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Topic: The Sign of the Son of Man

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The Sign of the Son of Man


This may be what the sign of the Son of Man is and this comes from my recent thread on the Secret Societies use of the letter Q which was symbolized by the Crescent Moon and Star.

The point I brought out is that there is no way that there could be a star 'inside' the Crescent Moon as it is often pictured in the Sign unless it is referring to a Star between us and the Moon that becomes visible during an Eclipse which I then theorized may be the New Jerusalem on its final approach to the earth sometime around the time of the Sixth Seal and I also theorized that the antiquity of the Sign is a result of it having occurred when the New Jerusalem left the earth at the time of the flood and it may have been visible to Noah around two months after the flood or shortly after the rains had stopped.

You know what this is describing don't ya?

A Solar Eclipse with the New Jerusalem approaching between us and the Moon and you would have the fulfillment of that Sign.

I say this cause no matter how you look at it, none of the planets could be see 'inside' the moon as this Sign obviously is.

In my personal opinion this Sign is not referring to an occultation of a star by a Moon Eclipsing the Sun, but some type of 'star' between us and the Moon Eclipsing the Sun which, of course, under normal circumstances is impossible but at the end of the tribulation with the approach of the New Jerusalem, this would, theoretically be possible.

Might even be the Sign of the Son of Man, depending upon which Eclipse and when it occurs.

To me it would seem obvious that the Crescent Moon, Sun and Star were seen during an eclipse at the time the New Jerusalem left the earth and that accounts for the antiquity of the sign and, further, this could be reversed at the return of the New Jerusalem.

This prompted me to nail down my chronologies which I have done and it appears that the New Jerusalem will first be visible under the Sixth Seal Year which would be Yom Kippur 2038 AD. Just when it becomes visible still needs to be nailed down some more however, if we assume that the Pole Shift is not going to be radical enough to cause the eclipses to be visible other then in the Antarctica, then there is really only one or two choices for this eclipse - but I will check on the Pole Shift first, I think.

Now, per the outline in Matthew you have the end of the Great Tribulation followed immediately by the Sun being darkened and the moon not given its light and the stars fallen and the heavens shaken and then sometime after this, you have the Sign of the Sun of Man occurring in heaven. The problem is that the two eclipses below that occur in the winter are not visible from the Northern Hemisphere meaning it would be one of the ones that occur in the summer time a few months before the next Seal would break which, to some extent, would make sense.

This is very close to when the four angels are bound and the 144,000 sealed which would start - working back from when they are unbound - around Jan to Feb 2039 AD and I believe that there is only one eclipse that would qualify below.

Then, at that time the Kingdom of Heaven will be likened unto the Ten Virgins - meaning that there is still some amount of time to wait - that hour, day, month and year, more or less which would then further serve to indicate that time period for the eclipse.

I believe it is also at this time that the Pole Shift would occur during the Sixth Seal and I am gonna try and nail that down - this by the way is when David Lowe concluded that the Pole Shift occurs however, it is not devastating enough to destroy the cities of the world for that waits until the touchdown of the city itself on Nisan 14, 2040 AD.

The occurrence of the Sign in synonymous with the gathering of the Elect which, primarily, is referring to the 144,000 and that, if I am not mistaken, occurs under the Seventh Trumpet.

According to my chronologies, this will be Nisan 1, 2040 AD or around March and April of that year meaning the Sign should occur just around then.

Further, I have targeted the exact time of the Pole Shift occurring with the Seventh Seal, Trumpet and Vial which is Nisan 14, 2040 so none of the eclipses that are visible from Antarctica would be of any use as far as fulfilling the description of the Sign of the Son of Man and thus the only one that would apply - if any of them do - is the one on the Summer Solstice in 2039 AD.

And that is that.

It is interesting that it will be visible right smack dab in the middle of Alaska at that time which is something to keep in mind.

Might try and pick up a picture for reference. One can see from the second one that there is no doubt that the Crescent Moon is, in fact, the moon in the process of eclipsing the sun and this then leads to the obvious conclusion that placing a star in there would be impossible outside of what I have suggested and then all one would have to do is see just how ancient this symbol is and, further, it could be possible that this Sign was seen post flood when the city made a 'visit' to this solar system about every 900 years or so like it did at the time of Robert Curthose as explained in my post on the Flowers of History which is also contained in my post Xtreme.

Here is a Sumerian Crescent Moon and Star and, obviously, Sun circa 2200 BC which places you precisely at the time of the flood which is exactly what we would expect.

Thus, since the area is Nimrod's stomping grounds then this picture was probably carved by an Eye Witness which would be either Ham or his wife and you will also notice, when you compare it with the actual picture of an eclipse that follows including the star that I added, that this picture from Sumeria must have been seen before the earth tilted off its axis by 13* placing it, once more, around the time of the flood and which strongly supports my contention.

Also notice that the star in the carving has twelve rays which, then, throws out the belief mentioned by the article under the Symbol Q thread that this is either Venus or Saturn which didn't have this many rays and, in fact, a four sided equilateral pyramid could very easily supply exactly twelve rays, couldn't it.

See my post Xtreme for more on this.

I have noticed that the Crescent Moon from Egypt does not seem to include the star but I haven't looked all that closely which then, if the case, tells me it was Ham's wife who saw the sign cause she ended up marrying Nimrod who went to Sumeria after she was done with Ham who, of course, stayed in Egypt.


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