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Topic: The King of Fierce Countenance

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The King of Fierce Countenance


And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the Transgressors are come to the full, a King of fierce countenance, understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.

In the latter time of their Kingdom....

It appears that King Marduk decided to take the opportunity afforded by someones reply to his official proclamation, to make several more proclamations on the Official UN Web Site.

I have edited his post below somewhat, so as to simplify it for the reader, and to cut to the chase, as it were, but the entire manuscript can be found on page three of my original Editorial on this subject which, as you all may know, was posted on the 1260th day from the Theoferrum.

When the transgressors have come to the full...

He has changed his original viewpoint and has decided that the US and the Vatican are part of the UN problem via Annan and seems to think that Annan will soon be leaving the UN. In fact, I get the impression that he knows more about this situation then most people do.

The significance of this particular proclamation is that he has now raised his sites from just the UN to include the US and the Vatican which, for all practical purposes, are the Pillars of the Western World.

I find this to be very ominous.

A King of fierce countenance...

He also made it a point of stating that he is exercising his Political Influence via contact with various official and important Nations in the World.

This tells me that, since my Editorial on this subject, he has had the opportunity to expand his Political Horizons in some way, which I was expecting.

Understanding dark sentences...

He also pointed out that the Russian Federation has no legal membership on the Security Council, and that the European Union is not a Legal National Entity and that none of the other five previously mentioned entities have any authority in the UN.

These latter proclamations tell me that some are raising quite a stink on this particular matter and that he has had to respond to their attempts to deprive him of his New Kingdom. And he has done so by stating emphatically that they, basically, don't have a legal leg to stand on - and Annan knows it.

Shall stand up...

And, so, just exactly what does all this mean? Well, if he is a nobody and is just full of hot air, then it means absolutely nothing and I have been wasting my time with this Editorial series.

If, however, he is the person described in the verse above, than it means everything, and ALL the parties above should seriously consider the rest of the verse I quoted, which is what I find very ominous...

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practice, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many. He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes but he shall be broken without hand. And the vision of the Evening and the Morning which was told is true, therefore seal up the vision, for it shall be for many days...

H.M. King Marduk I 12/01/04

The World is officially notified of the State Kingdom of Marduk. The Kingdom of Marduk has International Diplomatic Relations with various important States of the World. The Kingdom of Marduk conducts its business with these international States.

We further officially proclaim that the United Nations is a criminal organization, which is under the dictatorship of the USA and the Vatican. We proclaim officially, that Annan is a international criminal and the henchman of USA and Vatican interests - and that the UN is an international criminal organization under Annan - this is a judicial irrevocable reality. Annan has in his person a fascistic criminal spirit, who refuses to accept additional States developing in the world. Annan is withholding his resignation proclamation as UN Secretary General. Annan is a major criminal person as is his son, who has arranged his criminal activity through the UN Organization.

The World knows that the former State of the USSR, since the year 1991, does not exist anymore as a Legal State, and therefore, the newly founded State Russian Federation does not have any representation in the UN security council; the Russian Federation is a totally new State creation, which no longer has the original rights of security council membership.

The Federal Republic of Germany is, since 1949, not a state, and is, since 1990, still not a state. The FRG is, since its accession in the UN on the basis of the UN Charta, a judicial illegality in the United Nations. The same situation applies to Austria since 1945 (which was not born in 1955 as a State); the judicial absolute reality is, that Austria is an absolute state illegality. The same fraud applies in the 1948 criminal enterprise under the dictate of the Vatican when it founded the Republic of Italy. This is the same international fraud, which further applies to Vatican City itself, which is not a State, and has criminally arranged its international fraud via the Lateran Agreement in 1929. We further officially proclaim that the European Union is another criminal organization which is under the dictatorship of Pope John Paul II and his criminal Church background.

Annan is officially informed that the former FRG, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein do not have, on basis of the UN Charta, any judicial legality as Member States in the UN, and Vatican City is no more than an Observer in the United Nations - none of the five have any legality in the United Nations.



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