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Topic: Rebuilding Babylon

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Rebuilding Babylon


As far as a city being physically built in a short period of time, it has been done before. Vegas is one example, as well as the city that Saddam just finished out in the desert somewhere and you have the city that sprang up surrounding the Manhattan Project in just three years during World War Two.

And of course, along with that, he has been working on Babylon for some time now and as I have stated in some posts, there is probably a lot of work being done, that we are not aware of - like the work at the mouth of the Euphrates river. I have also read that they have actually plowed out the old canal that linked the Euphrates to the Tigress which work was done during, or just after, the first Iraq war and it is no coincidence that they have chosen to make Hillah (current name for the ancient city) one of the Headquarters for this second Iraq war and whenever you have the Military move into an area, rest assured, you are gonna have every merchant in the world there plying their goods and services which will also result in a 'rebuilding' of the city.

This also managed to take Babylon of the Place of Historical Interest list so that it could be rebuilt. And, of course, as of the writing of this update, we have repaired the roads through Afghanistan and Turkey is working on restoring their end of the old Silk Road as China has done with their end.

Along these lines, we know that the first Babylon, was never finished, but God brought the work to a sudden end, and this is to be expected of this city as well.

And finally, again the Scriptures indicate that they will be in the process of building this city, when the fires of the tribulation occur - in other words, they never really finish it - "they labor in the very fire".

Concerning the Power of the Kingdom, this is actually already in place through out Europe and the World, and is only waiting on the Rapture, and the Antichrist, to be complete.

As far as the richness of this city, I touched upon this a little in another post. Back on Black Monday, when the stock market took a plunge, I watched the GNP of the world's leading countries specifically to see what the reaction would be. In the spring every major country in the world showed a market increase in the GNP of their countries and this serves to show what will happen at the start of the tribulation and they will use the rebuilding of Babylon as the motivation for all the unemployed people of the world.

When the manpower has the motivation, and focus, anything can be accomplished, which is God's assessment of the first attempt to build Babylon.

Perhaps, this is the clue to the 'mystery' of Babylon, not specifically that it would be rebuilt (eventually) but that its rebuilding occurred, almost overnight.

Look at the Gold Boom towns in the Mid West, that made a lot of people rich overnight. Look at the city that sprang up around the Manhattan Project, also making a lot of businesses rich. This was achieved in a very short time, two or three years, if I am not mistaken.

As well, we need to know a little bit about finances to address your question, and that is this. The current financial leaders of this world are purposely placing a 'straight jacket' on all the nations economies, using various means.

The IMF loans alone, will prove this to anyone who wants to do the research.

Yo have tariffs and taxes that also tie this straight jacket in place. At the proper moment, when they have consolidated all the world' financial power, then they can take off this straight jacket and the goods and services of the entire world will literally begin to flow at incredible rates, literally making all merchants rich beyond their expectations, and this almost overnight.

This is not my 'theory' but can be easily searched out by anyone who cares to do the work. Why do you think that they dropped the trade barriers in Europe? To free up the flow of goods and money, so as to make Europe competitive on America's level.

For those who insist that only America has the financial ability to fulfill this prophecy, it should be known that a United Europe will Eclipse America Trading Status, with room to spare.

They have the very real potential to become richer then us, especially when you realize, that for all practical purposes, America is Bankrupt.

Has every one forgotten about our trillion plus dept? And, exactly who do we owe this money to? The answer should make this post crystal clear, for America owes the Bankers in Europe over a Trillion Dollars!

America is Rich? No, Europe is rich, and when the times comes, they will prove this to us, at a great cost, and surprise to America.

And finally, as I stated, when the trade barriers are dropped, you will have Goods from Europe, Asia and Africa (and all over the world) all converging in exactly one location, and guess where that is?


So, though we might not understand how it is possible, it is possible none the less, and I will say this as well - It will be done, because that is what the literal interpretation of the Word of God says will be done.

Watch and see...


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