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Topic: The Unveiling

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The Unveiling


David Hill (12 Mar 2003)  The Unveiling

And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the Vail that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory and the Lord GOD will wipe away tears from off all faces and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the Y'hava has spoken it. And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is Y'hava; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his Y'shua...


As stated in my post The Golden Ratio of Revelation (which should be read as an introduction to this work - see url below) the judgments (Seals, Trumpets and Vials) occur in Chronological Order. This post is dedicated to unveiling the internal structure of the prophecy, supported by the rest of the Scriptures, which shows clearly this same chronological structure. If the reader will take the time to read through this post, he will see the majority of Scripture references to the end times placed in their appropriate position in the Apocalypse using the symbolism and word pictures that the Scriptures themselves utilize. There is no other study of its kind anywhere that I know of. I will first start with the Seals and all the relevant Scriptures, which take up a majority of the 70th week, then move into the Trumpets in clearly defined detail, and end with the Vials themselves. You will see a clarity to this composition that you will not find in any other work. I am not bragging here, I am just stating the facts.

The Seals

For all practical purposes, it is unanimously understood that the tribulation begins with the breaking of the First Seal (Rev 6:1), with each Seal breaking in sequence thereafter. The Horses of the first four Seals are synonymous with the Four Winds as seen in Daniel 7, Zechariah 6 and Ezekiel (see below). But of significance is Daniel 8:8, where the Grecian Empire is broken up to these four winds. These found their earthly counterparts in the four generals which divided up Alexander's Domain upon his death. Thus, at the very least, the first Angelic Horseman will find his earthly counterpart in the Antichrist, who goes forth "conquering, and to conquer" immediately when the first Seal is broken (Rev 6:2).

Notice that he had a bow, which denotes some type of military strength, that is confirmed in Daniel 11:22-33 when he "becomes strong with a small people." The word strong, without exception, whether directly or indirectly, is referring to military strength (see especially Dan 8:8, Is 31:1, Ps 105:24, and Jer 50:17 - broke). The 'lack' of any arrows mirrors his 'peaceful' (Dan 8:25 and 11:21) rise to power over the (revived Roman Empire - Dan 2) kingdom (the term 'global government' is not in the word, by the way and leads people to make erroneous statements concerning the same as one author has well lamented about using words and phrases that are not in the Bible). He is "given a crown" (Rev 6:2), again supported by Daniel 11:21 when he will "obtain the kingdom by flatteries." Then he is seen immediately setting out conquering exactly as seen in Daniel 8:9 and 11:22.

Notice, especially, the precise parallel in Daniel 8:25 where "by peace" he obtains that crown and then, "destroys many." There can be no doubt that these passages, which are the primary passages on the rise of the Antichrist, are describing the same individual. This is also confirmed by our Lord in Matt 24, where (at least) one comes in peaceably claiming to be Messiah, with war the immediate result. Isaiah calls this "treacherous" dealing that leads to spoiling (chapters 21,24,33), which he then sums up as "a grievous vision". Further, the word conqueror means to subdue, bringing Daniel 7:24 into this same Seal judgment, where, after he has risen as a king, he subdues three of the ten previous kings, and in 2:40, where the kingdom of Iron and Clay subdues and breaks in pieces "all these" or the first three beast kingdoms. Thus, the general analogy of the Scripture confirms the subtle rise of the Antichrist to an initial position of authority after which he immediately sets out on a militant career over kings and nations.

It is for this reason that the first four Seals utilize the symbolism of the Horse which is the symbol of war in the Word (Job 39:19-25. Jer 12:5, Rev 19:11, etc), along with the sword for obvious reasons. This then brings Ezekiel's four sore judgements into synchronicity with these four judgments (Ez 14), which he lists as Sword, Famine, Beasts and Pestilence (see also Is 51:19, Jer 5:12, 14:15, 15:3, 21:7, 24:10, 32:24, 34:17, 44:12, Ez 6:11, 7:15 etc). The Antichrist is God's Sword of judgment on the nations just as Nebachadnezzar was (Ez 30:24), the Assyrian (Is 10:15) and as Israel will be at the very end of the tribulation (Jer 51:20 etc).

I used to believe (when I thought that the first half of the tribulation was going to be peaceful) that the famine described in the Third Seal (Rev 6:5) was a result of an economic depression. And, though this may play a role, it is obvious from the Scriptural testimony that; as one of His judgements against the nations; this is a War induced Famine. It is this very situation that makes the implementation of the mark of the beast (Rev. 13,17, Zech. 5 etc) such a sore trial and great temptation, that will "try them that dwell upon the earth" (Rev 3:10). Ponder what this means in reference to "the bread basket of the world." It may be for this very reason that the effects of these four judgments culminate under the fourth Seal over one quarter of the globe. The last of these four; the beasts and pestilence; according to the symbolism of the horse; are also a result of this war environment, as some of the above mentioned Scriptures show. Note especially our Lord's words in Mt 24, where he lists three of these four sore judgments (sword, famine and pestilences) and places them in the first half of the tribulation otherwise known as "the beginning of sorrows." This should be conclusive to the unbiased mind.

That these four judgments culminate at the midpoint of the tribulation, can be seen in the fact that it is at this time that the abomination of desolation is set up (Dan 11:31, 9:27, 8:11, Rev 13:4-5, 2Thes2:4), at which point, those who do not worship the Antichrist and his image, or take his mark, begin to be beheaded (Rev 20:4). It is then that he makes "war with the saints" (Dan 8:24), who shall "fall by the sword, and by flame and by captivity and spoil many days" (Dan 11:33). The importance of the timing is that it is under the Fifth Seal (Rev 6:9) when the "souls of them that were slain" reaches the apex and warrant a place as a sign.

Thus, this is where we would expect to see them mentioned if the third and fourth seals are the midpoint when persecution begins. In fact, it is only under the Veil of War (Is 25:7) that this terrible persecution of believers could possibly be perpetrated around the world, much the same as occurred in WW II. So, with each Seal as one year of the tribulation, the "little season" of the Fifth Seal is understandable being the end of the fifth year and beginning of the sixth year of the tribulation. This is then verified by Rev 12, for it is at the midpoint that "the women" is also persecuted, at the same time that our Lord tells them to flee (Mt 24:9-15) for then shall be "great tribulation".

If we look at the events described under the Sixth Seal, we see that it refers to the very end of the tribulation. The sun becomes sackcloth and the moon blood (Rev 6:12), is perfectly described in Joel 2:31, with the same terminology, which occurs at the same time as the shaking of the heavens and earth, before the Day of the Lord, when God delivers Israel, and returns their captivity, and gathers the nations. The Shaking of the Heavens and Earth occurs at the time God Overthrows the Nations according to Hag 2:6,21-22, which is confirmed by Isaiah 34:4 including the Falling of the Figs, as here in Rev, in "the year of recompense." As the Holy Spirit does not mince words, then this statement alone is proof that the Sixth Seal is the nearly the end of the tribulation. There is enough internal evidence to show that "the acceptable year of the Lord" in Isaiah 61:2 is referring to this very time, as the completion of the Lord's Work He started 2,000 years ago; which year ends with "the day of vengeance" again as in the preceding passage. This is further enforced by 63:4, when one comes from Edom with bloody garments in "the year of my redeemed" and,once again, "the day of vengeance". Jeremiah (48:44) calls it "the year of their visitation" in reference to Moab and in 17:8 as "the year of drought" (which we will see confirmed under the Trumpet judgments), at the end of the tribulation as in Rev 9:15 where the angels had been prepared for this very "hour, day, month and year". And these references to a specific year of God's wrath could easily be multiplied when we realize that the word 'time' often means a year, as in Daniel 11, "at the time appointed."

The Heavens departing like a Scroll (Rev 6:17) is again drawn from Is 34 at the time that his Fury is poured out on the armies and nations of the world, in this same year, and in "the day of the Lord's vengeance". It is to this day (Rev 6:17), that the people Hide themselves in Caves under this same Sixth Seal (6:15), and which is a recurring theme in the word on the end times, as in Isaiah 2:19 when the Lord Rises to shake terribly the earth. 

That the Seventh Seal Year occurs near the Day of Atonement can also be seen in other ways. The liturgy described under the Seventh Seal (Rev 8:1-5) are descriptive of the day of Atonement (Lev 16, Heb 8-10), including the "silence" which occurred among the people outside, while they waited 'with bated breath' while the High Priest was in the Holy of Holies, and when the Priest offered incense (Lk1).

Indirectly, it is also proven because the judgments stated in the Sixth Seal (heavens shaken, sun and moon darkened and stars falling - Rev 6:12-13), is exactly what the Seventh Seal unleashes when broken, in the Trumpet judgments. Hail falls in the first, great mountain in the second, a great star in the third, the sun and moon are darkened in the fourth, another star falls in the fifth and hail again under the seventh. Keep in mind that the word star can mean any heavenly object (including a man made, uranium carrying satellite), and the word hail is also called a stone, and when mixed with fire (as the first Trumpet and that in Ez. 38), is very possibly a description of a meteorite storm, all of which is symbolized by the angel under the Seventh Seal casting his censer with fire to the earth. The latter possibility would more readily explain their 100 lbs weight (Rev 11:19 and 16:21). Thus, the Seven Trumpets are the 7th Seal, just as the Seven Vials are the 7th Trumpet.

So, we see clearly, when comparing Scripture with Scripture, that the first Seal parallels the martial rise of the Antichrist at the very start of the tribulation, with the abomination of desolation and its resulting tidal wave of persecutions climaxing in the Fifth Seal. We also see that the events under the sixth seal, a "little time" after the Fifth, can only be Scripturally located at the very end of the tribulation. Therefore, what we have is that the Seals span the entire seven year tribulation, with each Seal assigned to one year and with the Seventh Seal at the very end of the tribulation in its last year

This is all confirmed by the outline given by Y'shua, in his Olivet Discourse (Mt24). You have the tribulation starting with a false messiah and wars in the "beginning of sorrows" which is then followed by the abomination of desolation at the midpoint which starts the persecutions,and then "after the tribulation of those days" we have the shaking of "the powers of heaven" at his very return at the end.

This outline will only be strengthened when we look at the subsequent judgments.

The Trumpets

Before we delve into the trumpet judgments, it should be stated that some think these overlap with the Vial Judgments, due to their similarities. However, they cannot (with due respect to the Word and its Author) ignore the differences between them, that sets them apart from each other (i.e. no fires specifically stated in the Vials, grass burned vs sores on men, one third fish vs all fish with the omission of any reference to shipping, wormwood vs blood, sun scorching vs being darkened, locust vs darkness, nations gathered vs one third men killed etc).

Therefore, this supports this outline because, since they do not overlap, they must occur sequentially, which is the conclusion one reaches upon a casual reading of the book, which all admit, and is assuredly the proper interpretation being unforced as it is.

The Trumpets don't sound until the Seventh Seal is broken and the Vials are not poured out until the seventh trumpet sounds. This can be further emphasized by a closer look at the differences between them.

The similarities (fish dead, waters blood etc) cannot be differentiated from other Scripture as to the precise time of their occurrences, but in general can easily be placed in the last year of the tribulation (as Hab. 3:8 and Ez. 32:6 etc).

The contrasts, on the other hand, can be easily understood from other Scriptures as to the timing involved.

As one has well stated, "you can go no further then the scriptures" and, I might add, you can go no less by leaving out passages that don't fit a theological system.

We must be valiant for the truth regardless of the cost.

The First Trumpet (Rev 8:7) which Burns up the Grass (and is not mentioned in the Vials), is a specific counterpart to Is 40 and is a predominant theme of the end of the tribulation (Ps 37:2, John 1, James 1:10, 1Pet 1:24 etc) including the chaff (Dan 2:35, job 21:18, Ps 1:4, is 5:24, Hos 13:3, Zeph 2:2, mt 6:30, Lk 3:17 etc) and stubble (Ps 83:13, is 33:11, Jer 13:24, Nah 1:10 etc) being consumed.

He tells us it occurs when Judah's warfare is accomplished and her sin pardoned (Dan 9) and after she had received double judgment at the Lord's hand, and at the time one cries in the wilderness for the start of the Lord's Campaign, when the valleys will be exalted and the hills made low and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed. The latter (Is 40:5) taken with the sixth seal (Rev 6:16) would make the end of the Seal and the beginning of the Trumpets the time when the tribulation (Jacob's trouble Jer 30:7) is over and the Re-establishment of the Theocracy begins to become publicly realized, with the first Trumpet, which was used for War (Num 10).


Editor's Note : May 15, 2019 Anno Domini : This is also, roughly, when the prophecy of the Man from the Sea begins to be fulfilled from II Esdras 13 which is Y'shua and the re-establishment of the Theocratic Kingdom first in secret at the mid point but then openly when he, here, starts his campaign.

This judgment also includes the burning of the trees, which Joel 1:19 confirms as occurring at the same time the pastures are burned, shortly before the day of the Lord arrives. Isaiah 10:19 links it to the Shortening of the Tribulation (again indicative of the Jubilee Year occurring in the Sixth Seal/year as opposed to its own seventh year), and Amos 4:9 at the time Israel shall Meet their God and Zechariah 11:1-2 to the destruction of Moab, and which David in Ps 80:16 and Isaiah 2:13 equate with the Presence of the Lord.

The Second Trumpet describes the destruction of the ships on the Mediterranean Sea, which Ps 48:7 tells us occur when the kings of the earth see "Mt. Zion - The City of Eden" (please see post of same name), which puts them into Labor (see below), when Mt. Zion becomes Israel's sanctuary and is supported by is 2:16 who places it, once again, shortly before the day of the Lord, when they shall hide in caves bringing the seven trumpets and Seventh Seal closely after the Sixth Seal (Rev 6:16).

As a side note; at the time of the destruction of the ships of Tarshish (Is 2:16), God also pours out his wrath on all "pleasant pictures" presumably referring to idols. However, the latter are specifically mentioned immediately after this section. The word picture is actually the feminine equivalent to "an observatory" and, in context, is connected to hills and towers and shipping. It seems obvious to me that this is referring to a lighthouse, which, according to Funk and Wagnall were in use in the 8th century B.C. when Isaiah wrote this. The word pleasant also means precious, which they will be, in that day, when there are few left.

The wormwood of the third trumpet Jeremiah 23:15 ties into the Whirlwind of the Lord (Hos 8:7, Nah 1:3, Hab 3:14, Zech 7:14, job 38:1, is 66:15, Ps 83:15, Ez 38:9, am 1:14 etc) specifically in the latter days. The Darkening of the Sun (which is separate from the darkness of the Vials in Rev 16:10 that is more like the unnatural darkness in Egypt in Ex 10:22) takes place, according to Is 13:10, in the same general time frame that Babylon is Judged, when the day of the Lord is at hand and Ez 32:7 parallels it with the final judgment on Egypt at the hands of the Babylonian and places it at the third invasion of Egypt by the Antichrist in Dan 11:40 "at the appointed time". Joel 2:10 has it with the start of the Lord's campaign, again, when the day of the Lord is nigh at hand when the Harvest in the Valley of Decision will occur. Note especially that Y'shua tells us that this darkening occurs "after the tribulation of those days" (Mt 24:29) which proves that the Trumpets occur in the last year of the tribulation and that the Seals themselves are the tribulation and the Trumpets are the beginning of the Lord's campaign, when also the Stars will Fall (vs 29 again) which we have shown occurs under these same Trumpets. The Locusts of the Fifth Trumpet bring us to Joel 1-2 again, with the day of the Lord at hand, and the burning of the trees and grass and the day of darkness.

Thus we see that the Trumpet Judgments are well supported by other Scriptures that contain conclusive evidence that they all occur in the last year of the tribulation and are not, therefore, another (redundant) overview of the entire 70th week. This will be further verified by the Vials.

The Vials

The Vial Judgments (Rev 16:1) are specifically stated to be God's Wrath, which then equates them with the Cup of God's Wrath mentioned throughout Scripture. This is clearly seen in the first Vial, which is a "noisome and grievous sore" on those who took the mark of the beast. Without speculation on the cause of these sores, we can focus on what this description tells us. The definition of these words brings out the related subjects of Plagues, Pestilence, Calamity and Travail. These latter two will be treated in the summary of this section; because of the prevalence of the subject in the Word it requires its own separate treatment. However, the former two can be addressed here. David in Ps 91:3, uses several of these words at the time when the Lord becomes Israel's sanctuary, at the time of the reward of the wicked (Mt 13:49-50 etc) and when Israel will tread on dragons and lions. Jeremiah's statements in 50:13 and 49:17 are more concrete, because he places it at the plagues on Babylon and their desolation. Ezekiel mirrors this in 38:22 when God rains down "pestilence and blood...overflowing rain and great hailstones, fire and blood" upon Gog's army which is an almost point-for-point parallel of these Vials, which Habakkuk 3:5 times when the Lord "drove asunder the nations."

The Sun scorching Men (see also Ps 19:6 symbolizing Y'shua at his appearing), Isaiah 9:10 echos at the Return of the Captives, Springs on the Mountains (with the rivers in the deserts), and (30:26) the Destruction of Idols, when the Lord returns to sift the nations and to beat down the Assyrian. The Fifth Vial and the darkness on the kingdom of the Antichrist finds its mate in Ez 34:12 and is 5:30 at the return of the captives again (which then indicates that the enemies kingdom is plunged into darkness specifically to hide the return of the refugees to Israel). Is 8:14 and 22 also locates it when the Lord is their sanctuary yet again, which he reiterates in Is 60:1-2. David in Ps 18:9 and Amos 4:13 entwine it with the Earth Trembling (see also Ps 97 etc), and the day of the Lord, as does Joel 2:2 and Nahum 1:8. Zephaniah 1:15 at the wrath of the Lord on the cities and high towers.

The Sixth Vial is the Drying of the Rivers (specifically the Euphrates) which David equates with the smiting of Leviathan in Ps 74:14 (see also 107:33), Isaiah 19:1 and 5 to when the Lord rides on a swift cloud and the judgment of Babylon (44:28), as does Jeremiah in 50:38 and Zechariah 10:11 via the Assyrian, at the return of the captives. Joel merges it with the Lord's campaign in 1:6 and 20 and the day of the Lord and the quaking of the mountains. The sixth vial also talks about the Gathering of the Nations (Rev 16:14) which is another dominant subject in the Word that occurs at the very end of the tribulation (Ps 26:9, 35:15, 56:6, 59:3, 140:2, Is 54:15, Jer 49:14, Joel 3:2, Zeph 3:8, Zech 14:2, Mt 3:12, 13:30, Rev 14:18, 16:14, Is 23:22, 43:9, Mic 4:11, Zech 12:3). Zechariah ties it to the day they look on the one they pierced and John to the treading of the Wine Press, which itself occurs in the Seventh Trumpet (Rev 11:18) showing, again, that the Vials are contained in the same (and, by the way, the root etymology of Armageddon is the symbolism of the Wine Press). Finally the Thief like Return of our Lord is mentioned under this Sixth Vial and is confirmed by Joel 2:9 and the Lord's army and campaign and is probably one place where Y'shua drew the symbolism from, seeing himself in vs 11 as the Lord uttering his voice before his army (compare Mt 26:55) and connects to the Heavens and Earth Passing Away (Mt 24:35 and 43) which Paul picks up in 1 Thes 5:2 as the day of the Lord as does 2 Peter 3:10 and Jeremiah 49:7 and 9 at the judgment of Edom.

 Editor's Note : It is this passage in Jeremiah and its twin in Obadiah where the Thief Like Return originates and Paul in I Thes 5 lists five conditions at the judgment of Edom when Y'shua comes as a Thief to wit, Sudden Destruction compared to that of Sodom, Birthpains, when Edom says, "Peace and Safety", Day of the Lord.

The Vials, under the seventh, culminates at Mageddo, with "Great Hail" that the Lord reserves for the day of battle according to Job 38:22, at the presence of the Lord per David in Ps 18:12 and 148:8 and the pouring out of the Spirit via Isaiah 32:19 and 15, when the Cities are Destroyed at the Voice of the Lord, confirmed by Ezekiel 38:22 against Gog, and is synonymous with the destruction of Babylon (Jer 50-51, Dan 2, is 10,13,14,21,24,33,47,48).

Now the fact, as previously shown, that the vials are separate from, and subsequent to, the trumpets is further shown by the Calamity and Travail of the first vial. Whatever else these word pictures mean, when we look at the Scriptural use of them, it is crystal clear that they are referring to the Invasion of a Country by its Enemies (compare Ephraim's calamity and travail - Hos 13:13-16, and Judah's - Jer 30:6-8, and Moab's - Jer 41-46, and Edom's - Jer 49:20-22 and see also 1 Thes 5:3, Ps 48:6, Is 42:14, Rev 1:7, Ob 20, Pr 1:26, Jer 46:21, 48:16, 49:8). Keep in mind that Peter tells us that judgment begins at the house of the Lord and will start with Ephraim's judgment (America - the Eagle from the Sea) some time before the tribulation which sets world conditions for the tribulation (such as famine, etc) with the Church (which is pictured as travailing for the entire Church age in John 16:21) at the Rapture, Judah's in the second half and the Gentiles at the Return, which is the focus of this Vial.

Thus, what this grievous vial actually demands, to be consistent with the rest of the Word, is the invasion of the beasts kingdom by the Lord and His army (both Heavenly and Earthly).  Note especially the Fifth Vial (Rev 16:10) for further proof. This cannot be stated to be the case under the Trumpets until after they have sounded (11:15) when, "the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ." Again, I recommend my post on Mt. Zion which will open these truths up with more clarity.

So, we can clearly see that the differences of the Vials and the obvious face value reading of the Revelation and the supporting Scriptures, all place the Vials to be poured out at the very end of the tribulation, after the Trumpets have sounded, and, in fact, the Vials are The Day of the Lord and his appearing and it is The Day that the world will be talking about for a thousand years and more.


Though this study is not totally exhaustive, you will find, if you take the time to look up the references, that it is a very thorough presentation of the majority of the passages that relate to this subject, and the only one of its kind, that I am aware of, in print. The proof that Revelation is chronological in nature can be argued from the obvious fact that, of the shear magnitude of scripture passages and subjects that refer to our Lord's second advent, only one book provides both a broad overview and detailed description of that appearance and specifically arranges all these subjects in a strict, but flowing, chronology, as I feel I have proven in this post, and which I feel is appropriately labeled, The Unveiling. And, I am confident that His Revelation will be completely unveiled, as here in stated, at his appearance, for, I have not followed "cunningly devised fables" but have brought forth out of my treasure, "things old and new."


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Updated and Finalized with the Apocalypse of Ezra in mind.


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