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Topic: The Seed of the Serpent

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The Seed of the Serpent


I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed...

I think that, ultimately, my theory on Cain is dependant upon exactly what did, or did not, transpire in the Garden. As hard a subject that this is going to be to approach, it is part of the revealed Word of God; and I feel that it is time for it to be addressed. And, it will assuredly be playing an extremely and vitally important role in end times events, which is the climax of the above enmity between the two seeds. We can not afford to ignore the truth, regardless of how it makes us feel, if we are to 'rightly divide the Word of Truth' and teach the entire Word of God, and thus fulfill our commission, and responsibility to society.

Concerning the above verse; as a good Baptist, I always believed that Cain was Satan's 'spiritual' offspring as I was taught, and that Adam was his real father. I never questioned it, even though I had heard about the theory of he being the physical offspring of Satan. In fact, I did just come across this again, during the course of this study, and once again rejected it as too disgusting even to think about. As well, I also looked up the passage in question and read that "Adam knew Eve and she conceived." And that settles it, doesn't it?

One argument against this theory, by those who are uncomfortable with dealing with it, is that it is impossible for angels to mate with woman. However, they have no proof of this from the Word and are basically skirting the issue. When it talks about the angels in heaven not marrying this is no proof that they are unable to, but solely that this does not take place in God's immediate presence, which is to be expected.

For those who believe the Word of God as I do, I would point out that, in all due respect, that they believe the KJV translation of the Word of God. For, that word 'conceive' in the original language, simply meant "Was with Child" and the alternate definitions ('conceived' and 'became pregnant') are more descriptive definitions that assuredly arose well after the fact and also well after Adam first penned this account.

Hence then, a very literal translation of the Hebrew text would be, "Adam knew Eve and she was with Child." I seriously doubt that even Eve was able to tell within one or two weeks whether or not any particular 'union' had actually born fruit. In fact, only God could know this, as the Psalmist and others tell us. Hence then this verse does not either prove or disprove either of the above theories and the truth must be gleaned from the rest of the passage and not one word out of one verse, regardless of what that truth turns out to be. For the Truth always brings liberty, one way or another and is not to be feared, or concealed.

For those who wish to remain standing on the spiritual seed aspect, they need to take a look at the definition of the word seed in order to strengthen their position - that is if they truly care about what the Word of God says.

I actually haven't looked up the definition of that word, because it is defined for us in Genesis, when God appointed each creature (including man) to contain the seed within itself. Hence, then a person is composed of a Body a Mind and a Spirit and all three of these come to us through our parents. In fact, it is impossible for Satan to be the spiritual father of Cain and Adam to be the physical and mental father at the same time. It is, in fact, either one or the other. Either Satan is Cain's father, or Adam is. There is no in between.

With this knowledge, one would then have to retreat into the position that Cain was the spiritually adopted son of Satan, which is in direct contradiction to the definition of the word seed and also goes against the Marriage Covenant between Adam and Eve that was formed at that time.

And in fact, the verse at the top of this post, if it wasn't for pre-conceived theological prejudices and conclusions, is conclusive as to who Cain's father was. As I stated before, after this, Satan is cursed, and it would be impossible for him to sire any more offspring. And as well, after the flood, with the drastic decrease in barometric pressure, it is doubtfull that any such union would be possible of bearing fruit.

It has been stated by an auther from Scribner's Bible Dictionary that, regardless of what we think, there is no doubt that the author of these chapters in Genesis expected his reader to believe that the fallen Angels had mated with women and this at once supports the postion here.

But, all that we have to do is continue to read the Word of God and we will see, without forcing an interpretation, exactly what did transpire in the garden.

When God questions Eve about what transpired, she states that, "The Serpent Beguiled Me." Now, for those of us who are not fluent in 1611 King James English, whatever else this word may mean, if you look in a Strong's concordance, you will see that this word means 'seduced'. I think that we are all mature enough to know what the end goal of seduction is. This is the way of an oppressor, and has been, since the beginning.

Now, when Cain is born, Eve says, "I have gotten a Man from the Lord." In fact, she was relieved that it was a man that was born and not a serpent that crawls around on all fours, or that slithers on the ground.

The literal definition of the name 'Cain' is 'erect', in other words, a man that stands erect, instead of a serpent that crawls along on all fours or its belly. There is absolutely no other logical reason for her to name her first son this, unless in fact, she was worried about who the father was.

When we look at the 'enmity' in the above verse, we need to realize that this cursing of the serpent's seed was, in consistency with curses in general, a description of the result of a specific action, more then an empowerment of judgment.

In other words, it is a well know fact and recorded in the Word on a couple of occasions, that an illegitamate son will be at enmity with a legitimate son. The son of a forced union will hate the son of a union of love and vice versa. And, the forceful actions of Cain, pretty much go to show, exactly whose son he really was and also what his father was like.


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