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If we consider that it may be possible that we have to wait another 20 years or so, then some of the prophecies become clearer and more readily believable.

The City of Babylon

For instance, is it really feasible for the city of Babylon to be rebuilt and the hub of World Dominance in only Seven Years? Maybe. However, if they were to start now, it is obviously much easier to believe that in another 20 or 30 years, that rebuilt city will be ruling the world.

The Financial Empire of Babylon

My interpretation of Daniel's Last Vision is incontestably correct and, therefore, the next major event is the rise of the Raiser of Taxes in the Glory of the Kingdom - i.e. the revived Roman/Babylonian Empire - and this is just not the financial condition of said Empire today with the Dollar still the leading World Currency of choice however, in 20 years it is obvious to anyone that the Euro will probably be the currency of choice and, therefore, the rise of the Raiser of Taxes in that era is much more believable and reasonable.

The Euro is slowly gaining prominence and will continue to do so - possibly at a controlled rate - when more countries, little by little, leave the Dollar and Bank on the Euro.

Geopolitical Order out of Chaos

Next, the Geopolitical Situation in the World described by Y'shua is that of Political Upheaval and Chaos and that is not the condition of the World Today and much easier to believe that it will be the case 20 years from now. This, especially from the Insider's point of view who are trying to get the entire world to hate America to justify its destruction.

Even with quagmire called Iraq, the world does not hate America sufficiently for an Invasion which is especially noticeable between America and Europe and even America and Mexico. There just is no justification for an Invasion. Part of the Chaos of that time will, no doubt, be due to the social conditions surrounding the next point.

New World View

I have stated this before, and will again, that, in order for the Antichrist to - successfully - rail against Y'hava and those who dwell in heaven, there is no option but the conclusive death of Evolution. Period. This, obviously, is not the case today even though it could have been but, be that as it may, it is obvious to this writer that it will have something to do with the revelation of Adam's Body in Noah's Ark. This one bit of knowledge, in my mind, will lead to most, if not all, of the conditions mentioned above for, the proof that there is a Creator in Heaven will Polarize the entire world into one of two camps. They will either be for Y'hava or against him.

The Sociological Ramifications of this Revelation can probably not even be properly calculated, but are assuredly responsible for the other conditions that Y'shua mentioned, which just happened to be the Bible Verses last night and that is where the children will betray the parents and vice versa. As of right now, this is not the norm, but the exception whereas, twenty years from now, with the above information acknowledged the world over, it is much easier to believe that this will be the major defining characteristic of the end days.

The Rise of the Beast

One other point for the introduction into this possibility and that is that there is no doubt in my mind, regardless of whether or not the Insiders agree with me or not, that HM King Marduk I is the Antichrist.

As of right now the current World's Administration just happens to be his enemy and it is doubtful if he would be able to rise to power in the immediate future however, given another 20 years, I have no doubt that he will be able to climb the world's corporate ladder to the top of the pyramid and consolidate his Financial and Political Empire.

I might also add here that the Germanic Christian Prophecies that the reader can get to at the links below would be easier to be fulfilled over those 20 years with Mr. Marduk, I believe, consolidating his rule over the Muslim World to some extent.

So, we are justified in considering the possibility that the tribulation may not occur for another 20 years.


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