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David Hill (26 Sep 2003) "The Theocratic Covenant (2)"

Being a critique of George Peters' Book The Theocratic Kingdom

A P O L O G Y :

Before I get into the critique itself; because of the volume of this series of posts and their importance; I felt compelled to make "apology" for it in this regard. This can best be done by quoting the author's own "apology" or reason for his belief and subsequent publishing of the same. I think it is assuredly true that many of the Doves will be able to relate to Peters words below, and thus find encouragement and motivation, from them, as I know my friend Christopher will. It was he who first pointed out Mr. Peters work to me, for which I will ever be grateful, and to whom alone I am sending a copy of this critique. Thus, in a way, I am making both he and Peters "Honorary Doves." And Christopher (The Light Bearer), please be so kind as to re-read Vol 1 pg 172, Prop 17, Obs 8 and its note which continues on into pg 174 - in reference to your reply to my series on Daniel's Last Vision; it would be appreciated, especially concerning the nature of that great vision, and the surpassing importance of it in the end days.

I can't help but also remark that critiquing Mr. Peters work (which I have been doing over the past 4 years or more, off and on, when I would use it as a reference tool) suddenly became an obsession over the last couple of weeks and I couldn't drag myself away from the work until it was completed. The speed and ease with which this post came together (regardless of all prior labor) surprised me and it almost seemed as if Mr. Peters was himself sitting beside me as a personal guide to his own work. This was especially noticeable in the compilation of this very apology which quotes, normally, would have been almost impossible to find even with his index (authors, subjects and scriptures) which he included with his publication - an incredible labor in itself. This led me to believe that there is an urgency and importance to this critique that is greater by far, then either myself or Peters.

There is a formation in the Heavens and if, for some reason, your attention is drawn skyward on a memorable starlit night, you might see it - shining in brilliance and as straight as an arrow, as it courses through its appointed celestial rounds. It is actually called Sagitta - the Arrow. In the mythologies, it is a stray arrow that accidentally killed one of the gods. However, their understanding is not completely correct for, if you trace the trajectory of this missile, it passes through the wings of Pegasus (type of the Holy Spirit) and speeds on its way right to the Heart of Cetus - the Whale, which we know is a type of the World System. However, this arrow bears a post to an intended audience and not specifically the rulers of this world, though they will, assuredly and speedily, feel the Cutting Edge.

What that message may be is probably still debated in some shadowy circles, as there are no star names left to shed any light. However, since it has been shown that the Revelation in the Stars (Ps 19) is exactly parallel to the Revelation in the Scriptures; and since Peters has shown that the Great Theme of the Word (and the Stars) is the Theocratic Kingdom; and since that Kingdom is founded on the Oath-Bound Covenants of God, then it is obvious that the arrow bears the Heavenly counterpart of those covenants. I have previously shown that the Gravel Tipped Arrows are the Glorified Saints ("Lightnings" of Ps 77), so with Sagitta and this post shot in haste, or on the fly, or in passing if you will; what we have is (Mal 3:1, Dan 11:22), the Messenger of the Theocratic Covenant.

George Peters, The Theocratic Kingdom

"In this faith we are fortified by the predictions of the Word, which unmistakably teach that they will find but little acceptance by the world, and even with the Church at large, and that they will only be pondered and received by the thoughtful few. In this period of prosperity, of sanguine hope of continued and ever-increasing peace and happiness, the minds and hearts of the multitude will be closed against all appeal, all instruction. It is only when the dreadful storm of persecution and death, alluded to in several propositions, shall, when excited and marshaled by the elements and forces now at work, burst with dreadful violence upon the Church, and beat with pitiless vehemence upon the heads of true, unflinching believers, in Christ, that this work will find a cordial response, a hearty welcome in the breasts of the faithful. Time with its startling and terrible events will justify this publication. When the dreams of fallible men, now so universally held as the prophetic announcements of God, are swept away by stern reality; when, instead of the fondly anticipated blessedness and glory to be brought about by existing agencies, the blood of man shall again stain and steep the soil of earth with its precious crimson, then will the doctrine of the Kingdom, as here taught, be regarded worthy of the highest consideration, and then will it also become a solace, hope, and joy under tribulation." (Vol 1, pg 24)

"Hence, the writer consistently claims that his labors will not be in vain; that they will at least some day be esteemed in the degree that they sustain to the Bible." (Vol 1, pg 24)

"Indeed, so fully persuaded is the writer of the certainty of this - judging simply from past and present fulfillment - that the hope of writing for that very period - of warning the weak in faith not to yield, of encouraging the believing to suffer and endure to the end, of cautioning the doubting how to decide, and of admonishing all, friends and foes, what they must expect - has greatly sustained him in his labor." (Vol 3, pg 298)

"We dare not, with our convictions of duty, do less; and hence, therefore, even those who may not be willing to receive what is here asserted, will, at least, credit us with being deeply impressed by a sense of responsibility in this matter, seeing that in the immediate connection of Antichrist, the spirit (Rev 13:9) says: "If any man have an ear, let him hear," - a phrase most expressive that the matter at hand is one of special importance and deserving of our closest attention. We constantly feel too, that we are not so much writing for the present time as for the time of tribulation to come. When the true Church finds herself struggling amid the thickest gloom, and the false predictions of peace, safety and prosperity are found delusive; when the world instead of being converted, is found arrayed against the truth, reason holding the sway in place of faith, and the Word of God is adjured and derided as unworthy of enlightened man; when the multitude follow wondering after the Beast, the Antichrist, and a bloody death, or a dastardly forsaking and denial of Christ is presented as the only alternative; when there is no hope or way of escape, and the godly among men are to cease amid the penalties of image-worship, then it is that anything and everything that can throw light upon the painful situation will be eagerly accepted and pondered. The Bible will be read and searched with increasing interest - intensified by actual trial and suffering - and everything illustrative of the times then existing will be most carefully examined. Then it is that such a work as this - perhaps now derided and sneered at by some professed believers - will be thankfully perused and its deductions from the Scriptures gratefully contrasted with the then existing manifestations and the Divine Original. It is both an honor and a privilege to write for such a period, thus becoming, by God's grace, instrumental in upholding the faith and consoling the hearts of martyrs, of sustaining men and women under Antichrist's cruel rule by the assurance that this very trial shall redound, if faithful, to their everlasting honor and glory (Rev 20:4,6)." (Vol 2, pg 733)

"God will raise up instruments...who will so distinctly announce the order of events, so vividly represent the nature of the Kingdom, point out its manner of manifestation, give a precise understanding of the Church's actual relationship to the world and this Kingdom, that the Church will be prepared to endure the awful scenes awaiting her, and that the saints, called to suffer loss of life, may, in the thus revealed will of God, find encouragement and comfort instead of disappointment and despair. With the hope of being thus honored with others as an instrument in upholding the faith of God's dear children in the darkest period of the Church's history, one will sadly but cheerfully endure the censures of mistaken zeal and bigotry, and give his days and years of wearisome labor as an inspiring sacrifice of love." (Vol 1, pg 24)

"What causes such a change in the style and preaching, which will result in the conversion, as parallel passages show, of very many, preparing them to pass through the great tribulation, and to suffer death rather than to worship the Best and his image? Nothing less than [the] astonishing removal of certain chosen ones, accounted worth, owing to their distinctive faith in God's promises, to escape. Let this event occur just as it is described; let here one and there one of the believing and watching be taken, and surely those who believe in God's Word and are left behind will be most wonderfully affected by the event. By one sudden and startling event, coming home to the heart and directly appealing to the warmest affections, the prevailing spiritualization systems and theories of progressive advancement and perfection will be overthrown, and the Millenarian doctrine, once derided and sneered at as "carnal," etc., will be most eagerly embraced and proclaimed. (The writer has often, often felt, that it was specially for this period that he is laboring, when his work will be appreciated, etc.) The Church, then starting up with Abrahamic faith will recognize its chronological position, will see what is before it, and, energetically infused by fear and hope, prepare itself for the fearful ordeal through which it must pass. And we are assured that the Church in this contest, overpowered as she will be, will sustain the persecution with triumphant faith; feeling convinced from the events occurring and the time elapsed, that the Son of Man is even already present, waiting for the moment of direct interference." (Vol 2, pg 130)


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