Walter J. ReMine, The Biotic Message: Evolution versus message theory, Saint Paul, MN: St. Paul Science, 1993

3) Emory University,

4) James Moore, The Darwin Legend, Baker Books, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1994

5) Down, the Home of the Darwins: The Story of a House and the People Who Lived There, by Sir Hedley Atkins KBE, published by Phillimore for the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 1974


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