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Topic: The Oil and the Wine

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The Oil and the Wine


And see that you hurt not the Oil and the Wine...


I picked up an interesting book at the bookstore the other day called "Wine and War" and it tells the story of the great lengths that the wineries went to during World War II to protect their crops from the War.


It tells how Napoleon and Hitler and even Caeser made it a point of raiding all the wineries during their wars, and how the French Government went out of their way to protect them, and to ensure that their soldiers had enough wine to motivate them in their battles.


These wine makers livelihood depended on their product so they would make hidden bunkers to hide all their wine (thousands of bottles literally) and Hitler himself, on top of his eagles nest (or whatever it was called), had collected a huge stockpile of the same.


I have only just started reading it. I was going to include quotes but didn't know if that was allowed under the copy write so I thought I would just point it out to people for their information.


So, when the Lord tells us above that the world will go to great lengths to protect their wine during the war, we can believe that this is exactly what they will do, as it has already occurred numerous times in the past.


The Bible is more accurate then tomorrows headlines...


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