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Topic: The Kingdom of HM King Marduk I : June 20, 2005

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The Kingdom of HM King Marduk I : June 20, 2005


Editor's Note June 20, 2005 : I got this letter today from HM King Marduk Ist and I figured I would post it on my Website to keep everyone up to date on the Newest Monarch and Kingdom in Europe. The letter below has been translated out of the German and summarized by myself as it contained some redundant material which my readers don't need to know for the purposes of this series.

As my readers no doubt know, several years ago King Marduk waltzed into Europe and claimed several chunks of land and set up shop.

Well, of course he didn't do that cause he wanted to go fishing on Lake Constance.

So now he is in the process of balancing his budget and he found out that the former authorities are still taxing his citizens and he ain't none to happy about it and has set the populous straight on that point and has pretty much told the former management that they owe him about four years of back taxes, with interest, which he plans on collecting.

He has also told his citizens that, in reality, their taxes should drop under his Sovereignty cause he ain't planning on paying taxes to the corrupt European Union or the equally corrupt UN.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Because it is in his Kingdom, he just laid claim to the most prosperous bank in Central Europe.

Way I figure it, this man went from pauper to multi Billionaire in less then four years.

Not bad huh?

Now, there are prophecies that talk about the Antichrist and there are prophecies that talk about the Male Child and, therefore, in order for both of these sets of prophecies to be fulfilled, both of these immortals have to live to enter into the tribulation.

But further, he and I already talked about this and he specifically asked me, via email, if I wanted to be the Antichrist and I specifically told him that at one time I told Abba that, if there was no one specifically set to be the Antichrist (I certainly did not want to be the Antichrist), that if he wanted me to, than I would offer myself as that person so as that no one else would have to be specifically condemned as that individual. I then told him that Abba made known to me that there was already someone for that position and it was not me.

To this Cain replied that he had met someone else who actually claimed to be the Antichrist and then Cain basically proved to that individual that, on the contrary, he definitely was not the Antichrist and that Cain himself was (I got the impression that this wanna be Antichrist ended up losing his marbles, in a manner of speaking).

The point is, in fact, that I know that I am the Male Child of the Apocalypse and Cain knows that he is the Antichrist and we both know that the prophecies concerning both must be, and will be, fulfilled during the tribulation and we are both aware of the fact that we will, in all probability, be meeting face to face during the tribulation.

The concluding proof, however, is in the names that we have both chosen for ourselves.

He has chosen the name HM King Marduk I as his title and, in so doing, he has claimed to be the original King of Babylon which, as you of course know, is the Antichristian Religion in the end days as described in Revelation 13, 17-18 and various passages in the Old Testament. This aught to be conclusive.

I have chosen my own name David which is described in Hosea, Jeremiah and Ezekiel as the Prince of the regathered Nation of Israel in the end days and into the Millennium and I have now added the suffix of Son of Y'shua ben Y'hava who, as you know, is the God of the Hebrew Christian Religion. Further, anyone who claims physical descent from Y'shua, can hardly deny his existence in the next breath, which is what the definition of Antichrist is, for he would be destroying his own foundation.


The Citizens of Kleinwalsertal Hello!

Citizens of the Kingdom of King Marduk

I must explain again the international laws of the past, for those who have been deceived since 1945; in reference to the country of Vorarlberg of Vienna; by the Vorarlberger criminal Government, criminal parliament etc., which have become adverse under the regime of Vorarlberg, though not existing since 1945.

Your population and businesses have stood, since the year 2001, in obligation or liability (its up to you if they want to pay twice) exclusively only to the Country King cathedral of Marduk ? into irrevocable obligation.

The income taxes are taken by the country King Cathedral of Marduk by rights, with its business fortunes as well as private fortunes included.

Now one already explained, publicly in all respects before as well as again today , that Kleinwalsertal has become, since 8 April 2001, part of the zone of the State of UKCW however, through a donation contract, juristictionally irrevocable, the KWT as well as Boy Wood etc. as far as you're concerned, has become, irrevocablly, part of the zone of the sovereign absolute monarchy country.

Walserin Beate Gruber is also, in all respects, aware of this, that they were transferred with inclusion of the KWT and thus, he has no authority over them.

Where the Walser fraud operated by the name of Werner Strohmaier previously, since 8.1.2001, its total income collected in private taxes are overdue and pay they will and must including all damages for this outrage.

The fascistful lying Lawyers in the KWT, in the words whispered in former times, they know that, some truths are not, some need not, some must not, be stated in Kleinwalsertal publicly.

They know, simply, that there are those who always lead behind the scenes, so that Sausgruber, Strohmaier, Vorarlberger government, its parliament, their parties etc. can continue to perpetrate this fraud.

Kleinwalsertal and the convenient population transfer thereof, since 8.4.2001, her clear nationality today belongs to the State of Kingdom OF Marduk, because its citizens were handed over. On the other hand the Vorarlbergers are, unfortunately, only pseudo citizens of the pseudo state of Austria, which alleged State of Austria, since 1945 on, is not Existent as a Legal State, and was adversely placed into the UN.

Now its head of state H.M. King Marduk I who has ensured for it that they have now, since 8.4.2001, clear facts managing, and the KWT has become for Bavaria, Vorarlberg, etc., like the European Union, a foreign country and a total European Union free zone.

The population locally, that is calling the Mayor Werner Strohmaier saying that they don't want it here, should know that he is, since 2001, set aside, because he did not have any say in the April 04 authentification, neither was there a local council present, neither a local administration (still another Vorarlberger institution) neither any national officials from the country of the Vlbg. under the KWT authority, neither an Executive Branch, Legislative, or Judicial from Vorarlberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels - here the State of Kingdom OF Marduk can introduce itself - the KWT such as Young Wood stands under the administration of H.M. King Marduk I., which governs the KWT from its residence seat, int. legally governed.

King Marduk 1ST acts in all justice with democratic control.

And a terminating word to the Tussi Beate Gruber - who yet so prettily can smile, but who is so incorrect in his person, like Strohmaier and Co!

We do not need to be governed remotely by the EU which is only a constitutional fascist headquarters of the Vatican and its European interests.

Best greetings to KWT and always if you have any questions on this, please send letters directly to :

King Throne of Marduk ? Gov. P. O. B 1167,72001 T?ns [present residence seat / address of the Country Chief].

The Supplement enclosed is the documented acknowledgements with the receipt of the document by the Vorarlberger State Government, with its office stamp as of 29.5.01 confirmed, and with the office stamp of the Republic of Austria ? Federal Ministry of the Interior 1010 Vienna Gentlemen Lane 7 as of 11.11.02 and the inclusion of the diplomatic note 6.11.02 confirmed by the Ferrero-Waldner Cabinet including Sausgruber's acknowledgement.

Now they are happy over the situation and the Raibakwt has now become the Country Bank of the Country King Throne of Marduk!

HM King Marduk 1ST : Country Chief


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HM King Marduk I


Well, King Marduk finally posted a picture of himself and he looks similar to Chuni in Egypt (who I thought, originally, might be Cain) but not enough to be positive.


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