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Topic: The Mortal Headwound?

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The Mortal Headwound?




Editor's Note : October 1, 2005 :

It was brought to my attention last night that, sometime shortly after I published the letter that King Marduk sent me, that some of the Insiders decided that they didn't like the fact that he laid claim to the most profitable bank in Central Europe, so they set out to take him out of the equation having the dual purpose of discrediting myself in the process.

I didn't think that they would be stupid enough to try this, after having read my posts on said individual, but today I went looking in the Headlines to see what I could find. The first thing I actually noticed was the Headline in the Australian called the Eternal Drifter, which I didn't connect to this subject at the time but now it seems much more than obvious however, this may have been posted yesterday before this subject was brought up - at least in my presence - but they themselves may have been kicking this subject around amongst themselves for a while and are the ones who brought it to my attention.

So, then I checked the contents and covers of Time magazine for the period in question as they certainly would have mentioned the event - my comments after the Headlines.

Before : Time July 18, 2005 :

Inside the Manhunt - following him around to set the trap
Mouse in Chief -they consider him a nobody amateur
The Man of Small Things - ditto
Rush Hour Terror - this isn't just about the bombing in London but the timing of the attack
Deadly Commute - same as above take him when he is enroute somewhere
A Jury of their Peers - he was found guilty by
Is this worth a Dam - possible location of disposal
Five History Books for the Beach -ditto most dam reservoirs have beaches
He's having a Ball - sarcasm
We now pronounce you... - dead
Take the Money and Run - they want that bank back
Curiouser and Curiouser - unanswered questions
Sorry, No Miracle - he ain't gonna make it
Al's New Friends - possible signature of the event in question
The Death of a Diplomat - self explanatory his diplomatic relations with several countries
Why, That's Ridiculous - that he was immortal they don't believe it

After : Time July 25, 2005 :

On the Spot - this word came up in three different periodicals for this exact time?
Tragic Majic - they would have had to have tranquilized him
Seven Sharpest Detectives - thats at least how many it would have taken
Future looks Grim, again -for him
The Best Defense - is a good offense - as in Offend, as in, you're dead
Doctors Orders - came from the top whoever that might have been
How the Tale Unfolds - we'll keep you posted
Unraveling the Plot - ditto
Unanswered Questions -who was that guy
You could lose an Eye -or more
Showdown - Insiders verses New King in Town
Feud - ditto
David's plea, Om with me - as in 'oops I made a mistake this really wasn't Cain
When Denial can kill - they made him an offer which he turned down
When a Governor shouldn't Moonlight - part of the set up
Road to recovery? - still nagged on their minds
Health Insurance - self explanatory
Rough Cut - ditto
Crossing the Pond - or reservoir
People to watch in International Business - i.e. not him anymore
Shutterbug Story - see next one
Sneak Peak at the Next Film - They video tape everything they do so that they can air it on some type of Insider Pay Per View Channel - that ain't no joke - how much do you think they had to pay to see the first plane hit the towers? Probably about a Million Ackers. This one was for free cause They Didn't Think that It Was Cain.

Now, none of the Headlines are really conclusive, either singularly or all together so I have no proof that this attempt was made on him at all. I checked my own Editorial page, to see what my enemies were up to at that time, and this was the time period when someone started sending me Coded Messages. The significance of this is that, if they 'killed' him, they may have tried to make contact with me, pretending to be him which I was contemplating on my way into the Library this morning, but I had forgotten about that little event.

So, it may be possible that they did, in fact, try to bump him off and, if so, then they have just succeeded in pissing off the Son of Apollyon, which would be a very, very bad mistake. Further, you would also have pissed off his Old Man, and on top of all that, you would have just called down the Curse of Cain on your own heads. You know, the one about Payback being Sevenfold which may be a reference to the Tribulation actually.

Thus, if this is true, his Seven Good Years are over and now his Seven Bad Years are about to begin. And if he is having a bad year, you can bet your bottom dollar that the rest of the World will as well. You want the proof? Well if we assume this to be the case, then it is probably a lot more than just coincidence that September 11, 2001 would have been the exact half way point of his seven good years, almost to the day, and would serve to be a symbol of the mid point of his seven bad years. I kinda doubt that they planned that one.

Perhaps that bomb blast in Ba'ali today was His signature.

It has been three years since the Last Bomb went off in Bali, so it isn't a common occurance. Bali means Ba'al which is Cain. Jimbaron, where one of the blast occurred, is a Beach resort and in Hebrew would mean Baron of the Sea, or Lake (as in Constance) or Large River like De' Nile. They even have Jason (Roth?) Child telling it like it is. It occured near the Four Seasons Hotel (as in, Eternal Warrior and what goes around comes around), and it may be of some interest to find out who owns that ball and Chain. The second bomb occured near Raja and in Hebrew would mean watering or moisture, poetically enough, and if you look alittle further it means strife or conflict and to plead as in, he is making you an offer and you had better plead for your life. It's beach is called Kuta which means to enclose or surround which is kinda self explanatory, and is connected to Burnt Sacrifices. And, is that Cain's Boy mentioning success three times in one sentence?

I'm sure its just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

But somebody sure is worried.

Editor's Note : October 3, 2005 :

The first thing that needs to be stated is that all of this may have been an attempt by my enemies to pull the wool over my eyes. However, if that were the case then today they would have either hinted that they had succeeded in discrediting me, or they would have said that they had accepted this person as their long heralded Messiah. The fact that they did neither leads me to believe that this event did occur, that they went looking for the 'body' and couldn't find it (the term 'pit' as a reference to said location came up twice - once on the Australian, as you can see at the URL's below and the other in the Pit Bull that has just been nominated which I will have more on below), and this has resulted in a rethinking of their strategy realizing that the "Curtain was up on the Black Pool" season or episode, although some people think he might have "faked it".

Thus it is that two separate articles made mention of Adam where the first one is implying that this person may be Cain who was descended, "A little bit of the old Adam" since Eve was created from his rib. The second article, authored by Phillip Adam, picked up here and said that this was "God's Gift to Extremism", which can be interpreted two ways. Either, this is bad news for the Insiders and they should get rid of the guy, or this could be exactly what the New World Orderlies have been waiting for. In this case, I believe both are true.

This is indicated with some of them "Defying the Bombers" and the "Manhunt" that is now on for the Bali Bomber, echoing, exactly, the Manhunt recorded in Time (above) just before the event in question, though some of them think their "Defiant Optimism is Delusional".

And, so it is that the Game begins (I imagine some of those headlines also apply and I will check them out when I get time), with some people, I believe, cheering for this person because of their Changing Ideology and seeing him as "Africa's Finest on his way to the Olympics" and some against and this has left some people feeling a little Depressed, because this war is "Unwinnable and for no good reason", but others think this situation is "Perfection, with optional nightmare" or, in other words, its only a nightmare if you make it so cause in their opinion, they can't lose and this is the man they have been waiting for.

Though some are astounded at the events which has earned him a "Premiereship" it hasn't made him the top "Kangaroo" (that would be Cain the Guru or Top Dog), or their Messiah, but he must prove himself in some way. And, specifically he must prove himself against his opposition, or those who tried to kill him or, the "Coach surviving with more helpers" and "Striking a Deal" and deciding upon taking a "Good Cop Bad Cop Stance" all of which means the Game is definitely afoot and the "Winner must be able to persuade his own side."

I have been accused of playing both sides so that they responded, "You can't live in safety if you cooperate with either side", to which I reply that I ain't cooperating with anyone other than Y'shua ben Y'hava and am solely "calling the shots" as I see them for everyones benefit or amusement, as the case may be. After all, everyone knows I can no longer be an unbiased Editorialist so I am just hanging around in the bleachers with the rest of ya'all since there is a conflict of interest in several different areas now, which a simple reading of my Crest will easily verify. I guess that makes me the undesignated Master of Ceremonies for this little 'game' huh. But you all are going to find out, some of you much too late, that it certainly is not a game. This will occur, approximately, when the Rider on the White Horse (that would be Cain) goes forth Conquering and to Conquer. Some of you will be under his feet in that little process.

Anyways, back to the task at hand. Those are the Headlines that seems to support this contention and now we can turn to Current Events. I want to say that, I don't know exactly how, but the events in Turkey and its bid to the EU may be connected to this somehow, but that remains to be seen. But there is one current event that actually sheds some light on this and serves to illustrate my point.

You will see if you look at the news today that, right out of the blue and for no logical or apparent reason, Dubya decided that he would nominate Meir to the position of Judge, which came as a total surprise to everyone. I knew, as soon as I saw that, that he picked her because of her name, as Valerie and I have proven on several other occasions. See her work on Symbols for more on this. It is also much more than interesting that the person who supposedly suggested Meir is none other than Reid, whom I mentioned in that post on Symbols - see the cartoon.

Now, the point is there is no reason for him to chose Meir who is only a Lawyer and has never been a judge and, regardless of what some may say, there is a complete difference in the two. Reid's own reasoning is that he thought they should have someone who wasn't stuck in an office for the last several years, pushing paper which, to me, is a perfect description of a Lawyer, so I guess I fail to see his rationale in that statement. Bush's own reasoning was that she would be better able to defend the Constitution than a Judge would be which, not only is an outright farce, it certainly doesn't make any sense to begin with. Now, all that said, I seriously doubt that they did this to continue a skam directed at myself, considering the importance of this position in the government and, since their own reasoning is unreasonable, then there must be another reason. That reason is in the name.

So, whats in a name?

Well, these people think that, via some type of mystical power in letters, symbols, words and specifically in names, that, if they can control this symbol, and arbitrarily apply it to another person, then they can control that person. This is actually a form of Voo Doo, but that's another story.

So, it just so happens that Meir is just another name for Mira or Mir which is the god of Babylon and is the prefix of the name Merodach (Duke of Mer) and Marduk (same thing) where Mer was the Spotted Dragon, the Morning Star which sired Cain who is otherwise known as Ba'al etc, all of which is explained further on this website.

Just like he tried to control me by nominating Roberts, he now believes that he can control Cain, by controlling Meir, just because it is a similar name to Mer. Or, more specifically, the person who gives him his orders believes this, whomever that may be. Further, if you look at the timing of the announcement you will see that there is more to this than meets the eye. The announcement of the nomination was made two hours before Roberts big day in court. Why would he want to overshadow his new boys hour in the spotlight with the announcement of another judge, if not to put more emphasis on Meir than on Roberts. In their little world of symbolic power, this means they consider the individual above to be more of a threat and in need of control, then myself.

And that means that they believe the above individual to be very real...

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