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Topic: The City of Eden

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The City of Eden


David Hill Mount Zion : The City of Eden Posted on: May 23rd, 2002


Isa 2 "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that The Mountain of Y'hava's House shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the Mountain of the LORD, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. O house of Jacob, come ye, and let us walk in the light of the LORD.


In Hebrews 11, it states that Abraham looked for a City of God. However, the only Revelation that he had at the time, that we know of, was the first 10 chapters of Genesis. Hence, in theory, the City of God should be mentioned in those chapters. The garden of Eden was named after this City of God called Eden or Paradise.


After the Fall and just before the Flood, God left the earth in the City, and it is the departure that directly caused the flood itself (Gen 6:17), by "opening up the floodgates of heaven" rupturing the Water Vapor Canopy (Henry Morris, "The Biblical Basis for Modern Science"), and the removal of the weight of this city from the earth allowed the "Foundations of the Deep to be Broken up". This departure lead to a War in Heaven before the flood ("I saw Satan as lightning fall from heaven" notice this is in the past tense), and it is the return of this city for touchdown that results in the War in Heaven and Earth in these last days (Rev 12). During this time, the City has been traveling about the heavens, possibly in an orbit around this earth (Planet X - which some say has an orbital period of about 1800 yrs but how do they know it is not about 900?), which brings it near earth about every thousand years (Job 7:18 where 'morning' is one of the Lord's mornings or a thousand years - Ps 90:4).


Now, before we go further we need to state that the original view of the Church was that the New Jerusalem was going to be established on this earth at the start of the Mill and not at the end, which is in agreement with the prophecies in the Old Test, especially those that speak of the "Mountain of the Lord's Holiness" being established "In the Top of the Mountains" etc. And along with this, the fires that Peter talks about, are drawn from the Old Test and are referring to the end of the Tribulation and not the end of the Mill, for during the Mill the earth will be restored (and this is what our Lord called the Restoration of All Things) and will not then be subsequently destroyed (see 2Pet 3:10-13, Rev 21:1, Is 40:7, Joel 1:19, Am 9:5,Mic 1:4, Nah 1:4-6, Hab 3:5, Zech 13:9, 14:12 etc).


The belief that the New Jerusalem wasn't going to be established until after the Millennium was put forth after the revival of the Premillennial faith in the 1800's or so and is assuredly incorrect (compare Rev 21-22 with Is 60 and 54). Thus Peters says, "If the passages alluded to are compared, such is the similarity of blessing, of events, of deliverance etc, that they necessarily MUST be applied to the same period of time..." (compare also, Is 2:2,30:29, 57:7-73, Ez 17:2328:14, Dan 2:35, Joel 3:17, Mic 4:1, Zech 8:3, etc).


All this seems to be verified by Don Richardson ("Eternity in their Hearts", Regal Books, 1981, pg 80-81), in the religious anthropological hymn of the Karen's of Burma, "At the appointed season Y'wa will come...dead trees will blossom and flower...mouldering trees will blossom and bloom again. Y'wa will come and bring the great Thau-thee ("Thau-Thee" seems to be the name of a sacred mountain.). Let us ascend and worship...Good persons, the good, shall go to the Silver City, the Silver town. Righteous persons, the Righteous, shall go to the New Town, the New City. Persons who believe their father and mother shall enjoy the Golden Palace. When the Karen King arrives, there will be only one Monarch. When the Karen King arrives, there will be neither rich nor poor."


These people believed that in ages past, God - Y'wa - had given them His words, but that they had lost them. But that one day a white man carrying a white book would restore God's word to them (along with 9 other distinct peoples totaling about three million people). This prophecy that God had given these people began to be fulfilled when, in 1817, Judson set his sights on Burma for the Kingdom of God and the Gospel of the Kingdom. Their culture apparently, according to Richardson, was unaffected by either Judaism or Christianity, thus this tradition of the City has been passed down since the time of the flood (and before) and the city therefore can only be understood as having existed on this earth pre-flood, and its restoration directly leads to the restoration of this earth.


It is the return of the city that leads to many "Cosmic Disturbances" as well as MAJOR Geological changes in the Earth:


Fires - Already listed but see also the entire book of Amos, Ez 38:20, Ob 17, Is 31:5 etc. Note also the Fiery Law of Deut 32 (see "Israel Today" Jan 2002, No. 37, pg 13 an excellent article and publication - you should be able to order it at This word "Esh-Dat (Fire-Law) occurs only once. This is kin to Strong's 793 and 794 and would make a possible translation to read, "From His right hand went a Fiery Stream for them" which is consistent with other passages in the Word and with Eridanus in the Heavens - the Fiery River of Judgement.


Whirlwinds - Job 37:9, Pr 1:27, 10:25, Ps 18 etc. Which can be Hurricanes, storms, tempests, waves of sea roaring, tumults etc.


Hailstones - Ps 148:8, Is 28, 30, Ez 38, Rev 8, 11, 16 etc.


Earthquakes - Jer 4, Is 29, Rev 6, Ps 77 and 97 etc.


Poleshift - Hab 3:6 another in Is 24 states the earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard and fall and never rise again, which can only be referring to a Pole Shift (see book by same name). That they have occurred in the past has been proven by the different traces of polarization in different strata of the earth.


Celestial - Ps 77,97, Hab 3, Is 13, Mt 24, Rev etc.


Geographical - Rivers in deserts, Streams dry up, rivers to blood, Mountains melt, Valleys exulted, there are so many Scriptures that I can't list them all here. But the majority of the major geographical changes will occur at the moment that the NJ touches down on the earth.


All of these changes will start with the NJ taking up an orbit around our sun and slowly moving towards the earth over the next seven years - still hidden in the glare of the sun. In fact, I believe that the NJ is already orbiting our sun : Gamma Ray burst in Bootes pointing right at earth (New "visitor" orbits our sun - Millennium Group (99); Increased Solar Activity even after the normal peak; Satellite pulled away from earth towards sun; Increased earthquakes, plagues etc; Amberescense; Individual reports he saw a Square Rainbow around sun; Media reports a Halo around sun; Global Warming with erratic weather and El Nino's; People get a sense that things are "speeding up" ; Scientists prove that the second we lose every year we are no longer losing indicating that the earth's spin is speeding up; Larger than normal Corona Mass Ejections; animals acting erratically, all of these indicate that there is a massive new member of our solar system that is affecting this earth. All of the above phenomena were recorded occurring around the year 1100 AD, as I have shown in my post Xtreme.


These are just some of the indications that things are about to change dramatically for this planet, and I feel that it is a result of the approach of the City. These will increase as it approaches and by the last year it will take up a Geostationary orbit over the eastern portion of the Med sea at the start of the trumpets - the last seven months of tribulation (see my post on The Golden Ratio of the Revelation), and plunging the Antichrist's kingdom into darkness and hence the throne mentioned under the sixth seal IS the New Jerusalem (compare with Ps 48, 1Sam 2, Job 26, Ps 11, Is 22, 66, Jer 17, Dan 7:9, Mt 5:34, 19:28, 25:31, Heb 4:16, Rev 4:2 etc), and thus the NJ is The Throne of Glory.


Then the descent being the vials and the touchdown destroying the cities of the world (Zeph 1:15, 3:6, Mt 11:20, 2Pet 2:6, Rev 16:19, Jer 4:26 etc) and breaking up the foundations of the earth causing some rivers to run dry (Euphrates and Nile etc) and others to spring up in the deserts. The passage through our atmosphere will roll the heavens back "like a scroll" and cause all the whirlwinds and tempests and hail and electrical storms and will take out most, if not all, of the remaining satellites, making it look like the "stars of the heavens" were falling - and it also might be meteorites that were dragged along in its wake. All these events are also spelled out in the end times discourses of our Lord reported in the Gospels, and this touchdown occurs at the time when God says, "It is finished" (Rev 21:6,16:7,10:17,John 19:30) at the Seventh and last Vial.


All of this is summed up by Hab 3:6 in what, to me, is the most incredibly powerful and awfull statement in the Word of God, "He stood, and measured the earth: he beheld, and drove asunder the nations and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow: his ways are everlasting."


Now to digress a little bit. The Angel states that the city is four square and the length and width and heighth are all equal and that the total dimensions amount to 12,000 furlongs. My interpretation of this dimension (there are several legitimate ways to interpret this, resulting in dimensions from 10 miles up to 1400 miles square) is that the L+W+H= 12,000 (3X=12K or X=4K. This means that each side is 4,000 furlongs each making each side 450 miles long. Some say that it will be 1400 miles long, but if you look at a globe and imagine a city of that size sitting on the planet, it is doubtful the earth could physically support the weight. But a city of about 450 miles square should not detrimentally effect the structural integrity of the earth or its orbit, making it comparable to some of the largest mountain ranges on the earth (Tibetian), as the verse at the top of the post implies.


So now if you look at the coast of Turkey and Israel and Egypt you will see that it is in the shape, roughly, of a square. And that square measures about 450 miles on each side. This IS where the city was originally and is literally the exact center of the earth geologically and would possibly make the Med sea the Abyss (Rev 9) for the City was placed OVER the Abyss to keep it locked up (see "The Bible Code" by Northrop Frye and also "Kourion" by Jamiason and my post "The Valley of the Shadow of Death").


In other places I mentioned that Enoch built the great pyramid and modeled it after the City (verified by Josephus etc - compare with Mt 7:24-29), itself in the form of a pyramid making it look like a mountain from a distance (thus all the references to the Mt of the Lord's Holiness and Mt of the Lords House). A pyramid "lies four-square" and is certainly more aesthetically pleasing to the eye then a cube would be.


Some believe that the pyramid is the "altar in the land of Egypt" of Isaiah 19. It is interesting that this pyramid can be seen from Space! Not only that, according to ancient accounts, the pyramid was originally covered with white limestone that shone in the sun and that at certain times, when the sun was directly overhead (equinox), it would send a ray of light shooting skyward into outer space. The pyramid is a marker for the New Jerusalem that will, like a beacon, guide it back to the original spot on this earth where it was originally! As well, it will act like a 'docking post' for the southern corner of the city. And, this explains how Mt. Sinai was considered the border of His sanctuary (Ps 7, because one of the corners of the city may extend out to the region of Mt. Sinai, and explains why that Mt. has always been considered a Holy Place.


Hence, when the City touches down the Northern Side will literally set down on the southern coast of Turkey and thus "Smite the image" literally on the feet (West and East, Greece and Turkey) of the revived Roman Empire (Dan 2 - see my post on Daniel's last vision)! Its southern border will set down on the coast of Egypt thus cutting off "the tongue of the Egyptian Sea" or the Nile Delta, and it also destroys the source of the Nile's seven springs (Is 11). The eastern border of the city will set down on the coast of Palestine, butted right up against it, and thus all the land from the Golan to south of Jerusalem "shall be lifted up" and turned "into a plain" (Zech 14). It is at this time that God will provide "Rivers in the desert" or Negev for the Israelites returning to Israel at the Armageddon campaign. And this is why the Old Jerusalem is literally going to be God's footstool (1Chr 28 and Is 60:13).


With each side of the city 450 miles long, and being an equilateral pyramid, the Angel measured (Rev 21) down the length, and then he continued measuring down the width, and then he continued measuring the heighth, up the edge of the pyramid and thus NOT straight up in the air. The actual heighth of the pyramid straight up from the ground would be about 350 miles high, and this is important because this would place the Throne Room of Heaven in the outer limits of the Atmosphere, specifically in the Ionosphere (or as one person coined "The Zionosphere" - little did he realize how correct he really was).


It is the Ionosphere where charged particles exit and enter our atmosphere, exactly how the angels and glorified saints will exit and enter our atmosphere. And this explains Rev 20:11 which has confused some people into assuming that the earth and heaven will be destroyed after the Mill, "And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them [the devils and his angels, not the heaven and the earth - compare with Dan 2:35]". When judgement day arrives, people will be 'caught up' into the throne room of heaven and in the process it will appear that, literally, the heaven (atmosphere) and earth fled away.


This also explains Rev 14:11 where the "smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever" before the Throne of God ("the presence of the Lamb"). If we consider that the Throne Room is basically in the outer parts of the atmosphere, then the Sun would literally be before the throne "forever and ever" and thus the Sun IS the Lake of Fire!!! And finally, the Neo Premillers believe, erroneously, that the NJ will be floating above the earth for the Mill, and that after God has destroyed the earth and heaven and then recreated it, that then the NJ sits down on the New Earth. But the NJ will not have to be floating above the earth because it will be TOWERING above the earth above "the tops of the mountains" (Is 2:2). And all of this would mean that Israel was originally, and will be again, the Original Garden of the City of Eden (Joel 2:3 and Is 51:3).


It is the city itself that provides shelter from the storm at the end of the tribulation (Is 4) for Israel and into the Mill, during those early years when the earth is recovering from the effects of nuclear war etc, that occurred then, "When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment, and by the spirit of burning. And Y'hava will create upon every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night: for upon all the glory shall be a defense. And there shall be a Tabernacle for a shadow in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from storm and from rain."


So, now you know why Faith Looks for a City...


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