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Topic: 4) Nationality

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4) Nationality


David Hill (27 Sep 2003) "The Theocratic Covenant (6)"

Being a critique of George Peters' Book The Theocratic Kingdom

It has been necessary for me to recreate, if at all possible, the sixth section of my critique of Peters work for the copy of it in the Wayback Machine has now come up missing which is strange, to say the least, since I originally salvaged it from them when I started my website up on the Theocratic Kingdom.

Be that as it may there were two main points that I wanted to make with this Section and some of the quotes from his material I was able to include below which was in the original posting and is, assuredly, what caused my enemies to delete it - I'll put it in Bold Type for ya.

I believe that I presented two main points in this section and that was that the first establishment of the Theocratic Kingdom under Moses was not a "partial" fullfillment or establishment as Peters suggested but that, in fact, since it lasted for four hundred years under the Judges and another 400 years under the Monarchy that it was a literal establishment of the Kingdom on this earth.

Secondly, in proving that this was offered to the nation of Israel, as was the new, then this proves that the "other nation" mentioned by Y'shua could only be the Northern Nation of Ephraim represented by the 12 Apostles.


The Kingdom is offered to an elect nation, viz.: the Jewish Nation.

This election is so plainly stated in Scripture, and it is so currently admitted in our theological works, that it needs no proof. Such passages as Deut. 7:6 and 14:2, Rom. 11:28 and 9:11, etc, are decisive, that the sovereignty of God chose in the descendants of Abraham, the Jews, a people through whom should be manifested his Divine purpose in the salvation of man.

This election is not to be regarded, as some tell us, an act of favoritism, but as founded in that wisdom which adopted it (as the end will manifest) as the best means, under the circumstances in which fallen humanity was placed, to reach, consistently with moral freedom, the largest portion of mankind, having in view the ultimate establishment and triumph - in opposition to depravity - of God's Kingdom.

If memory serves, I used the quote above in the original to emphasise the fact to the reader that it was the Mosaic Covenant that forged this people into the Theocratic Kingdom at this time and it is impossible to divorce the Nation - verily the Theocratic Kingdom - from the Mosaic Covenant.

It is, to some extent, similar to the Constitution of the United States that forged those original thirteen colonies into an independant nation and you really cannot separate this country from its constitution.

The Kingdom was offered to this chosen, elected nation, as is evinced, e.g., in Ex. 19:5,6, where it is declared that if faithful and obedient, it should be God's 'perculiar treasure above all people', and it should become 'a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.'

Though I doubt he intended it, the reader could draw the conclusion that the nation did not fulfill the description and, therefore, they failed to be God's chosen people however, the statement was made by Moses that, in fact, they had become God's Chosen People, a Kingdom of Priests and even, a Holy Nation and thus there is no room for discarding the fact that the Theocratic Kingdom was established by Y'hova at Mt. Sinai (Dt. 14:2 see also 26:18 and Ps 135:4).

The Kingdom itself thus offered to them is a divine-political (church and state united) dominion, over which God Himself, as an earthly Ruler, presides or rules as the Supreme. Moses and the Prophets clearly show this by constantly uniting the divine and the political in their instructions; by making God's commands, both civil and religious, the sovereign law; by stating that the object of the nation's call, and the bestowment of peculiar privileges and power, was the overruling and superseding of all earthly governments, thus exalting their God and King over all; and by teaching that through the Kingdom thus established, all nations should ultimately be brought under the subjection and allegiance of the great King.

It is a refreshing omen to see men hostile to our views, still admit, as Neander, etc, that God's purposes in relation to this Kingdom must inevitably - if Scripture is fulfilled - exhibit itself in a great, outward political world dominion, under divine rule and guidance. Hundreds of quotations...from eminent men attest that such is the scriptural idea. Men, too, like Dr. Arnold, feel that the biblical idea of such a dominion has been kept in the background, and they strive to revive it, but mistake the time and manner of its manifestation, attributing to this dispensation and to present means what Holy Writ ascribes to the following dispensation and to Jesus Christ.

Such deep thinkers as Rothe are nearer the truth, and coincide with prophecy, when they make the church, as now existing, but a temporary institution, making it to be united with the state in one great theocratic ordering, and the realization of such a permanent union depending on the future personal manifestation of the Saviour Jesus. Look at the end contemplated, as predicted by the prophets (e.g. Zech. 14:9, etc), and given in the last testimony of Jesus (Apoc. 11:15,etc), and this is the grand position that the Kingdom of God is to attain: absolute control over all the kingdoms of the earth - such a world-wide dominion that all nations shall bend in joyful, blessed obedience to its behests. This was the Kingdom offered to the Jewish nation.


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