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Topic: The Throne of Glory

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The Throne of Glory





He raises up the poor out of the dust, and lifts up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among Princes, and to make them inherit the Throne of Glory: for the pillars of the earth are Y'hava's, and he has set the world upon them...


If one were to do a study of the Throne of Glory in the Word, one would learn many things. The first mention is above in Samuel where Hannah sings her song de Triumph over her enemies at the birth of a Male Child to her that was barren. There the Throne of Glory is the residence of the Princes upon which the Earth is founded and Established - Samuel himself being one of these Pillars (which just happened to be the subject of 'yesterdays' Editorial - actually both of these Editorials were posted today the 15th of September).


Jeremiah (14:21) pleads with God to respect his Throne of Glory on behalf of Jeremiah's people that were experiencing God's Judgment.


Y'shua (Mt 19:28, 25:31) longed for the Day when he would sit on His Throne of Glory, judging the nations in Righteousness and Peace with his disciples by his side.


It is obvious from additional studies that the New Jerusalem is this Throne of Glory and that it is in the shape of an Equilateral Pyramid that itself would look like a Mountain from a distance, which is why the Mountain of the Lord's House shall be established on the earth and exalted above the Mountains of the Earth in the last days at the Start of the Millennium, as I have shown elsewhere.


And thus I have shown in my post on the New Jerusalem, that the judgments of the tribulation are a result of the approach and touchdown of this city.


In that post I stated that the City had probably already taken up an orbit around our Sun, which explains many of the anomalies that have been occurring in nature (see post XTREME).


So, lo and behold, what do I find on the Internet on the day before Rosh Hashannah in the Year of our Lord 2004?


I find a picture of a triangular object orbiting our sun circa February 2000!!!


If you click on the picture below you will be taken to the web site that I found this picture at and there you can animate the picture and you will see that this triangular object (that they say is "just a comet") is in an orbit around the Sun and is assuredly the object that the Millennial Group called "A New Visitor to the Solar System" which has an orbital period of about 51 days. You can also get a larger picture from that site and you will clearly see the triangular shaped object. The person who found the 'comet' tells us that, though it is obviously in a close orbit around the Sun, it has no tail, which a normal comet that close to the sun would have. In fact, there are numerous 'anomalies' with this 'comet' as the quotes below point out. The 'fuzziness' of the 'comet' is a result of the rays of the sun reflecting off its surface (which resulted in a "square rainbow around the sun" as one individual recently reported), as well as space debris intervening, like clouds covering the sun.


Interestingly enough, the picture itself looks remarkably like the Constellation of Cassiopeia - The Queen Enthroned, which is of course what you have with the Throne of Glory being the New Jerusalem - The Wife of the Lamb. It also looks exactly like the Throne that is depicted in many Egyptian Heiroglyphs, like Osiris.


And, assuredly, they have several (possibly hundreds) pictures of the object above that they are not informing people of, which is why you will not find this particular 'comet' (or 1998J1) in either their Kreutz Sungrazer Comet or in the Non-Kreutz section.




I took this picture and, compliments of Image Link, I cropped the image in the box at the left and enlarged it several times and in the final picture you can clearly see the sharp edges, as well as the structural integrity of the Throne of Glory.




In that image (which you can get to by clicking on the link above) you can also see, due to the structure of the city, that the light forms a perfect square in the center of this, clearly, precisely equilateral pyramid.




This is the Throne of Glory that the Kings of the Earth "hide themselves from the face of Him who sits on the Throne" in Rev 6, in the last year of the triulation, when this Throne of Glory will no longer be able to be concealed under the Rays of the Sun, for it will be close enough then that its Glory will outshine the Sun.



This is no comet...


Kazimieras Cernis of the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astronomy found SOHO-100


"Note: Although SOHO-100 came close to the Sun, and thus qualifies as a "sungrazer," it was not a Kreutz sungrazer as described in the text. SOHO-100 did not share the same orbit as that family of comets."


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