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This Age


David Hill (9 Sep 2003) "This Age"


Matt 24 "Truly I say unto you that this Age will not pass until all these things are fullfilled."


Much Eschatology is built upon the above verse, including many endtime chronologies, based on the "nation" or "race" of Israel and a 40 yr period for one "generation" of either physical or spiritual Israel.


However, just recently, I came to the conclusion that the common understanding of this is wrong. Postmillenarians and Preterists have gained much mileage from this incorrect interpretation, stating, emphatically, that this proves that all the prophecies were fulfilled by 70ad. Premillenarians state that it refers to a generation or race in reference to Israel and apply it to our times as the generation that sees these things begin to come to pass. Others say it refers to the evil generation (den of vipers) mentioned in chapter 23:33 (which breaks the immediate context). The only problem with applying it to Israel (or the Church) is that this would then imply that Israel would pass away after all was fulfilled ("until"), which we know is not the case.


After I researched my own conclusion I found that Peters' stated (Vol 1, pg 382, prop 58, obs 3 note), that "Piscator, Erasmus, etc. render generation by aetas or age." This, then, would make the passage read, "This Age will not pass away until all these things are fulfilled." This, then, renders the entire passage with more clarity. It is to this the disciples asked (vs 3), and to which he continually refered throughout (vs 6, 13, 14, 21, 33 - "it"). The time alloted for this Age would be shortened (vs 22), but it would still not end until all was fulfilled, linking the end of the Age with the passing of Heaven and Earth (vs 35).


Paul implies the possibility of this interpretation (Col 1:26) linking Age and Generation together. Thus, when we realize that Y'shua spoke in Hebrew, and then compare the use of the quote in Acts 8:33 from its source in Is 53:8, gives us the Hebrew word DOR which is specifically a Revolution of Time and can be translated either Age OR Generation.


Now, the main significance of all this is that they were asking about the end of the Age and that is what our Lord directed his reply to. Thus, regardless of what people say, Matt 24, is not refering to either the destruction of Jerusalem (only in type - notice there is absolutely no reference to the destruction of the temple after he starts his discourse, which is what brought the subject up), or the Church Age in general (as Peters and others say), but must be specifically refering to the very end of this current Age, that started at the fall and has continued now for six thousand years.


So his admonition to know that it (the end of the age) is near when you see all these things sprouting like the fig tree. Many have applied this to Israel becoming a Nation again which, to some extent, I agree with. However, if the cursing of the fig tree is an example (and what else would it be) then it would be the restoration of the Temple and Priesthood that would be the main focus of this parable, which, in light of this post, makes much more sense.


Our Lord spoke of only two ages, This Age, and the Messianic Age to come. And this present evil age is destined to die an ugly death upon the arrival of the New Age, or, as the Hebrews called it "The Day of Salvation" which could also be called :


Yom Y'shua...


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