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Topic: The Golden Sword

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The Golden Sword


In 1996, while Comet Hyakutaki was at its closest approach on the Feast of Passover (type of freedom from chains) a Blood Red Lunar Eclipse occurred, when the Comet was in Perseus - the Breaker. Then, the very next year Comet Hale-Bopp, while at its closet approach, on the Feast of Purim (a type of a woman in chains) there was another Blood Red Lunar Eclipse while the Comet was in the Constellation of Andromeda - the Captive Woman.

The Mythology behind these two Constellations tells of Perseus the Hero coming and freeing Andromeda the Captive Woman before the Monster destroyed her. This is the story of the Rapture. The Whale or Monster, by the way, is paralysised at the time of the rescue, just as the World will be paralyzed at the time of the Rapture. And this event itself is after the "Strongman of the House" has been bound, referring to Satan and pictured by the head that Perseus holds in his hand which both comets passed through making an X right on the forehead of the enemy.

With this Symbolism in my mind, in the fall of 1997, after I had charted these two comets on my Constellation poster using red Dental Floss, I asked God for another comet to confirm the above symbolism of The Coming Marriage. I asked him to originate the third comet in the Constellation of Pisces Australis because this would make the originating point of all three comets Equidistant from each other. Then, to confirm the Rapture and Marriage Symbolism, I asked him to send it in or near Perseus the Breaker in the Spring of 1998. I was actually in the process of compiling a book that I was thinking about publishing at the time and gave out several copies to my family and co-workers as well as some well known people in the Ministry in the fall of 1997 before the comet was spotted.

In Mar of 1998 the SOHO Satellite picked up a New Comet as it rounded the Sun (1998J1), which they called The SOHO Comet. It originated in P.A. as I asked and skimmed just below the feet of Perseus in the Spring exactly as I had asked Abba, and any one who doubts this can check the trajectories out for themselves and and they will find that the originating points of these three comets - three years in a row - are spaced evenly from each other and the fact that these three comets were equidistant is itself proof of the existence of God.

Thus, with Hyakutaki a type of Y'shua and Hale-Bopp of the Bride, then this third comet, appropriately enough, is a type of the MaleChild, which is why it passed directly through Aldebarren in Taurus, and on May 23 was in the Constellation of Orion (which is Y'shua at the Return), with the Hilt of the Sword passing through "The Flame Nebula" and the tip of the Sword dipped in Eridanus - the Firery River of Judgment and thus this comet looked exactly like his drawn sword, which is what Israel and their leader (Aldebarren - the Governor) is called in the Old Testament ("Thou art my battle ax and every weapon of War"). Then it passed near Sirius the Prince (which is what Ezekiel and Jeremiah call this end times Male Child leader) and grew brighter as it did so and exited through Argo.

In the mythologies, the severed head of the gorgon dropped blood into the Soil and gave 'birth' to Pegasus (a type of the Holy Spirit upon which Y'shua and the Bride flee on - see Rev 19). But one other little known event is that there was also born a Male Child called Chrysaor - The Golden Sword - which is exactly what this comet looks like.

All this then, is a Sign of the End of this Age and the beginning of "The Age to Come" or The Kingdom.

The Rabbim have a legend that when a Comet passes through Orion that the Time of Jacob's Trouble is near and here we had two pass through this constellation two years in a row. If we were to use the 40 Year Probationary period from when these Comets passed by, then the Time of Jacob's Trouble would occur, roughly, around 2038 AD or so which, in accordance with my most recent Chronology, would be the very beginning of the Great Tribulation or the middle of the 70th Week of Daniel.

One thing to keep in mind is that this comet was a first time visitor and, for that reason, they could not get a trajectory on it. In other words, it could come back at any time. Now, a couple of years ago, I saw my comet in my mind's eye in the cold dark reaches of space as if it had just turned the corner and was returning our way for its second orbit of the sun. At the time I figured the orbital period would then be almost seven years one way or a total of 14 Years per orbital period and thus, this would place its next fly by around Spring of the year 2012 AD and placing its third flyby around 2026 AD, depending upon how much the sun effects its orbit and placing its fourth flyby precisely in 2040 AD which is exactly when I have calculated that the Return of Y'shua would occur - see my Journal Entry on this site called, The Times they are a Changing.


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