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5) Nature


David Hill (27 Sep 2003) "The Theocratic Covenant (7)"

Being a critique of George Peters' Book The Theocratic Kingdom

N A T U R E :

"The Theocracy was not simply preparatory but initial, in the sense of it being a real Kingdom of God, which was established in order to show forth to the nations of the earth the distinguished blessings flowing from it...the Theocracy did not adumbrate something else but was itself the Kingdom of God in its initiatory form - a commencement of that rule of God's as earthly King...It is the beginning of just such an infallible rule as humanity needs; and in its permanent distinctive features is indicative of wisdom transcendently superior to that established in all other forms of government." (Vol 1, pgs 223,219)

It should first be stated that he breaks the force of his statement above by adding "in its initiatory form" which he does solely in light of his view of the inferiority of the Mosaic Covenant. This was not the "initial" establishment of the Kingdom proven by the full intention of God on making it permanent. It was the Kingdom of God on Earth, and, as he proves, it is the same Kingdom of God that will be restored. They lived under its Divine Rule for over 400 years before they asked for the King, during which time they did honor the Jubilee system (see the History of the Jubilee) as the sounding of the Trumpet in 1 Sam 13:3 "throughout the land" indicates (compare Lev 25:9). It was the establishment of the Monarchy under Saul that ended this period of the Judges and the honoring of the Jubilee. This is hardly initial as the average lifespan of a country of prominence is about 200 yrs. The Monarchy itself lasted approximately another 400 yrs after this. So, there was an eight hundred year period allotted to this "initial" establishment of the Kingdom showing that it was much more than that, and that God fully intended (and still does) on making it permanent (See Vol 2, pg 453 for his opinion of the history of the Jubilee cycle in Israel).

Now, the Mosaic Covenant did not just form Israel into a nation, important as this was. It was the establishment of the Theocracy on this earth with God "married" to the Nation in an Eternal, oath-bound, covenanted relationship. It is incredible to me, after pondering his work for years now, that the very subject of his book, should be divorced from the covenant that God used to institute that Kingdom. You cannot separate the two, and the restoration of the Theocracy demands the restoration of the National Mosaic Covenant.

"The simple fact is, that since the overthrow of the Hebrew Theocracy, God has not acted in the capacity of earthly ruler, with a set form of Government, for any nation or people on earth; and the application of the word to any Nation or people, or organization since then, is a perversion and prostitution of its plain meaning." (Vol 1, pg 217)

As intimated in the above quote; every nation that has ever been, or ever will be, has had a Law to govern its people and its society. This is also true of those nations in the Millennium (note especially the Law of Tabernacles in Zech 14:16-19). As stated by Moses himself by the Spirit (Dt 4:5-8) and echoed by Paul (Rom 7:7-14), there never has been, or ever will be, a more perfect National Law than that established by God at Mt. Sinai. This is even extended to the before mentioned Jubilee system embracing the financial affairs of the nation, which one author ("Jubilee on Wall Street") showed would have basically driven poverty out of the nation. And, even this very law Paul said was "spiritual" in the reference above, that sets it apart from the Laws of the worldly nations, and elevates it to the Law of the Theocracy. Thus, when the Theocracy is restored (under Moses and Elijah and Y'shua himself at the end of the trib), could a greater law be found than this one which shall, then, be "written on the hearts" of every citizen of the Kingdom?

"The welfare of the whole community was assumed as the great end in view. This is true, for the lowest as well as the highest, the poorest as well as the richest, was protected in his rights, and oppression, tyranny, etc was impossible (Dt 16:18-20 etc) under its constitution. But it was far more than a mere "step" in the right direction - it was the form of government, given with broad outlines, which God - who knows best - regards as most desirable for man, indicated (1) by its first establishment, and (2) by its final reestablishment. To have God directly for a Ruler, is both an unspeakable honor and inestimable blessing." (Vol 1, pg 219)

Note that in the author's words, he specifically states that the form of government established by God (who is "the same, yesterday, today and forever," and "who changes not") through the Mosaic Covenant, will again be established at the end of the trib and beginning of the Mill. Without realizing it, he has proven that the Mosaic Covenant has not been abolished (as he claims - Vol 1, pg 327). Thus, the restoration of this government demands the restoration of the covenant itself, that forms and regulates the same, under, once again, the benevolent rule of the Great I AM, which the author shows, even in particulars.

"The blessings annexed to the Theocracy are numerous, and precisely such (e.g. Lev 26, Dt 20, 30 etc) as a people here on the earth earnestly desire to attain. They culminate in the expression (Lev 26:12): "I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people," which is again reiterated (Rev 21:3) at the restoration of the Theocracy." (Vol 1, pg 220)

These blessings show the superiority of this Law to that of any other nation, and they were originally given by the Mosaic Covenant, and the restoration of the same (and those of the Abrahamic and Davidic) prove the restoration of the Mosaic Economy as well. This is even seen in the blessings of Moses to the tribes being drawn from, and eternally tied to, that of the blessings of Jacob over the tribes (Gen 49, Dt 33).


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