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Topic: The Restraining Bands

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The Restraining Bands


Chapter One: Daniel arrives in Babylon.

Chapter Two: Nebuchadnezzar has a vision about a Statue, with a head of Gold (Babylonian), Chest of Silver (Medean/Persian), Loins of Brass (Grecian), Legs of IRON(Roman), and Feet of Iron/Clay (Antichristian). Daniel tells him that this is about the future, and that he is the head of Gold. So what does he do...

Chapter Three: Makes a statue out of Solid Gold(probably of himself-the Head of Gold) and demands everyone to worship it (him) when the music plays. If someone refuses to worship the same hour they will be cast into the Fire. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo refuse to dance when the Piper Plays so Neba commands the fire to be heated Seven Times hotter than normal. The three nonconformists are delivered and then what does God do...

Chapter Four

God gives Neba a dream of a Tree. A Watcher cries, 'Hew it down', and the Holy One's Word demands it. The Stump is preserved by a Band of Brass and Iron, which restrains it from regrowing until Seven Times have passed over it, during which it will be insane and watered with the Dews of Heaven.

Daniel again has to interpret and he tells Neba that its a sure thing that he's going crazy. And, sure enough Neba says 'I'm Great' and God says 'You're Crazy' and the same hour men drive him away until Seven Times pass over him, during which his Hair grows like Eagles feathers. Then, when he lifted up his eyes to Heaven he became sane and realized that there is a God in Heaven.

Now, in recounting these events Nebuchadnezzar specifically calls the events a Sign. This is important, and I think that if you haven't already guessed it, you will see what it is a Sign of.

This is a Sign of the Church Age. During the Reign of the Grecian (Brass) and Roman (Iron) era the Gentile Kingdom is to be cut down. The Watcher would be John who said, "And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees." (Matt 3:10). This was demanded by the Word of the Holy One and I think we all know who that is.

During the Seven Times the Gentile World would be Watered by the Dews of Heaven. Benjamin Keach ("Preaching from types and metaphors of the Bible") says the Dew is a type of the Word of God, or the Gospel. It doesn't take a college degree to see the Seven stages of the Church in this Seven Times, which is portrayed for us in the Seven letters of Revelation.

As well, like the Brass and Iron Band that restrained the growth of the Babylonian Kingdom during those times, it is no coincidence that the Church is the Restrainer that prevents the last Ceasar from making a scene. Or that the Church was headquartered in Rome and Constantinople (Grecian). After the Seven Times, Babylon will be established again, in the plains of Shinar.

Also, this Seven Times is going to last until his hair grows as thick as Eagle's feathers. This is prefigured in the Lion Eagle Beast that arises (Dan 7:4) and is specifically a referrence to the Eagle from the Sea from Ezra's Apocalypse which is fulfilled in the Rise and Fall of the American Empire.

Now, that being the case, his insanity ends when he looks up to Heaven. So, gee what would cause an insane world to look up to Heaven and know that there is a God in Heaven but the judgment of the Eagle itself with the Bands being removed about 20 years before the Rapture starting of the Night.

So, if this is correct, than the Times of the Gentiles was put on hold for the Seven Times of the Church. And, because the Jews allied with Ceasar instead of their Messiah, the 70th week was put on hold at the exact same time.


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