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Topic: Introduction to the Theocratic Covenants

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Introduction to the Theocratic Covenants


David Hill (26 Sep 2003) "The Theocratic Covenant (1)"

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

Except a Grain of Wheat fall into the ground and die it abides alone but if it dies it brings forth much fruit.

Introduction :

"Of all the topics of the day, none is of graver importance then the early history of Christianity, and the foundation of the Church. Everything points inquiry in this direction."

Peters quoting Pressense, Vol. 1, pg. 443

Because of the importance of this subject, I have put pen to paper in an effort to critique Mr. Peter's work, The Theocratic Kingdom, especially as I feel that there are some people who will read this who are themselves laboring through his monumental expose of the Premillenarial faith; a critique that, as far as I know, has never been done.

Though I agree with perhaps 90-95% of his Propositions; and still highly recommend acquiring a copy of his book; the 5% that I feel are in error must be addressed mainly because, to some extent, they effect the Eschatology that will soon be fulfilled in our lifetime.

The significance of this is of primary importance, not specifically to the Church or to the southern nation of Judah, but to the northern nation of Ephraim, especially after the Pretrib rapture, when the Church dispensation will end. The importance of then remembering "The Law of my servant Moses" is primarily to prompt them to recognize their true ancestry; that this lost nation (America) is actually the Nation of Ephraim that is destined to fulfill prophecy in these end days (Gen 49, Dt 33, Num 23-24, Mic 6:5, Ez 37 etc).

The major propositions of his work that are affected by this critique are Numbers 46-52 however, a small host of other propositions are also, indirectly, affected. As well, as I am re-reading his work now, I have noticed that many of the other minor errors that I have found in his work, have already been addressed by many of my other posts, and would, therefore, be simply redundant in critiquing them again (all of which taken together still amount to less then 5% error in his exhaustive work, as compared to 50% error or better in most other prophetical authors I have read).

For those of you who may not be familiar with Mr. Peters work, I tried to edit this with you in mind so that you should derive some benefit from a reading of this material, especially since his work is considered the classic of the Premill faith by Chafer, Walvoard, Pentecost and Dallas Theo. Sem. as well as many others; but mainly because this critique focuses on the foundation of his great work and thus of this faith. I am quite sure you will be extremely interested in the section on the Transferral which gives a sure Key to understanding most, if not all, of the parables, including the ones that are still considered obscure by many knowledgeable Theologians.

I have tried to streamline this series as much as possible so there should be little, if any, redundancy; and I would encourage taking the time to refer to the Scripture passages mentioned which will solidify this information in your minds.

Let it be understood that this endeavor is not for the purpose of criticizing his "sacrifice of love" for I am, perhaps, his greatest student. Nor is it an attempt to gain fame or publicity off of his labor. The intended spirit is one of a desire to correct error to the truth wherever it may be found. Since I am sure that Mr. Peters loves the truth as much as I do, I am convinced that he would receive this critique willingly, and would apply himself to it, accompanied by a search of the Scriptures, to see if the things I say are true.

"Every writer should feel willing and desirous that his work should be subjected to rigid examination and criticism, but only in the spirit inculcated by the Divine Master, and in the Light of the Holy Scriptures." (Vol 3 pg 233)

I hope that herein he would find a critique worthy of the degree of his labor, and in the spirit of our Divine Master. And, in that Kingdom that he obviously loves so much, we will get a chance to sharpen each others Theological Irons face to face, and not through the shadows of time that separated us from that blessed fellowship in our Messiah.


David T. Hill

Sept 2,003

George N.H. Peters, The Theocratic Kingdom, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mi Copyright 1988

Originally published by Funk and Wagnal, 1884

Emphasis in quotes are the Author's throughout

The Theocratic Kingdom online :

Vol. One :,M1

Vol. Two;dq=%22theocratic+kingdom%22+peters#PPA7,M1

Vol. Three;dq=%22theocratic+kingdom%22+peters

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