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Topic: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah

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The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


This is something that I stumbled over when I was researching the Mark of Mithras, if memory serves, and I had it all typed up but ended up deleting it so I decided that I would recompile it today, for what it is worth.

The original would have been much better, but I will summarize all this here - coinciding with me reacquiring my ID here in California for the first time in about seven years.

The story about Peter wanting to pay the Temple Tax and Y'shua's mild 'rebuke' at him because they were free citizens of the Theocratic Kingdom also led Y'shua to provide that Tax using a Silver Stater - per Strong's Concordance but I suspect it could possibly have been a Gold Stater just as well.

Now, everyone assumes that Y'shua had provided a Roman Stater to pay this tax to the Temple however, I believe that, in fact, he used a Celtic Stater because the Celts were, in fact, part of the Ten Lost Tribes and, in this way, Y'shua would also have been hinting to the Priests that if he wanted to, he could field an Army on the Frontiers from the nations of the Ten Lost Tribes to challenge the might of the Roman Empire since he was the Messiah and King of Israel. This because the leaders of the nation were fearful for their positions of authority due to the 'waves' that they felt Y'shua was making. They already knew he had a huge following in Parthia - also part of the Tribes - because the Magi that had visited him at his birth had done so as a Political Statement that sent shock waves through the Roman Empire at the time - the Parthians had previously kicked the Romans out of Palestine only forty years previously - and thus, Y'shua was presenting the fact that, as their Theocratic King he could present an Army on all fronts capable of overthrowing the Roman Yoke and leaving the leaders of Israel with absolutely no excuse for refusing to acknowledge him as their Messiah and repent which, of course, they failed to do. The proof that he was using a Celtic Stater as opposed to a Roman one was in their questioning if he was going to go to the "lost tribes scattered abroad" per the Gospel of John.

As far as I can tell, there were two Celtic Silver Staters of the time period in question circa 30 AD :

Dobunni Silver Stater, 15-30 AD, Not in Van Arsdell

Verica Circles Silver Stater, AD 10-40, lion facing right

If he was going to send a message with the very image of the coin itself, which I find likely, either one would do for the first bears the war horse and the second bears the image of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.


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