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Topic: The Four Winds of Heaven

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The Four Winds of Heaven


Nevertheless leave the stump of his roots in the earth, even with a band of iron and brass, in the tender grass of the field and let it be wet with the dew of heaven and let his portion be with the beasts in the grass of the earth...


The current situation in the Balkan Peninsula is a result of the end of the cold war. The nations of Europe and America via NATO Expansionism are in a Lukewarm War for control of those countries that were part of the Soviet Empire. It is an age old fight for the Balance of Power in Europe and has always centered in this area since the rise of the Roman Empire.


The Powder Keg of Europe, for very specific reasons, is the arena where the four winds of heaven are currently striving together over the Mediterranean Sea. And it is this area that God has chosen to tie the Gordian Knot in the Restraining Band of the Babylonian Empire (Dan 4).


Now, whenever you bring two dissimilar metals together, one of the two (the most active chemically) will start corroding (which process is sped up by moisture - the dews again).


As well, though brass is of high tensile strength, if submitted to pressure over a long period of time, it will weaken the metal. And with these two facts, and knowing that the Word is a perfectly accurate poetic science book, then it is to be expected that when it is all said and done and the restraining band is cut off, that the brass part will have held up better over a long period of time.


When the judgment begins, you will see the eastern part of the old Roman Empire placing the western side of the Empire into submission to it, in the process of unifying (controlling) Europe. This almost requires some type of coalition between the Orthodox and the Muslims. At the very least, an end to their conflict among themselves.


In the world of men, the Balance of power is a very precarious arrangement, and a very little event can tip the balance in the complete opposite direction. For Christians and Jews, we know that the real balance of power is in the Hand of the Lord, and Like a river he turns it where ever he wants.


Daniel spoke and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea...


The nations of the world are compared to the stormy waves of the sea - specifically the Mediterranean. This principle was well known to the author of "The Art of War", who repeatedly reminded the reader that armies move like water - the path of least resistance. Peoples, in times of flight and migration and expansion, follow this same pattern.


The waves of the sea are stirred to foam by the four winds of heaven. The word, 'wind' and 'breath' and 'spirit' in the Hebrew are all the same word, so when we talk of the four winds, we are also talking of the four spirits of the heavens - which are also set to the four cardinal points of the compass.


God Himself sets these winds in motion and gives these spirits their marching orders. In one place it says that he dips his finger into the heavens and stirs the winds to send the rains for his land, or for judgement. These winds are never stagnant and are constantly in motion and are repeatedly commissioned to do God's will, when he see's fit and this has been true since the time of the flood until now.


All Scriptures, therefore, that talk of these winds must be taken into account so as not to fall into error. For our purposes we can start with the Babylonian empire.


The four winds were stirred up and the four spirits commissioned, to bring judgement on the nations via Babylon. Ezekiel, in chapter 14 and again in chapter 33 (just before his end times passages) described the resulting strife of the four winds on the nations as God's Four Sore Judgments. This will also be the case during the tribulation, as is evidenced by John's description of these four horses and God's judgement on the nations of the earth.


By the winds, God can send famine and drought on the earth, which leads to death of animals on large a very large scale which itself results in plagues on an Apocalyptic scale. When the food and water is scarce and the heat is unbearable, nations tend to fight against each other. So, God can send these winds for his land, or for judgement, which will be the case in the tribulation, as described here by Ezekiel.


Then, God again recommissions the winds at the time of the breakup of the Grecian Empire as told to Daniel in 8:8 and 11:4. Daniel then sees the four spirits recommissioned once again, in chapter 7 to bring forth the four great end times kingdoms - Lion, Bear, Leopard and Strange Beasts In the end of years which is an accurate account of the Napoleonic wars and the break up of the Ottoman Empire, which gave rise to the first three beasts.


Then Zechariah, in a passage closely parallel to both Daniel's and John's passages, but which has some noticeable differences from them, see's these fours spirits once again commissioned for a very specific purpose. This passage in chapter six became crystal clear to me just recently while investigating the events in the Balkan peninsula. Daniel gives the Kingly view of these four winds in the end times, and John gives the Priestly view of the four winds in the end times, and Zechariah here fills in a very important gap in the two others as a Prophetical view of the four winds in the end times.


Zechariah is describing the end of the Cold War and the Break up of the Soviet Union, which is where we are currently in the time schedule, with the resulting striving of the four winds and the nations of Europe over the former Soviet satellite nations (just like WW I and II were fought over these exact same nations over the breakup of the Ottoman Empire - described by Dan 7).


Other then the difference in the cadence in which the four horses are sent out here and in Revelation, the proof of this contention is the verse that says that the Horses that go to the north country have given His Spirit rest in the north county. This, as several authors have noticed, is a very accurate description of conditions that arose in Russia after the fall of the Wall.


Then, John describes these four winds at the very start of the tribulation, when they will again be recommissioned (proven by the fact that they are, at that time, being restrained from their appearance pending the breaking of their respective seals), to give rise to the fourth and last beast of Dan 7. He again sees the four horses restrained in chapter 7 and then released in chapter 11 verse 14.


And finally, Ezekiel, in chapter 37, also sees these winds specifically commissioned to bring the Army of Dry Bones to life. There are two stages to this process, and the first stage is actually the end result of WW II which would fall under the era of the Four Winds that bring fourth the four beasts. Then, the second stage, which is linked to the return of the king to the land and is actually the commissioning of the four winds, is most likely a result of the four winds as they are commissioned at the start of the tribulation, described by John.


Editor's Note : April 8, 2019 AD - It appears that this passage in Ezekiel is actually connected to Zechariah's Apocalypse which probably has already started - see the Times of Immanuel.


All of this shows the very turbulent and active nature of the four winds, and that they are constantly moving and fulfilling God's will. Each of the authors saw the same four winds, but that doesn't mean that they were preforming the exact same command from the Lord. And now we are prepared to take a closer look at the four beasts of Daniel seven.


And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another...


It is necessary, in order to bring all these posts together, to take a close look at this important passage.


The original interpretation; that the Lion was Babylon and the Bear the Medes/Persians and the Leopard the Grecian empires respectively; has been discarded by most modern interpreters. The main reason for this, is that the very passage indicates that the four beast/kingdoms are contemporary with each other and all four go through the tribulation. The other argument that I have seen that proves that this view is wrong is that; though Babylon used a Lion as its symbol, the Lion was not Rampant (standing on its feet) as is Britains, the Medes/Persians didn't use a Bear as their symbol, and the Grecians didn't use a Leopard as their symbol. This is important for there are really only two ways to gain a proper interpretation of what these end time nations are and the symbolism involved is the most important. If a nation is suspected of being one of these symbols, and they are not known to use this symbol, then they are probably not that particular beast. The second principle of the passage is the chronological appearance of these beasts. Whatever interpretation one ascribes to, if the beasts rise up in any other order then the one established in the vision, then at least one of the nations chosen is wrong. Whenever the plain chronology of Scripture is set aside in apocalyptical passages to force it to fit into a specific theological mold, the end result will only be error, and the misinformation of God's people.


1) The Lion - Eagle beasts is unanimously believed to be Britain and America. I just want to add two points. We must realize that in this case, Britain includes Britain, Scotland and Ireland. This will be coming up again. And secondly, there is some disagreement as to whether it is the Lion or the Eagle that stands up on its feet and is given a man's heart. I believe that the passage indicates, and the logical interpretation would be, that it is the Lion that is indicated. However, it is also possible, in reality, that BOTH the Lion and the Eagle fulfill this, as they are so closely related by blood. Britain has been compared to "John Bull" and America to "Uncle Sam." which also indicates this.


2) The Bear is Russia and not necessarily the old Soviet Satellite Countries.  This is supported by the "Three Ribs" that the Bear has in its mouth, which is universally agreed to be the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Lativa and Lithowania. These came under USSR control, at the protest of the US, after the war.


3) The Leopard. Now, there is some difference of opinion concerning the Leopard, so I did a more indepth study of the Muslim nations, and this is what I found. After the breakup of the Ottoman empire, the nations of Europe fought over all the domain that was suddenly free of authority. Because of this, after the second world war, the Arabic nations had to throw off the authority of these European nations and proclaim their own independence. The majority of them did so during the 50,s and 60.s, and then started to become a force to be reckoned with during the 70's when they enforced the oil embargo, kinda like they are doing today. So, here you see that one of the criteria is met, and that is that the Arabic nations 'rose' from the sea after the Lion and Bear and before the strange beast, in their proper order.


As well, these same nations are known to use a Leopard as their symbol. And the Word itself indicates the same thing where, using a Hebrew Pluralism, the Leopard can't change his spots and the Ethiopian his skin color, thus tying the Arabs to the Leopard in this symbolism. So, we have the two main criteria of the passage in support that the Arabs are the Leopard of the passage.


4) The Strange Beast. Since this beast has yet to rise from the sea, there is some difference as to the proper interpretation. However, I think that we are close enough now, with all the previous information in the other posts, to come to a generally correct view from the passage.


A) This beast is separate and distinct from, and contemporaneous to, the previous three beasts. Regardless of your view of the Lion-Bear-Leopard beast of Rev 13; if you say that these three beasts merge to form the fourth beast, you automatically destroy the logical interpretation of Dan 7. Both passages are the inspired Word of God and both passages must be fulfilled in the end time. Thus the Beast of Rev 13 is NOT a merger of the four beasts of Daniel.


B) Hosea 13 supports the individuality of the four separate beasts and not one conglomerate of the first three. In this passage, the "Strange Beast " of Daniel is the "Wild Beast" of Hosea. And this specific judgement fills in another gap in the Biblical record, for this verse, specifically to Ephraim which I believe is America, shows the Fourth Beast of Daniel taking the Scepter of World authority away from America.


C) The view that the four beasts of Daniel unite to become the 'hybrid' of Revelation is further disproved by the differences in the descriptions in the two passages. In Daniel the heart of the Lion is the focus, but in Revelation it is the mouth of the Lion that is the focus. In Daniel, it is the Teeth of the Bear that is the focus, but in John it is the Feet. In Daniel the Leopard has four wings and in John it has none.


These three points again show that the fourth beast of Daniel is not a 'union' of the first three beasts, but that it is entirely separate from the others. I would point out as well that this beast in John is tied to a Dragon, and in the ancient mythologies, the Spotted Dragon of Babylon, with a fire breathing mouth, and no wings, and large feet and claws, fits this description pretty accurately. Along these lines since the communists came to power in China they have been referred to as the Asian Tiger, if I am not mistaken, hence the Dragon in the end times is only associated with the revived Babylonian Kingdom.


So, what is the solution to the fourth beast that has elements of the first three beasts, but is still separate from them. The answer was provided by Zechariah, as stated in the last post, and which will be solidified in my next post. By showing us the end of the cold war and the end of the Soviet Empire, and the arrival of 'glasnot', he has shown us the answer to the enigma. It is obvious that the fourth beast will have at least one 'nation' from the empires of the first three beast, in its own empire, and it will assuredly be those nations that were part of the old roman empire.


Hence, with the breakup of the Ottoman empire and subsequent independence of the Arabic nations, it is obvious that Turkey, as a 'leopard' will end up being part of the E.U. and being one of the ten Kings of the fourth beast. As well, with Ireland's recent, 'independence' from Britain it is obvious that either they, or England, will join the E.U. but probably not both. I would guess England will because of the coming split concerning Catholics and Orthodox and because they were part of the roman empire.


That leaves the Ukraine to be one of the members from the 'bear' empire that joins the E.U. It was part of the roman empire, and is actually called the "Mother of Russia" via Kiev. On top of that, it would actually be the Feet of the Bear.


It is interesting to note that in his rise to power the Antichrist ends up destroying three of the previous ten kings. It may be possible that these are the three kings that he uproots in that process. And what you have here is the 'four beasts' of the 'four winds' of the 'four cardinal points' which will be responsible for the 'four sore judgements' coming upon the earth.


Now, if you were to take a black and white map of Europe and the med. and take a Yellow highlighter and color in the British Isles (and Israel) in yellow and label it The Lion. Then take a red marker and color in the old USSR and the Iron Curtain countries in red and label it The Bear. And then take an orange marker and color in all the Arabic nations, including turkey and the land they own on the other side of the Bosporus and label it The Leopard. And then leave Europe in white and label it The Strange Beast, you would see that you have the perfect working map of end times events.


And further, if you were to take a close look at that map, you would see that three of those four countries are all crashing together in exactly one location. It is called the Balkan Peninsula. So, now take your yellow marker, representing Britain and America's continuing influence and presence in that area and put a circle on the map around the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula up to the other side of the Danube river and you will have the visual example of current events and why this area is called the Powder Keg of Europe.


And I turned and lifted up mine eyes and looked and, behold, there came four chariots out from between two mountains and the mountains were mountains of brass...


I believe that there is only one author of the Word of God and that is the Holy Spirit, who I call Shalmah.


So, when Shalmah tells me that the four horses and the four winds that set the stage for the start of the Great Tribulation come out from between two brass mountains and when Shalmah tells me in Daniel that the Brass is symbolical of the Grecian Empire, then I know that the Two Mountains of Brass have something to do with that Ancient Empire.


Many people talk of the one world government of the end days as the revived Roman Empire. The main passage that this view comes from is the Statue Vision of Daniel Two, which I believe clearly shows that it is the revived Babylonian Empire. However, if you believe that it is the revived Roman Empire, then there is as much Biblical evidence to show that it is also the revived Grecian Empire.


1) The end times judgment of Israel is compared to a sky of Iron and the earth of Brass, indicating a threshing process between the Roman and Grecian Empires in Deut. 28.


2) The Behemoth and Leviathan, which I believe are a type of the first and second half of the tribulation respectively, are both made out of Iron and Brass in Job 40-41.


3) The Lord himself is going to break the gates of Iron and Brass in the end times and free Israel from that dual yoke in Ps. 107.


4) The Lord himself, in type of this did the same for Cyrus in Is 45. Interestingly enough, the wall around Babylon had over 100 Brass gates and the bridge that spanned the Euphrates was made of hewn stone that were fashioned together with Iron bars, again in type of the end times world government and the restraining band of Daniel 4.


5) In the fourth beast kingdom of Daniel seven, the feet are indeed made of Iron, however the nails are the nails of Brass (verse 19) and remember that the feet of the fourth kingdom in Revelation 13 are that of a bear, indicating that the nation that joins this Kingdom from the old Soviet Empire will be predominantly Orthodox (Eastern - Grecian) extraction.


6) And of course, the major passage showing the revival of the Grecian Empire in the end days is the passage that I quote at the start of this post.


7) In both Daniel 8 and 11-12, the Antichrist rises from the Grecian Portion of the Babylonian Empire which also includes Turkey.


So, there is a strong indication that the Grecian Empire will be making a revival in the end days and this can be emphasized by the Winds of Change.


If you were to look at consecutive maps of the Ancient Empires one after another you will see a peculiar effect. Regardless of where the ruler originated, his kingdom was extended for the greater part towards the East. Starting with the Assyrian and then Babylonian and then the Median/Persian and finally the Grecian Empires, each one drove the edge of the civilized world further East.


Then, something happened 2,000 years ago and a complete change occurred and Rome made further progress West. Remember that the nations of the world are like waves of the sea and that they are blown about by the four winds and what this tells us is that previous to the Roman Empire, the prevailing wind was blowing east. Then, with the advent of the Holy Spirit and the Restraining Band put on the Babylonian World Tree, the prevailing wind started blowing west. Hence, Rome civilized all of Europe and then the explorations of the New World occurred and you end up now with a country in the far West ruling the entire world.


So, it is to be expected, with the recommissioning of the four winds of heaven, here in Zechariah paralleling those in Revelation 13, that the prevailing wind will again be blowing towards the east - right back to Babylon via Athens. And this, as I stated in my first post on current events and the balance of power, is already beginning to become apparent in global affairs - the Tunnel built across the Bosporus puts Turkey in control of all European Commerce. The good news is that this means that the Wind is also blowing back to Jerusalem which will result in the Rapture of the Church By the World Wind of the Lord, at some point in time in the future.


Now, again, this indicates that there will be some type of Orthodox and Muslim coalition against Catholicism and the Western Bankers or one of the two placing the other into submission. But, if you look at the nations mentioned in Daniel 11-12 and in the battle of Gog in Ezekiel 38-39, you will see the same thing.


All of this is the age old struggle for the Balance of Power and it all centers Geopolitically in the Balkan Peninsula, as I have shown and that all centers on the Danube River, which runs from the Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea right between the Two Mountains of Brass which see at the url below.


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