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Topic: The White Leopard

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The White Leopard


And a Bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines. And I will take away his blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth: and he that remains, even he shall be for our God, and he shall be as a Governor in Judah, and Ekron as a Jebusite...

My Heraldic Crests :

Both of my parents were big on ancestral information and my mother was able to trace our lineage back in time quite a ways. I was then able to take her information and obtain the family crest on both sides.

Howard Hill's Crest is a White Leopard Rampant with a Dukes Crown around its neck and spotted of all colors. The Back Ground of the Crest is Red. The Motto is "Per Dium et Ferrum Obtinui" and means, "By God and Strength Prevail" which I have modified and shortened to Theoferrum - Godsteel in one of my posts.

Now, the Leopard, apparently denotes the son of a King through an adulterous union (see post The Tabernacle of David). However, the fact that the Leopard is Crowned with a Dukes Crown shows that the individual himself was not illegitimate, but was descended from someone who was illegitimate who then went on to become the rightful king; otherwise this individual would not have been given the right to bear the Dukal Crown (a duke is basically a King's Nephew or Grandson, more or less). Also, in the Heraldry of the Time, white was a sign of purity once again showing that this White Leopard descended from a illegitimate King that had been legitimized through Adoption. The only King in the Chronology that I am aware of that could possibly be the source for this 'contradiction' would be William the Conquerer.

So it is that William the Conquerer was also known as William the Bastard for his adoptive father the King was in Normandy in Exile at the time, and friends with Robert 1 who was William's sire, and he chose to place his Boy, that is to say, his friends illegitimate son, William, on the Thrown which he in fact did (interestingly enough, all this information came to my attention while the celebrations were going on in Normandy this weekend - June 4-6, 2004) - some may find this hard to believe however, real loyalty is thicker then blood. This, then, through adoption into the Zara Lineage, voided William's illegitimate origins and made him the legal King of The Zara Throne and not the Davidic Throne as some now claim, even though it appears that William was, in fact, directly descended from King David. He then proved his right to the Zara Throne through conquest of his enemies, thus solidifying his adoption.

Subsequently to this, his direct descendant, Richard the Lion Heart, ascended the throne. He bore three lions on his Shield, but after his captivity to the Austrian, he changed his lions into Leopards with his grandfather in mind. And, in fact, this shows us the source for the "half lions and half leopards" that the subsequent Kings have in their Crests showing their 'right to the throne' however, I have shown that there is no Scriptural authority for them to claim this as the lineage they claim is just not there and they are, in fact, nothing more than the House of Jehu. So, then, sometime after William, one of the Dukes was granted this Leopard Rampant with the Dukes Crown, and this shows my direct lineage right back to the Bastard King.

Nothing else explains that Crown around the Rampant Leopard.

The Red background of this Crest is the connection to the Zara lineage. Further is that I can also use the Leopard to represent my descent from Ephraim (see below) whose mother was an Egyptian Princess. This, by the way, helps to resolve the question of how (if Israel is God's Chosen People - which they are), that the Lord calls Egypt "My People" in Isaiah 19:25.

My mothers crest is a White Eagle with Wings displayed (exactly as the American Eagle). The Back ground is Blue and the Eagle wears the Olive Branch as a Garland around its neck. Now there is some question as to the lineage involved as my ancestor, Governor Thomas Roberts was descended from one John Roberts of Wolastone however, at least three sites support the current research and show that John was Thomas' grandfather, and not father as some suppose. Further, all the Roberts listed in Burkes seem to be interrelated. Their Crests are a Lion Rampant, a Arm grasping a Sword, an Eagle Rampant and an Stag with some of these Crests combined in several families (Lion and Stag etc). Further, if you look at the first three crests you will see that all of them have been used in Royal Lineages with the fourth, the Stag, being a reference to one of the tribes (Asher?) and which was, basically, the Emblem of the Sarmatians which I had one time shown were assuredly the Third and Final Wave of Assyrian Exiles from Samaria - hence their name. The Roberts from Gloucester, where Woleston is, bear the Rampant Lion as their Crest.

The Eagle apparently shows connection back to Dan and the Olive Branch would be to Ephraim.

What is interesting is that, supposedly, Joseph, while in Egypt, chose the Griffin (Lion/Leopard with Eagles wings) as his symbol and that is what you have when you combine the Crests of my two lineages (and of further interest is the William the Conquerer appears to be symbolized as a Winged Lion several times on the Bayeus Tapestry).

As far as the verse at the top of the post : How many people do you know that can prove from their crests that they are a direct descendant from a Bastard King. In fact, this allows me Scripturally to claim the Title Prince David, which is true of no other Crown Prince of the Anglo-Saxon or Judaic world, that I know of. The word Duke that is used in the Word is the exact same word in the verse above as "Governor".

And they shall dwell in the land that I have given unto Jacob my servant, wherein your fathers have dwelt; and they shall dwell therein, even they, and their children, and their children's children for ever: and my servant David shall be their Prince for ever. Jer 30:9 But they shall serve Y'hava their God, and David their King, whom I will raise up unto them. Hs 3:5 Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek Y'hava their God, and David their King; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days.

Further is that if you will look on a map you will see that Ashdod (New Testament - Azotus) mentioned in the verse at the top of the post, is located in the tract of land that belongs to the Prince (Ez 48:21).

Believe it or not, like it or not, but you just saw the fulfillment of a 2600 year old prophecy...

"A General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland" John Burke, Esq, Published by Edward Churton, Holles Street, Cavendish Square, London, 1842

"Hill (Heligan, co. Cornwall; Hill's Court, co. Devon; Hampshire, Lincolnshire, and Somersetshire; the Hills of Heligan descended from Sir John Hill of Kenston, co. Somerset). Gu. a saltire, vaire, betw. four mullets ar. Crest - A demi leopard ar. spotted of all colours, ducally gorged or."

"Roberts (Glassenbury, co. Kent; descended from the marriage of Stephen Roberts, temp. Richard II.with the dau. and heiress of William Tyllye of Glassenbury. Their descendant, Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassenbury, was created a Baronet 3 July, 1620). Az. on a chev. ar. three mullets sa. Crest - An eagle displ. ar. gorged with a chaplet vert."


Welcome to my World...

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