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Topic: The Crest of HM King Marduk I

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The Crest of HM King Marduk I


Well, it would appear that King Marduk is still among the living as of January 12th, 2008, and now has his own website which I had been expecting a while ago but he had some things he apparently needed to take care of first.

Check out that Crest of his.

Is that a Griffin or is it a Dragon?

Interestingly enough, it is possible that the legends of the griffin are actually a result of dinosaur bones - a dragon - according to Wiki and it is actually compared with the Dragon when the front legs are also those of a Lion as in his Crest above and here we have the Feathered Serpent Dragon or what the Scriptures would call the Sereph - a flying fiery serpent.

Now, this is all important for a couple of reasons and the first is that the Roman Empire ceased using the Dragon as its symbol some time after the days of Julius and they started using the Double Headed Eagle when Esau took over the Roman Empire (see my post in the Chronology Section on the Times of Esau for the details).

The point is that the Antichrist will honor the Dragon and lead the entire world into its worship so whatever Heraldic Crest he chooses to represent his empire it will positively include the Dragon and I would say, as of right now, that the Griffin Qualifies in this regard.

As far as the rest of his crest - I'm not sure about the 'demi' chevron on his crest but if you stand back it makes his entire crest look like an eye - as in the all seeing eye, etc.

The last major symbol that I need to look at as to how he understands it is the Maltese Cross at the bottom. You can see he may have patterned his crest from Genoa, but there are definite noticeable differences.

One of the reasons he chose this is because Fire Men use the Maltese Cross and he was a fireman for awhile out here in California some time ago.


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