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Topic: The Road to Babylon

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The Road to Babylon


6 Oct 2001

I heard an American expert on the public radio the other day say something that made me stop and think. He said, concerning the Asian countries, that if we are to open the market potential of these countries and lift them out of their economic situation, that "The Old Roads" would have to be "Opened Up."

A little light went on, and the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. You see, if they were planning on rebuilding Babylon, the Old Road from Africa would run along the Med coast right through Israel. And the Old Road from Europe would run right through the Balkan Peninsula Countries, and finally, the Old Road (The Silk Road) from the Asian Countries would run right through Afghanistan and specifically right through Kabul (via the Khyler Pass)!

The three hottest spots on the face of the earth, all lead back to Babylon. So, all these people have died, and all these ethic groups have been persuaded to kill each other and the superpowers are now picking their sides, all so a bunch of bankers could build a road.

Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside, don't it?

Regardless of what anyone may think to the contrary, when we know that Saddam has been rebuilding Babylon, and has been doing construction work on the Euphrates, including dredging the mouth of the river, and when we realize that the Economic and Religious and Political Babylonian Empire is going to be restored in the end times (specifically at the opening of the first seal with the rise of the fourth beast of Daniel in the first half of the trib), then it is not much of a stretch of the imagination to realize that they will want their city rebuilt (especially if the Antichrist turns out to be who I think it is).

So, the Babylonian Bankers of Western Europe 'persuaded' Russia to pave the road through Afghanistan and they failed, so now they have 'persuaded' the Americans to give it a go. This does not bode well for the Taliban, who should realize that Bin Ladin is being used by the western bankers (and hence has ceased to be their 'guest') and tell him to leave, if they want their government to survive. However, even if they did this, the bankers would probably find someone else to 'pave the way' to Babylon, probably China.

The Balance of Power is a very precarious thing...


Welcome to my World...

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