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Topic: The Thirteenth Tribe : The Number of Ephraim

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The Thirteenth Tribe : The Number of Ephraim


Some are familiar with the Ten Lost Tribes subject, otherwise known as British-Israelism. For those that are not, you can find info on this subject on the web, for further research.

The British-Israeli theory, has been maligned by many people and, though they do contain some false views (the Jews in Israel are not really Jews), the majority of their belief's are not unscriptural at all.

There was a Civil war in Israel, and the Ten Northern Tribes, led by Ephraim, rebelled against the Two Southern Tribes (plus Levi), led by Judah. In the Bible, the Ten Northern Tribes ended up being called Ephraim or Israel. The Two Southern Tribes ended up being called Judah, or the Jews.

Then, God brought the Assyrians against Ephraim, and scattered them to the four winds, which they have been following to this day. It is predicted in the Word, that in the end times, that God would take away the animosity of Ephraim towards Judah, and that He would reunite the Two Nations, back into One Nation, as they were under David and Solomon. This has still to take place.

God then sent the Babylonians to scatter Judah. However, it was predicted of Ephraim that he would 'lose' his identity. But Judah was always to know who he was. In fact, the world wouldn't let him forget. So, where ever Judah went, the world always persecuted him-The Jews. Their bloodline has been written on the pages of our History Books. The majority of the Jews in Israel today, are the physical descendants of Judah, Benjamin and Levi, with a couple of the other tribes in there as well. And also, all Twelve tribes were represented in Israel at the time of Y'shua, however it was in the form of pilgrims mostly. The Greeks, in the Gospels and Acts, are part of the Ten Lost Tribes, not gentiles.

So, Ephraim has been wandering around for about 2700 years, and has "Forgotten" who he is (Manasseh means forgot). It is to be expected that in the very near future, Ephraim will Wake Up to his Heritage, and this is even happening now.

Now, most people who teach this theory believe that Britain is Ephraim, and America is Manasseh. But they really have no support for this. They make the claim that Manasseh was the 13th tribe, and have not one shred of evidence that this is the case.

Joseph was the 11th tribe. He was chosen by Jacob to be the firstborn, so he was given a double portion. This resulted in Joseph's two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, being given equal status with their uncles, in place of Joseph. Manasseh was born first, but Jacob chose Ephraim over Manasseh. Now, Manasseh probably took place number 11, which belonged to his father, and Ephraim took position number 13, for he was last born.

The confusion is that, in the process of blessing Ephraim, Jacob crossed his hands, as if prophetically establishing this confusion. However, this does not change the order of birth, and so 13 goes to Ephraim. America is of course famous for this number. The original 13 colonies.

Also, if you look at the blessings of Joseph by Jacob and Moses, you will see that America has received the Lions Share of each one, and that means that we are Ephraim.

As well, speaking of double fulfillment; Ephraim rebelled against Judah, and in fact, is known for his Rebellion. And America is known for our Rebellion against England. This would have been pictured in the personal lives of Manasseh and Ephraim. At some point in time, Ephraim rebelled against his older brother Manasseh, who was probably seeking to keep him in submission, so that he could 'claim' the birth right. However, nature took its due course, and Ephraim did indeed become greater then Manasseh. And you will find the same fulfillment in the history of America against England.

There are a lot of other things that support the teaching of the Ten Lost Tribes. I personally asked about 5 rabbi's what they thought about this, and without exception, they all agreed that the Ten Lost Tribes are out their somewhere, and that in the end days, God will restore them to Israel. They do not believe that the Jews are the Ten Lost Tribes. The question is, if America is not Ephraim, then where is he? Look at the Blessing of Jacob to Joseph, which was specifically stated to be for the end days, and ask yourself what nation on this earth now fulfills this prophecy if not America.

The English language has been proven to be predominantly based from the Hebrew, more then just through association. The amount of Hebrew used in our root language can only come from a distant Relationship.

The Heraldic Crests of the Anglo-Saxons are exactly the same as the Ancient Israelites. This is an exact science, and can be used in a court of law, and they are the only nation that can claim this. As of right now, this is the strongest proof that we are Ephraim.

The migratory pass of the tribes, in the course of their dispersion, has been traced thanks to a Assyrian Monument that was in three different languages. The Scythians were the Ten Northern Tribes. This has been proven from the Monument! Modern archaeologists don't want to admit this, gaining most of their history from the Romans, but it is true none the less.

There are also other names that have been proven to be the Israelites, as they migrated past the Black Sea, into northern Europe, where they settled into the British Isles. Dan is the easiest to pick out. Danube, Danmark etc. His name is scattered all across northern Europe.

Now, the majority of them ended up in the Isles. However, other parts of the Tribes were scattered to the four winds. it is my belief that they would have went in the direction that their camps were originally facing. Ephraim, Manasseh and Benjamin were 'Headed' West. And all of them will be reunited with Judah sometime in these end days.

More circumstantial evidence is that God used us to come to the aid of the Jews during WW II. And along those same lines, America is still about the only friend that Israel has. I hope that America will always be Israel's Best Friend.

Our standard of measure by 12. Inches to the foot etc arrows in a quiver. Why do we continue to use this 'awkward' system, when even Israel has gone metric? And why do American's routinely circumcise their sons? Is it just for medical reasons? If so, then why don't other nations follow this practice?

Why did the founding fathers of this country almost make Hebrew the National Language?

There is more, but this is all I can remember right now. It is worth checking out on the web. And I will end with this. I repeat: If America is the first country judged after the Rapture, that proves that we are Ephraim (and not Babylon).

For, "Judgment Begins at the House of God!"


In the very complex issue of identifying the Ten Lost Tribes, the debate has centered around Britain and America. Because of the prominence that both of these countries have experienced in the past and continue to experience today, it is obvious that these are the two sons of Joseph - Manasseh and Ephraim - who were exalted to equal positions with their uncles making a total of Thirteen Tribes of Israel.

The biggest question is, which one is which. The debate was actually foreshadowed when Jacob crossed his arms and blessed Joseph's two sons which resulted in the confusion that continues to this day.

One of these two took Joseph's slot at number 11 (or possibly 12 as some say) and the other would have taken the last slot at 13. If it can be shown which of the two sons took the 13th slot, then the debate on their identities can be conclusively settled and we can move on to the weightier matters of the regathering of the tribes in these end days.

What is certain and not debated at all is the fact that the number 13 is branded on the Nation of America, as all admit. Not only in our National Crests but also some of the State crests also display this 'unlucky' number.

The order of birth of the sons of Israel would pinpoint slot number 13 to Ephraim and this is the greatest argument in favor of the teaching that America is Ephraim.

However, this has been questioned by the other camp in that the crossing of the hands by Jacob indicates that Ephraim would have actually taken the 11/12th slot and thus 13 went to Manasseh.

Archaeological evidence can not conclusively prove either position, so we seem to be at a stalemate on this subject, unless we can find further proof from the Word of God in this matter which would be the most authoritative source in the debate.

That proof can be found easily in the book of Revelation chapter 12 and the Sign of the Male Child when compared with its mate in Genesis 37.

In this latter passage the father of these two boys had two dreams. The first was the 11 sheaves that bowed down to worship Joseph's sheaf. This vision was fulfilled in the Seven Year Famine that the World experienced where his eleven brothers in fact did journey down to Egypt and bowed down to Joseph.

Note particularly that in this first vision there is no reference to his father or mother worshiping him and, in fact, when Jacob journeyed to Egypt he did not bow down to Joseph and Joseph's mother was already dead and could not do so. This is the precision of the Word of God.

His second vision, therefore, was also a prophecy of the future, to be fulfilled in one of his descendants. In that vision the Sun, Moon and 11 Stars bowed down to Joseph. Jacob himself interprets the dream for us and equates the Sun with himself, the Moon with Joseph's Mother and the 11 stars with his brothers. Here, then, is the key to properly interpreting the Sign in Revelation 12.

The Woman would be the Nation of Israel in the end days. The Sun and Moon, therefore, would be referring to a father and mother figure in Israel in the end days and, using the context of the Book itself, must be referring to the Two Witnesses.

If they are Moses and Elijah, then this makes perfect sense for Moses was the 'Father Figure' in Israel's History at its founding and Elijah was a 'Mother Figure' that nursed Israel through their apostasy and into revival. And, in keeping with Jacob's interpretation the 12 Stars would, therefore, be the sons of Israel and, in context with the Book itself, must be referring to the 144,000 from each of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

The significance is simply this. This means that the Male Child born would be the 13th star and tribe represented by the birth itself in the end days. And this is confirmation that it is the order of birth that determines that position. Therefore, all we have to do is identify, from the context, which tribe is not mentioned in the list in Revelation 7 and we will know which tribe the Scriptures identify as the 13th tribe in these end days.

You will see that in the list Manasseh is mentioned and is, therefore, not the 13th Tribe. And, in fact, there are only two names left out of the list and that is Dan and Ephraim. Therefore, one of these two tribes is the 13 Star and Tribe of the end days. It really is that simple.

The fact that Ephraim is a descendant of Joseph itself proves which of the above two is the 13th star and tribe for, the original dream was given to Joseph and will, therefore, be fulfilled in one of his descendants. Further is the fact that Ephraim himself is the Firstborn tribe (Jer 30-33) and is, obviously, the one represented as such in this very Sign of the Male Child.

Concerning the various conflicting lists of the tribes that some may use to argue this point, it needs to be stated that most of them only list 12 tribes and are, therefore, of no use in identifying the 13th tribe and further, they are in reference to land grants and the distribution of the tribes around the Camp and thus also of no value in determining the 13th tribe. And finally, it is the birthrite itself which is in question and that was originally given to Joseph and from their to Ephraim and the only two passages that address that birthrite via the birth order of the tribes are the ones presented here and, therefore, would be the only ones that would have any authority in a legal proceeding concerning the Birthrite.

Conclusively, I might add.

The Sign of the Male Child was a necessary revelation by the Holy Spirit in order to identify this Lost Nation in the end days and is consistent with the Revelation given to Joseph of the same. And, when taken together they show that the thirteenth tribe of Israel by order of birth is the Nation of Ephraim destined to produce the Male Child of the Apocalypse and to fulfill prophecy in these end days.

And that thirteenth tribe is the Nation of America...

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