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Topic: The Twenty Four Elders

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The Twenty Four Elders


When Isaiah was 'caught up' to Heaven, these elders were no where to be seen. Then, at Johns 'rapture' these elders are sitting on thrones with crowns already. This would indicate that sometime between these two prophets, that a group of individuals were resurrected and taken up to Heaven, and given crowns of authority in their resurrected bodies.


We know of only one group that qualifies and that is the 'many' of Matthew that were Resurrected after our Lord, on the First Fruits of the Barley Harvest. We also know from the Psalms that 'He led Captivity Captive' and again, this really requires that a group of people be resurrected with our Lord (thus typified by the Barley Harvest) and ascended with Him forty days later.


We also don't know where these people went, if they were just resuscitated into their old mortal bodies. In theory, they should have been mentioned in the New Testament, unless they were no longer around.


So, it seems obvious to me that the many of Matthew, are these 24 elders, and the chances are that each one of them were a type of Y'shua during their earthly lives, which seems verified by their being typified by the Barley Harvest with Him.


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