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Topic: The Errors of British Israelism

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The Errors of British Israelism


This topic falls under different headings, and several different groups ascribe to this teaching, in various forms. The most common one is known as British-Israelism. We also know that the Mormons also teach their own version of this. And also, among the Church of God, there are also many that hold to this teaching.

Among these groups and many others, there is some truth, mixed in with some error. Because of this, many people dismiss this teaching out-of-hand, as I myself did the first couple of times that I heard of it. But this is throwing the baby out with the bathwater, and eventually, too many facts were presented for me to continue to ignore it. So, I would like to summarize here for you, what I have learned and the conclusions that I have come to, over the last ten years or so.

First though, I want to spell out three prominent errors of the different groups that subscribe to this theory.

The first major error that many of these people teach, is that the Jews in Israel and the rest of the world are not really Jews. Of course, those who teach this claim to be God's chosen people in their stead. However, this teaching is completely wrong, and in antagonism against the revealed Word of God.

As I have said before, the Bloodline of the Jews can be traced across the pages of our History books. Everywhere that this people has gone, they have been persecuted solely because of their physical ancestry. Regardless of what others say, this proves that they are God's people, and it also proves that the Mosaic Covenant is still in effect in regards to God's People. Because, in God's Word, He promised the nation of Israel, that where ever they find themselves, if they would obey His Word, that He would bless them, so much so, that the nations of the world would know that they were His people.

As well, in the Mosaic Covenant, He goes on to say, that if they disobeyed Him, that He would curse them, so much so, that all the nations would also know that they were God's covenanted people. Thus, the Jews in Israel, and the rest of the world, are in fact God's Chosen People, and always will be, for if God was no longer interested in the physical descendants of Abraham, then they would not be persecuted everywhere they went.

The next error that some teach is that the British Throne in England, is the real Davidic Throne. However, this teaching is also in direct antagonism with the Word for a couple of reasons. First is that the Davidic throne, according to the Word of God, is currently in a broken down state, that will continue until the Messiah (who we know to be Y'shua) arrives. This is spelled out several times in the Old Testament, which a casual reading will show.

As well, it has been shown by George N.H. Peters, and other prominent authors, that the throne of David can only be located in only one spot, and that is in Jerusalem. If there is some truth to the royalty of England being descended from David (there is actually many archaeological facts pointing to this), then they can only be said to be ruling in Exile. I won't go into all those facts here, as that would take up to much time and space (as well I have given most of my books away), but I will go on to say this.

There is much ancient historical evidence that comes to us from out side the Roman Empire, that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, the identity of the ten lost tribes. But this evidence has been totally ignored by the worlds historians, who have received their histories from the roman empire. If people would realize this, then that would open up a flood of information concerning the time frame that the lost tribes became lost, and then there would be no doubt to the identity of these peoples. The roman empire is no more accurate at describing history, then the Assyrians, or any other ancient people, and all archaeological evidence is just that, evidence. But the greatest evidence is that contained in the Word of God, which will be the subject of my next post. So, for now, you will have to bare with me.

Now, along with this Throne of David thing, it needs to be understood, that when Israel had the civil war that divided them up, that God brought the Assyrians against the northern tribes, and dispersed them into all the world. Well, in that dispersion, there were people that were descended from the tribe of Judah amongst them.

And also, along this line, God, at least twice in the Old Testament, offered a Kingdom to the Northern nation, ruled by Ephraim, that would rival the Throne of David. Now, this was never fulfilled in the Old Testament, due to the sins of the kings of the north, however this offer was also never revoked, and it is to be assumed, that at some point in time, that this offer would be realized in the life of that nation. It is possible that the British Monarchy is the fulfillment of this. It should also be noted, that the Throne of David in the lives of David and Solomon, was much more glorious then anyone ever realizes. It was, in their time, a world power. And there is much evidence to show that Solomon had mines here in the New World, supplying him with raw materials for his kingdom.

Finally, the last major error that these people teach (Mormons and some from the Church of God), is that at some time in the future, each saved person will become a God, even equal to God. This is the impression that I get from some of their material, and it is blasphemous to even suggest this, but that is what they do.

Those from the Church of God use the Lords Priestly prayer in John, to claim this. They say that since Jesus prayed for us to 'be one with them, even as they [the God Head] are one' that this means that we are going to become One with God and actually become God. This is of course the lie of the serpent, and it needs to be repented of, from those who believe it.

So, these are the three main errors that need to be avoided in the quest for the truth on the ten lost tribes, and I would repeat that I asked about 5 rabbis what they thought about this theory, and without exception they all said that they believe that the ten lost tribes were out there somewhere and that in the end days that they would be brought back to Israel. I myself don't think that it will be every single one of them, but that it will be a goodly portion from every tribe. I believe that the rest will stay in their respective countries, to rule them during the Mill.


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