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Topic: The Times of Thermopylae

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The Times of Thermopylae


This one is just incredible.

Under The Times of Napoleon I stated that with his abdication in 1815 AD the Roman Empire received its mortal head wound, as the Antichrist himself would, and I then postulated that it would last exactly 220 years ending precisely in 2035 AD. This would leave 5 more years to run until 2040 AD and the end of the tribulation.

Now, those 220 Days for Years are the shortened tribulation from 2520 Days for Years - which vision of the Evening and Morning are focused on Greece for some strange reason. The 2300 days will, no doubt, run during the tribulation however, since those 220 Years seem so precise, then it is logical that there will also be an important era of 2300 Years that is connected to Greece somehow which is very similar to the Great Prophetical Cycle of 2520 Years.

So, subtract out those additional 5 Years that will run during the tribulation and you are left with precisely 2295 Years that the Vision of the Evening and Morning will run.

Subtract out 1814 AD (1815 AD minus the non zero year) and you have precisely 481-480 BC as the start of the Vision of the Evening and Morning.

When I got to the library this morning to see what happened of importance in that year, lo and behold, I found that this was the year that the Battle of Thermopylae was fought which was, of course, made famous by the movie that just came out and which, of course, the Spartans lost however, this battle was the unifying force that galvanized the entire Greek Population into a cohesive unit and they then went on to kick the Persian's collective arse.

In other words, Thermopylae is where the Bible locates the real rise of the Grecian Empire and that, my friends is an incredible witness to the veracity of the Word of Y'hava and this End Times Chronology.

It just don't get any better than this...

This one adds its testimony to the end of the tribulation in 2040 AD cause I was working backwards and it nailed that date down and thus this places the first year of Daniel's 70th week to begin precisely on Nisan 1, 2033 AD, as all the other chronologies are now confirming. Precisely, I might add.

You might say that hindsight is 20/40 in this case...


Welcome to my World...

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