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Topic: Monatomic Hydrogen : The Key to the Apparent Age of the Cosmos

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Monatomic Hydrogen : The Key to the Apparent Age of the Cosmos



Last night I found the Key to understanding the Apparent Age of the Geologic Strata that Creationists have been looking for.

What Yull Brown did was to recreate the second step in the creation process. And, he did that under laboratory conditions.  Here is the description of the formation of the earth and the reader can easily see for themselves that it perfectly fits the description for the production of Brown's Gas which follows.

Building Planet Earth, Peter Cattermole, Cambridge University Press, 2000

Chapter Two : The Formation of the Earth

Modern Hypotheses (pg 13)

"It is usually considered that the Solar System began due to the contraction of the Solar Nebula."

Chapter Three : The Primeval Earth

Birth of a Planet (pg 17 and 18)

"The Modern view is that the Earth, like the other Solar System Bodies, accumulated rather quickly from a cloud of Dust and Gas surrounding the Proto-Sun, i.e. the Solar Nebula."

"In the case of the earth, it is thought that growth began with dust-sized grains which, with the assistance of weak Electrostatic Forces, were converted into centimetre-sized particles."

The Primary Atmosphere (pg 20)

"The Earth's Primordial Atmosphere was almost certainly rich in Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen, Hydrogen Chloride and Hydrogen. Most of the Hydrogen quickly escaped into space, while some of the Water Vapour in the upper atmosphere was broken down by Sunlight into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the latter escaping and combining with Gases like Methane (CH4) and Carbon Monoxide to form Water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide."

George Wiseman discusses Brown's Gas technology

According to George, the Brown's Gas has a number of constituents. Mostly, it is composed of diatomic hydrogen (H2) and diatomic oxygen (O2), as one would expect. However, one to three percent of the gas is comprised of monatomic hydrogen (H) and monatomic oxygen (O), which theoretically is not supposed to exist in a stable form. Somehow these are stabilized. George said he's had Brown's Gas stored for more than a year and it still functions as Brown's Gas.

Thermonuclear transmutation of nuclear waste

"Brown's Gas can efficiently neutralize radioactive waste though transmutation right at the reactor thus removing the need for transportation or storage of nuclear waste. Such application can revolutionize the nuclear industry. Former state assemblyman Dan Haley from New York investigated the lack of response after the US Department of Energy observed such demonstration of transmutation. The DOE argued 1) "the radioactivity was encapsulated in the sample", but the sample was crushed and the Geiger counter reading was the same. They argued 2) "the radioactivity must be disparaged into the atmosphere" while the department of health preformed in depth investigation of the environment. This much to the frustration of the nuclear physicist preforming the research for it suggested their incompetence. The laboratory was not closed clearly indicating no radioactivity was found in or around the building. "

Browns Gas : The Workings

This tape also includes a bonus section showing the Reduction of Radioactivity of Americium 241 with the browns gas flame. Americium 241 has a 100,000 counts per minute of radiation form source, but a low energy gamma and alpha. The end product is 90% weight reduction of radioactive material.

Further Reading :

Korean Browns gas machine manufacturer :

Vitrification of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator Fly Ash Using Brown's Gas :

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