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Topic: Mystery : Babylon

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Mystery : Babylon


And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery : Babylon the Great the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. And the angel said unto me, Wherefore did you marvel? I will tell you the Mystery of The Woman...

I wanted to add some more information to my posts on the identity of the real end times Babylon. In the above translation you will see that I have replaced the comma after Mystery and placed a semi colon in its place. I did this for a reason. Many people use this word to say that the end times Babylon is going to be a 'spiritual' one and then apply these passages to whatever group they feel fits the facts. However, the Ancient Greek Grammar allows no such application for the simple reason that this word (Strong's 3466), if it were a name would be spelled differently (which is why the KJV includes the comma).

Thus, this is referring to a Mystery concerning Babylon the Great, as the latter part of the above quote makes clear from the context. The Angel is going to show John the Mystery concerning Babylon. This allows no spiritual application regardless of how many people do so.

Thus, again, if you take all the clues as to the identity of this woman, you can only come to one conclusion, and that is that the ancient city and empire is going to be rebuilt as I have stated many times. And I have included many points on current events etc, which shows us that they are planning on doing just that. And, in fact, might it be possible, that all the Weather Modification is to make the Mesopotamian Plains the Fertile Crescent once again?

To further support this, I remind everyone that John specifically stated that he was taken out into the Wilderness to see this city. This can only be the plains of Shinar as previously stated, which is subsequently confirmed by Ezekiel 19, where the King of Judah is taken to Babylon which is then called "The Wilderness" (vs 9 and 13). Remember that Ezekial specifically stating that this had already been done and this then is not a prophecy but a literal description of ancient Babylon, and thus the reference in Revelation is all the more conclusive.

So, to summarize : Babylon (which has always been inhabited to this day) was never destroyed by fire as predicted, including that they wouldn't reuse the bricks which they have done (Is and Jer). Zechariah tells us after the overthrow of Babylon by the Medes and Persians (which some say is its 'destruction') it will have its house rebuilt on its own base on the Plains of Shinar, which is exactly what Daniel 4 tells us, after the Seven Times (of the Church) pass over it. Jeremiah calls it Chaldea and the Land of the Chaldeans, as does Isaiah. Jeremiah and John both link it to the Euphrates, and both say that it sits on Many Waters of the Eurasian crossroads.

It is called Babylon by all the prophets who speak of it including here in John as a proper grammatical interpretation makes clear, and especially in the succeeding verses where it is called simply Babylon with no more mystery attached. It was built, as John says, on the Seven Mountains that surround the Mesopotamian Plain (and not seven man made ramparts called hills as Rome was), which their World Map and Creation Epic prove.

Where the 'islands' of the map are the mountain tops in the heavenly sea. John here calls her the Mother of Harlots and that is exactly what ancient Babylon is, whose civilization still rules the world today (when you look at a calender, or your watch, or go to a library or drive on a road or ride a train you are utilizing a civilization that originated in Babylon, very possibly preflood in origin), and includes politics and religion and most civil institutions.

This woman is the same as the second beast in Rev 13 and therefore arises after the revived Roman Empire which rules out every city now on the earth. Peter was not using Babylon as a 'code word' for Rome for at the time he wrote that, there was a sizable Jewish community in Babylon (which the Apostles chose as one of seven Sees second after Jerusalem itself) that he assuredly ministered to.

Some people ignore all the clues above and focus on the colors that she wore, which basically narrows it down to only a couple of thousand of organizations that use those same colors. When you take all that and realize as John states that this city was responsible for the death of the Prophets (OT) and Apostles (NT) then this is conclusively only one City.

Jeremiah (51) tells us that Babylon will be overthrown by the Kings of Ararat etc. And this area is in the Caucus Mtns. What few people realize is that this is the area where the Assyrians exiled the Nation of Ephraim (can you say Caucasian?), into a buffer zone between them and their enemies. However, Ephraim made friends with their enemies and then helped the Babylonians overthrow the Assyrians. But then, they helped the Medes and Persians overthrow Babylon. And then, they helped the Greeks overthrow the Medes and then they helped the Romans overthrow the Greeks. And, as the Parthians, they were about to overthrown Rome when the Church age began and they became 'lost' to history. God used The Nation of Ephraim at every change in the World power (just like he used the Brits against the Emperor Napoleon). Hence, this shows us that in the enddays that the Lost Nation of Ephraim (and all the other ten tribes which are scattered throughout the globe) will be used by God in the overthrow of the end times Babylonian System.

Babylonian World Map

This later Babylonian clay tablet, dating from the Persian Period (early 5th century B.C.), shows an asysocentic view of a flat, round world with Babylonia in the center. Its identity as a map attempting to depict the entire world is proved by the adjacent text, which mentions seven outer regions beyond the encircling ocean. This is a slightly different concept from that of the early Greeks, for whom the encircling ocean was outside of all known lands.

In addition to the entire kingdom of Babylonia, which is schematically portrayed, seven unnamed circles are depicted and an accompanying cuneiform text is found on both sides of the tablet. The text contains names of countries and cities but, on the reverse side, is chiefly concerned with a description of the Seven Islands or regions which are depicted in the form of equal triangles rising beyond the circle of the Earthly Ocean.

The descriptions of the first and second islands are not preserved. The third island is where "the winged bird ends not his flight," i.e., cannot reach. On the forth island "the light is brighter than that of sunset or stars": it lay in the northwest, and after sunset in summer was practically in semi-obscurity. The fifth island, due north, lay in complete darkness - a land "where one sees nothing," and "the sun is not visible." The Sumerians and Babylonians probably had some knowledge, possibly acquired from other people, of the northern high latitudes and of the polar nights. Highly remarkable is the sixth island, "where a horned bull dwells and attacks the newcomer". The seventh island lay in the east and is thus described: "where the morning dawns," meaning that it faces the sunrise.

In summary, the Babylonian cosmos comprises a world map executed in cartographic manner, a contour sketch of the Seven Islands complete with descriptive text, and finally, a descriptive text (only) of the Heavenly Ocean and its animal constellations.


Babylonian Creation Epic: Written on Seven Tablets :

Then Marduk considered Tiamat. He skimmed spume from the bitter sea, heaped up the clouds, spindrift of wet and wind and cooling rain, the spittle of Tiamat.

With his own hands from the steaming mist he spread the clouds. He pressed hard down the head of water, heaping mountains over it, opening springs to flow: Euphrates and Tigris rose from her eyes, but he closed the nostrils and held back their springhead.

He piled huge mountains on her paps and through them drove water-holes to channel the deep sources; and high overhead He arched her tail, locked-in to the wheel of heaven; the pit was under his feet, between was the crotch, the sky's fulcrum. Now the earth had foundations and the sky its mantle.


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