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Topic: The Revelation of Cain

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The Revelation of Cain


Behold, you have driven me out this day from the face of the earth and from your face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that finds me will slay me. And Y'hava said unto him, Therefore whosoever slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And the LORD set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him...

I decided that I would compile all my information concerning Cain being the Antichrist, specifically as it matches perfectly with the predictions of the same, which you will find below. For more reading into the background of some of my points, you can look through the archives of my posts at the URL at the bottom of the page. There is some new information here that many may not have seen before this.

As I have shown in previous posts, the only way that Cain could return to fulfill the prophecies is if he was sent through time via the pyramid. That being the case, while he was waiting for his body to reappear in our time, he would have been interned in "The Abyss" where, the Scripture make clear, he is to rise out of (Rev 17:8).

There are two test of Wisdom mentioned in Revelation, and the second one is just as important, if not more so, then the first test (note the "here is wisdom" of chapter 13 as opposed to "the mind that has wisdom" of chapter 17 both of which are in reference to the Antichrist who is the Beast and not his nation), and that is that the Antichrist, whoever he turns out to be, will ascend from the Abyss.

Regardless of how hard it may be to believe, The Beast, that is the Antichrist himself, was (used to exist before John's day) and is not (at the time John had the vision) and shall ascend out of the Abyss. This understanding of this first section is strengthened by the reference to "perdition", for the Antichrist is called "the son of perdition" (2 Thes 2:3).

You will notice that this statement occurs simultaneously with the beast's internment in the abyss. Hence, he does exist, just not on this plane of existence, where as his kingdom, the Roman Empire, was in existence in this plane at the time the angel spoke those words to John. Compare this with Satan's internment in the abyss for the thousand years (Rev 20), where he exists for the same, and is then let out at the end, exactly as the beast is here. This shows the proper interpretation of the passage - that the Beast is referring to the ac and not to his Kingdom.

In Genesis 3:15 it states that there would be enmity between Satan's seed and the woman's, which can only be fulfilled by Cain. Regardless of your opinion of the Zodiac, there is no doubt that whoever named them, and gave to them their original story, that the individual involved was intimately aware of the words in Gen 3:15 concerning the War of the Two Seeds.

The concept of crushing the head of the serpent is scattered throughout the story and this conflict IS the main theme of the story. The other main theme, which is really inseparable from the first, is the redemption of mankind. This makes the constellation of the Centaur referring to Cain himself in this battle of the Seeds portrayed in the Heavens and in the Word, as this post shows.

It may be possible that Cain is the ancestor of what became known as the Neanderthals. I found a web site on the net that supported all this, but can't find it now. Contrary to my first conclusion, this does not necessarily mean that Cain himself looks like one, only that some of his physical characteristics became more pronounced in his descendants. Neanderthals were shorter then average (the little horn of Daniel 7:8). This even besides the fact that the fallen angels sired giants, for the initial offspring (Cain) would have been approximately Eve's size, with each successive generation becoming larger, just like the dinosaurs.

Also they were stouter then we are (Dan 7:20). Their eyes were their most prominent feature and made them look fierce (Dan 8:23). Along with this, according to the legends, the Male Child (if you will) of the Babylonian Religion had green eyes, as would, I assume, some of his descendants. Also, rumor has it, if I am not mistaken, that he has red hair (thus showing Edom's ancestry).

Further, the afore mentioned article proved that the Neanderthals, because of there physical makeup could not pronounce guttural words (like "g"), and thus, as the World's first Demagogue, it is probable (knowing human nature) that the title "Gog" (Ezekiel 38) is actually a nickname that he acquired from this impediment (see also Dan 7:20 and Rev 13:5), which is why there is no record of this name in Cain's Lineage recorded in Genesis Four.

This would, of course, make Cain literally "The Chief Prince of Magog" (Ezekiel 39 - The descendants of Cain on the Maternal side - both Japeth and Ham married wives from his ancestry as the name of their children implies, with 'Magog' meaning 'descendants of Gog' and the 'ma' is referring, I believe, to maternal), which we know is modern day Turkey.

This brings us to the rise of Cain in the end times coming from this country. The Scriptures tell us that he will be called the Assyrian (Is 14:25 etc), the Babylonian (Is 14 again and see also Is 2313, Jer 50 etc), the Grecian (Daniel 8:9) and the Roman (Dan 2:33), all of which he could claim, as ancestor to all these peoples.

If you were to graph this on a map you would see that the territory that all these countries had in common was Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordon and Egypt. These, then, provide us with the starting place. Further the ac becomes strong towards "the east" which rules out Jordan, "to the south" which rules out Egypt and "to the pleasant land" which rules out Lebanon and Israel (Dan 8:9).

Thus, we are now limited to the rise of the ac from Turkey or Syria alone. Thus, when we realize that Magog, Meschech and Tubal were all in Turkey (and Gog was actually the ruler of the same when Ezekiel wrote those words - Chapters 38-39), then the only conclusion that can be made is that the ac rises to power at the start of the tribulation from the Nation of Turkey. This is very close to the Balkans (see my post on the Two Mountains of Brass).

This, by the way, does not necessarily mean that he is currently residing in that country, but may, for aught we know, be out with an "expeditionary force" any where in the world right now.

Cain would be the first and only one sired from the Archangel Satan. This would also make him diverse (Dan 7:7) from all other pre or post flood kings (as the other three beasts/kings obviously are - since he is a first generational man sired by the Archangel), especially in these end times.

This also brings up the very good possibility that Cain brought some of his boys with him through the Pyramid, making a 'team' of Seven Men Total (Rev 13 the Seven Heads) and thus the Ten Horns would be the Kings of the ten countries that make up the revived Roman Empire that I mentioned a short time ago. Cain, of course, would be in charge of this group ultimately, being the seed of Satan.

And, it is for this very reason that he "honors the god of forces" (Dan 11:38) which in the preflood and subsequent ancient world was the primordial Dragon (Rev 13:4) that brought life or order out of Chaos.

He does not worship the "Desirable Woman" (this is assuredly the correct interpretation of Dan 11:37 which, in context, is referring to polytheism and note that his "fathers" is not refering to paternity, but predecessors), which is referring to the worship of the Queen of Heaven that the ancient world fell into after the flood. He would consider this beneath himself for he is the "son of the morning star." Notice, by the way, that it does not say anywhere that he himself worships the Dragon, only that he honors it (the false prophet is responsible for leading the worship), and the possible reason can be found in Gen 4:7.

As well, Cain would not be of the accepted monarchies of Europe (as some people has stated concerning the "vile" one in Dan 11:21) and thus would need to take three of them out of the way (Dan 7:8) on his rise to power, probably in the first year of the tribulation (Rev 6:2) as the earthly counterpart to the rider on the White Horse. Along these lines, Cain himself was the first one to make war with the Saints(Dan 7:21) when he killed Able. His account of the death of Able is actually contained in the Gilgamesh Epic (where Mesh is a suffix meaning Hero and the 'a' just ties the two words together leaving Gilg for his name and, with no vowels originally, you have Glg or Gog for the authorship of that Epic and the first Demagogue).

It says (Dan 7:25) that he shall speak great words against the Most High as if this individual personally knew which Cain did (Gen 4), before the flood. Even Hitler, the worst demagogue the modern world has seen, never came close to what the Antichrist will accomplish and thus can only be fulfilled by someone like Cain.

And, it is also for this very reason, as one who knows God personally (and perhaps saw the City of Eden or Heaven from a distance), that he actually tries to make war against Heaven by "Imagining an evil device" against the Lord (Ps 21:11).

It says (Dan 8:10) that he was great even to the host of heaven and cast some of the host (which can only be the Angels or Glorified Saints) to the ground. This is impossible for a mortal man, but not for one sired by the Highest Archangel. This event may very well be attempted through the pyramid itself or one like it, which explains the building of the original Tower in Babel (Gen 11:9), which itself was modeled after the Brick Pyramid that Satan and Cain built before the Flood (Josephus and Matthew 7:26), for this exact same reason (to fight against heaven).

The reason he will try and change the Times (Dan 7:25) is because he will want the calender to be restored to the New Year beginning in the spring - his birth I believe and that specifically in 4182 BC. When the change was made to the Gregorian calender, they moved the new year to January from April and he will seek to move it back, as any Monarch would at the start of his reign. Same with the Laws of the same verse (making him the Lawless One of 2 Thes 2:8).

He will want to institute his laws from before the flood which were basically Lawlessness as I posted a while ago. Basically they stated that no one could fulfill God's Just Laws so they shouldn't even try, and those who tried would be judged by him in the last day. There was more than this and perhaps I will try and find them, but for now it pretty much blows out of the water those people who are worried about the Noahic Laws being used to persecute people. They are tame compared to his laws.

He knows all the wisdom of the Antediluvian world including the stars and alphabet etc and will thus be able to understand Dark Sentences (Dan 8:23) and thus also, craft or inventions shall prosper in his hand (Dan 8:25).

Cain was the originator of cannibalism and lent his very name to that practice and it is this type of sacrifice that assuredly leads to the Abomination of Desolation (9:27).

Something else to think about is that the Deadly Wound (Rev 13:3, Zech 11:17) which he recovers from is portrayed in a lot of horror movies, but it is also true of the original ruler of preflood Babylon, who was apparently 'killed' numerous times and then finally was supposedly killed by being ground to powder with a Millstone which was a primary symbol in their cosmology. And this die hard legend is hinted at in Gen 3:14-15.

This is much easier to believe when we realize that he was sired by the Highest Archangel, as compared with any human today and this is probably the reason for that recovery. However, as hinted at in the stars, it may be possible that Cain and his Men and even Satan fought a battle before the flood over the Tree of Life and possibly acquired some of that precious life giving fruit. This would explain how they could survive going through Triple Point in the Pyramid when they were sent through time, as well as this mortal head wound and also being cast alive into the Abyss (Rev 19:20), even though he is slain by the Glory of the Returning Lord (2 Thes 2:8).

The name "Kynabaalmerodach" adds up to 666 (Rev 13:18)in the Hebrew. This "Name of Blaspheme" (Rev 13:1) would loosely mean "Cain the Son of the Highest" which he was not so that it is, literally, blaspheme, with Cain being his human name and Marduk being his Angelic name in reference to his lineage to Satan.

The name itself is where the word cannibal comes from which Hislop said meant "priest of baal" but I think you can see that the definition I provide is more accurate and faithful to the original preflood language of the Hebrew and thus fulfilling the Scriptural description of this name.

In the Scripture (1 John) where the term Antichrist was first coined, the Holy Spirit made it a point of mentioning Y'shua's name and Cain's name and no one else's name while expanding on the war between the two seeds (twice passing up dropping Able's name). Knowing the precision of the Holy Spirit and of the Word of God than this hardly seems to be a coincidence.

If he is involved in military and politics now (for Turkey), he is assuredly using a pseudonym, and won't "be revealed" (1 Thes 2) as Cain until the Abomination of Desolation when his true nature and ancestry can no longer be concealed.

The Mark of the Beast (Rev 13:16), which is forced on the world by the False Prophet is assuredly drawn from the time that God marked Cain (Gen 4:15). It is highly likely, as well, that this mark was passed on through his lineage and there may be people today that bear it faintly. From what I have read and postulated on my own, it is an upside down thumb print size mark, centered above his right eye with 12 rays coming out of it, making it look like a rising Sun, showing his descendancy from Lucifer.

In his work called, "The Antichrist" Arthur Pink takes many of the verses that refer to this individual and expounds them in his exhaustive work. I have skimmed through this work and present some of these same verses and how Cain fulfills them more then any other person (this is mostly new material and I also want to mention that Mr. Pink applied some verses to the Antichrist that are not speaking of him at all).

For instance, he tells us that in Psalms 52:1 he is called "The Mighty Man" but what Mr. Pink didn't realize is that this word 'mighty' is first used of those men who were sired by the fallen angels (Gen 6:4), something that has not occurred since the flood, when those same fallen angels were bound in "chains of darkness" until the day of judgment (2 Pet 2:4 and Jude 1:6). This alone strongly argues that the Antichrist must be someone who was born before the flood and sired by one of the fallen angels.

He reminds us that he is called the Son of Perdition who comes in by the Power of Satan (2 Thes 2:9), which is again indicative of the fact that he is Satan's son. This is emphasized by his other name as the Beast (Rev 13), for Satan himself was a Seraphim when he sired Cain (a serpent like angel with wings), before he was cursed (after he impregnated Eve - note the word "conceived" in Gen 4:1 simply means "was with child" in the original eyewitness account, or in other words, she was already pregnant).

Mr. Pink himself believed that the Antichrist would be the son of Satan, but the problem is that once Satan was cursed, it was impossible for him to sire any offspring from women and, therefore, if the Antichrist is going to be Satan's son, then there is only one contender and that is Cain, which means, as I have said, he must be back to fulfill all these prophecies.

This is not an exhaustive account of the Scriptural proof however, I think that you can now begin to see that Cain fulfills these predictions more than any other person that has been suggested to date. There is a lot of information that I am not sharing, that I can not share for various reasons, so this post will have to do for now.

I think that we can all safely assume that Cain is alive and well on planet earth.

Notes :

According to Scribner's Bible Dictionary, New York, 1900, Magog and Tubal and every other city identified in that passage are all located right in Turkey and, no matter how you look at it, the Antichrist will arise from that region. Period.

In a now defunct post I identified Gog as a nickname for Cain from before the flood - it is not recorded in any of the Biblical Genealogies and yet it was well known enough for Javan to use it in at least two of his offspring and, therefore, must have been an important person from before the flood.

It is where we get the word Dema Gogue from which is the same as a Demigod or half man half god or someone who was sired by one of the fallen angels as was Cain.

I typed this post up while homeless in Denver and around this time was when I was receiving emails from someone who hinted that he was the Antichrist and at the time he was working as a fire man in California and sent me a picture of himself and then, lo and behold, the very day before I posted the article above someone walks into the supper at the ministry that looked just like him and had a book entitled the Rising Son - this was a spook trying to get me to think that he was Cain.

Anyways, I later identified HM King Marduk I as Cain and tied him to the individual who was emailing me because a fireman over in Europe posted favorably of him using the same phrase Marduk used - On the Spot - meaning they were both the same person. Very possibly it was him.

I asked him when he got back (via the pyramid) and the date he gave was, basically, Nisan First 1998.

HM King Marduk I is the Antichrist and he is Cain...


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