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Topic: The Antichrist's Arena

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The Antichrist's Arena


Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal and prophesy against him...

There have been many attempts to identify the a.c. in the Church's History and in these modern times. And as we proceed, there will be more and more.

We must keep one thing in mind and that is that the Lord stated that many False Christs would appear, and based on this he told us not to be deceived.

These words can be interpreted two ways. The obvious one is not to be deceived by any of these false Messiah's so that you won't be led astray.

The other, less obvious interpretation, is don't let these false Messiah's lead you astray so that you don't recognize the real Antichrist when he appears. If you do, while you are focusing on a False Messiah, you will be blindsided by the Antichrist when he starts his rise. This could have deadly consequences for those thus deceived.

Juan Carlos, JFK, Reagan, Gore and a host of others have been proposed. The most recent has been Prince Charles. I have already critiqued this book on the doves a few years ago when it first came out. I purchased the book and read through it, and I distinctly recall in the chapter on the calculation of his name, that the author admitted that he deviated from the rules of the Hebrew Gematria involved in order to add up the name. He said something to the effect that, 'because the Hebrew is 2,000 yrs old and has been a dead language for so long, we have to make a modern application of this letter, as it is used now.' or something to that effect. If a person has the book, he should be able to find the statement in question very easily. And this makes the calculation useless as far as we are concerned. That it adds up in the English is of no use either because this was never an alpha-numeric system as the Greek and Hebrew.

Now, I have noticed that many people (that author included) explain away certain passages that are speaking of the Antichrist because it is detrimental to their theory on his identity. This means that they came up with the theory first and then interpreted the passages involved. This is bad policy when it comes to the Word.

Many scholars use Daniel 2 to prove that the Arena of the Rise of the Antichrist is the Geographical territory of the Roman Empire, which is correct. And with that information, we can look at the other Geographical Territories mentioned in the Word and connected to the Antichrist in order to narrow this down. And then, who ever the Antichrist turns out to be, we will know him immediately when he confirms the covenant, because we knew, literally, where to look.

The Assyrian

The prophet Isaiah (chapters 10,14,30-31,52) in these end times passages (easily determined from context) links the Antichrist to the ancient Assyrian Empire, and Hosea (11) and Micah (5) echo this connection. The Antichrist in the first half of the tribulation will be the Assyrian to the nation of Ephraim (also behemoth of Job).

The Babylonian

Isaiah also calls this individual the Babylonian (13,14 and 24). In fact, in 14:25 he links the Assyrian TO The Babylonian as the same individual. And this is confirmed by Jeremiah in 50-51. He will be the Babylonian to the Nation of Judah in the second half of the tribulation (Leviathan in Job).

The Little Horn

In Daniel 8, with as much authority as chapter 2, we see that the Antichrist must arrise from the geographical territory of the Grecian Empire.

Note as well that this passage gives us the further details that he is a little horn (possibly a physical description) and that he waxes strong against the East (Mesopotamia) and the South (Egypt) and Israel (the pleasant land).

This chapter also talks about 1) The Last Days 2)Transgression (Abomination) of Desolation 3)Prince of Hosts (Y'shua) 4)Daily Sacrifices and thus proves that it is refering to the same individual as in Revelation and Daniel's Last Vision and is definitely referring to the Antichrist.

Now, if you take all of the above descriptions, and look at the land that is common to all those empires you will see that you are pretty much limited to Turkey, Syria, Israel and Egypt.

This last passage rules out the latter three and that leaves you with only Turkey as the location of the rise of the Antichrist. Turkey would be considered a small people as far as global influence at this time.

All this is proven by the verse that I started this post with. This verse is not referring to an invasion of Israel by Russia at the start of the tribulation, but it is referring to the invasion of Israel at the mid-point and end of the tribulation by the Antichrist, proven by the Feast for the Fowls of the Air (also compare 38:13 with Daniel 11:30 and compare 38:5 with Daniel 11:43 and also see my next post on Daniel for even more). And this proves, like the other geographic clues above, that the Antichrist rises to power in the ancient geographic territory of Magog - the Land of Gog.

Gog was actually a ruler at the time Ezekiel wrote those words and his kingdom was in western Turkey. Scribners Bible Dict. of 1900 says, "The Hebrew name corresponds with that of the Lydian King who is called Gyges by the Greeks and Gugu in the cuneiform inscriptions. Gyges was the first King of W. Asia Minor. [Gomer] is the Gimirra of the Assyr. inscriptions, the Cimmerians of the Greeks. The Cimmerians were an Aryan people who inhabited the Crimea [Ukraine area around Black Sea] and adjoining districts of Southern Russia, and in the 7th cent. B.C. poured through the Caucasus into W. Asia (Herod.IV.12). Gyges or Gugu, the Lydian King, sent an embassy to Ninevah for help. Phrygia had been occupied by them. Cappadocia had been so completely conquered by them as to bear hence forward among the Armenians the name of Gamir. The Cimmerians (Gomer) are included in the Army of Gog and as the invasion of Asia Minor by them brought about a great displacement of population, one result being the retreat of the Moschi and Tibareni (Mescheach and Tubal) from Cappadocia to the shores of the Black Sea."

So here we see that the Geographic Territory of Gog, the Land of Magog, with Meshech and Tubal are all in Turkey. Note as well that Gomer is referring to the Ukraine and is in submission to Gog (Turkey) at the time of the end. This shows the submission of Russia proper to the Ukraine, and their submission to Turkey.

Togaramah "Of the North Quarters and his bands" can also now be identified with this information, for this is not specifically Russia itself. Togaraman is listed (chapter 27) along with Tubal and Meshech which we know is Turkey, so Togaramah is referring to a country along Turkey's Northern Flank or Border( both are specific definitions of 'quarters'). Their northern most point is the Caucus Mountain region containing Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia and would possibly include the very southern part of Russia.

The "many people with thee" (Gog) is thus referring to the rest of the European nations like Javan (Greece) which are Japheth's descendants. But notice, as well, that they are all in submission to Gog and not the other way around. Here we have a drastic change in the Geopolitical situation in the Eurasian Arena before the end of the tribulation. Keep in mind that the Euphrates River originates in Turkey, and this source is actually the area that the four angels are bound in Rev 7:1 and loosed in Rev 9:14.

Hence you have Gog (Antichrist) leading Magog, Meshech and Tubal (all in Turkey) and Gomar (Ukraine and some of Russia) and Togarmah (Georgia and parts of Russia) and Javan (and parts of E. Europe) in a coalition against Israel from mid tribulation to the end at Armageddon. Remember also that all others (i.e. the three previous beasts of Daniel seven) are trampled under foot by this confederacy.

This shows a revival of the Babylonian, Assyrian, Median Persian, Grecian and Roman Empires in these end days (proven by Daniel 2:35, for though the stone hits the feet, all these kingdoms are "Broken Together" by it). However, what it clearly also teaches is, in effect, a revival of the Ottoman Empire! [Wasn't even thinking about that at all.] Remember that Turkey is already a member of NATO. So, lets take a look at some current events.

A couple of years ago Israel and Turkey started forming a closer relationship. On May 15th on the shortwave I heard that Turkey considers itself the primary target (after Israel) of Iran's rocket program and that they should start counter measures (they made this decision based on Israeli intelligence).

Turkey just recently agreed to take over control of the International Security Force in Kabul starting this summer (about the time they got hit by an earthquake on Sunday), which decision was influenced greatly by the EU a couple of days ago.

Turkey and Europe are planning on building a tunnel under the Bosporus starting next year like the chunnel between England and the mainland (finished October 2013 AD).

They are set to join the EU (a must for everything I have said so far) next summer.

Short Wave rumor back in May was that they would join in the upcoming invasion of Iraq.

Turkey and Georgia and Azerbaijan have signed a Security Agreement against Terrorism specifically in reference to the pipeline that they are going to build between Azerbaijan and Turkey (this was signed at Trabzone).

And last, but certainly not least, there are plans for the upcoming International Peace Summit to be held in Ankara, Turkey.

I wonder if the Antichrist will be in attendance? He will probably start his rise by solving the Cyprus issue, at least that is something to keep in mind.

So, you might want to go back and read my posts on the Four Beasts and my other posts on geopolitics, cause this pretty much is the capstone to everything that I previously stated.


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