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Topic: The NATO Nightmare

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The NATO Nightmare


David Hill 22 Aug 2001

As far as the UN becoming the end times global government. Many people believe this, which is the reason for my posts - not to 'focus' on any one person and their teaching, but to direct people in the right direction so as to be able to identify the Antichrist when he arises.

Now, I know of no global government in the history of mankind that didn't print its own money. The UN has been in existence for over 50 years, and as far as I can tell, they have absolutely no plans of minting their own currency. Right now the 'breadwinner' of the UN is the United States. If anything happens to the US Dollar (and it will) then the UN will be bankrupt just like us. It is that simple.

The EU has already latched their currency and got it up and running and worked all the bugs out of it, and next year it becomes a permanent arrangement in the common market countries.

As well, all the gold in the world (for all practical purposes), has passed from each nation, over the 'threshold' of Europe (Brussels) and is now safely in a bank in Switzerland.

JFK Jr himself, shortly before his death, verified that all the gold in ft. Knox is no longer there and he would know. Because of the banking crises in the other countries of the world, most recently the Asian, the IMF has 'relieved' all these other countries of their gold, and it is now sitting over in Europe.

Editor's Note : November 5, 2013 Anno Domini : Only exceptions being Iran and Syria.

On top of that, the Catholic Church is in the process of minting its own Euro's, not its own Uno's, which should tell you quite a lot, considering the size of the financial empire called the Catholic church.

However, the real kicker is this. It is a known fact (though not well known) that the Gold of the world is currently being artificially suppressed. Because of this, the Euro, as the only currency backed by Gold, is also being artificially suppressed. When the US economy goes into a global depression, gold is going to skyrocket, literally overnight, and this will propel the Euro right to the top. And then every country in the world, to get themselves out of the depression, will pretty much bow down to Europe for those golden euros.

Now, the other critical system to any 'global government' is to have a standing army capable of enforcing its will on all the nations of the earth. The UN does not now, nor will it have "in the near future" an army capable of enforcing its laws on the world. Pretty clear isn't it.

Now, one little bit of info that I just realized is this. Europe already has a powerful standing army that has been in existence for over 50 yrs, and has 'streamlined' itself into a very capable fighting machine.

It is called NATO. The political office is located in the big 'quadrangle' building located in Brussels near the Atomiom, and which supposedly holds that computer system called the beast. The Military headquarters of NATO is located at S.H.A.PE. (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe - where I was stationed in the air force for 1.5 years) in Mons, Belgium on the very track of land that the "Angels of Mons" appeared and frightened the Germans during the war thus routing them and aiding the allies to victory (and hinting to those that aren't asleep that maybe america is Ephraim).

There are 16 countries represented there, fourteen of which are European. If anything were to happen to the US Stewardship of NATO (and it will) then the whole military machine - lock, stock and barrel - would pass ipso facto into EU control and not the UN control. Does anyone other then me see the significance of this little arrangement. Just imagine if there were another Hitler out their waiting in the wings for this little baby to fall into his lap.

So, in theory, if they realize this potential bonanza (and I can assure you they do), then you can expect the Rich Little Babylonian Bankers of Western Europe, will try and figure out a way to 'acquire' that Military Machine. If they already had done all this 'thinking' then what they would do is have a qualified individual establish a 'European Security Force' infrastructure that would be capable of handling NATO when America 'resigns' from the position.

You would want to have someone who was intimately acquainted with NATO, who knows the troops (preferably someone who has 'earned his spurs' and who the troops respect) and who knows NATO inside out. You could then give him a budget and have him establish the infrastructure that can handle NATO when the 'crises' that topples America from this pedestal occurs and then BOOM just like that Babylon is Back and it's Bad and armed to the teeth with the most powerful currency and standing army in the world.

Now, the 'crisis' would be 'precipitated' is such a way so as to leave Europe without a scratch. So, what these crafty bankers would try and do is to get Russian and China and the Americans to fight against each other (Kinda the Catholic - Muslim - Orthodox situation except on a bigger scale which makes no difference to them as its nothing personal, just a matter of The Bottom Line) , because they are the only 'contenders' for the position of global ruler.

Then, once they have attacked each other and weakened themselves enough, then the EU would be the only one able to 'rule the world'.

Assuredly this is what is being planned. And, unfortunately, it appears that it may be what occurs, for if you look at Hosea 13 you will see this very description, which I talked about in the last series of posts. And by the way, in that passage the word Lion appears twice. The Biblical Hebrew does not differentiate between a Lion and a Tiger, so I am quite sure that the first lion is actually an Asian Tiger.

Editor's Note : November 5, 2013 Anno Domini : The one who ends up getting control of NATO will assuredly be the nation of Turkey, one way or another.

Who is like unto the Therion and who is able to make war with him...

You know, some people are in a tare that the US has, through the years, built up the militarys of certain groups that are now turned against us (Iran, Irag, the Taliban, Bin Laden etc). But think about this for a bit.

We built NATO , and gave them our Equipment and Weapons and Aircraft and Tactics and Classified Information and just about every other thing you can think of to 'remain competitive' as a modern army.

And they know everything about us. They know who are best pilots are (and where they live), who our Military Advisors and Officers are (and where they live), they probably know who are spies are (and where they live) and assuredly they know what bunkers our politicians will head for and probably how to gain access to the same, if the 'need' ever arose.

As well, the possibility is great that the Crypto equipment that NATO uses is identical to the equipment that our government uses which leads to the very real possibility that all our classified communications are compromised from the get go.

They know our every strength and weakness and probably how we would respond in any given situation. And, comparatively speaking, we know absolutely nothing about them. For the entire cold war period and since the fall of the wall, we have been concentrating on Russia and China and never once imagined the possibility that our closest ally could also be our worst enemy.

If an emergency arose in Europe putting Solano or someone like him in total control of NATO, then what exactly is to stop them from turning it against the US like they did to the Balkans?

Remember those missiles down in New Mexico (the location of Los Alamos and several air force bases which would be logistically important in any invasion - New Mexico would be centrally located in this regards to a land invasion from Mexico and assuredly they have several other centrally located staging points scattered around the country)? They are there for a reason (other then landscaping).

We worry, rightfully so, about all the classified information that was handed over to the Russian's and Chinese compliments of the Clinton's and forget totally that NATO basically already has this information and more besides.

If we were forced to fight a war against NATO (especially if backed by the other "Beasts of the Field") we would be in a world of hurt. Some people out there think that our Government imposing Martial Law would be bad. Well, let me tell you this : a War with NATO would be our worst nightmare.

And after our fall, no one would be able to make war with the Beast...

Thought you all might be able to sleep better knowing that we also armed NATO with Nukes...

Foreign Bases where Nuclear Weapons are Deployed

Aviano AB, Italy

Incirlik AB, Turkey

RAF Lakenheath, UK

Ramstein AB, Germany

Spangdahlem AB, Germany

* Additionally, nuclear bombs are stored at Kleine Broegel AB, Belgium; Buechel AB, Germany; Araxos AB, Greece; Ghedi-Torre AB, Italy; and Volkel AB, Netherlands.


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