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Topic: Hebrew Root Words

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Hebrew Root Words


Okay, for those who don't understand what I mean when I say Hebrew Root Word Study, let me explain myself a little bit.

It is my belief that a Word is like the Kernel of Grain. You take this kernel and throw it in the ground, and it germinates, and starts to grow. Before you know it you have a stalk and then the blade and then the ear of corn containing 100 or even 1000 other kernels.

Hence then, In the Beginning, there was a limited amount of words in use. But, as society grew etc, more words were needed. So, each major, or Root Word, sprouted other words that were spelled similarly and pronounced similarly, but meant something just a little different, but still connect to the original word idea. Then, before you know it, you have a whole group or 'ear' of words, that are all a little bit different from each other, but are all still connected together.

Now, if you take that group of words, you can trace it back to its root word, or if not that, you should be able to trace it back to the May Idea or Word Picture, that all these words came from.

I only use a Strong's dictionary for this, which limits my 'pool' to just Biblical Words and Topics, which is exactly what I want.

Now, for instance, lets look up GR again in the Hebrew using a Strong's concordance:

GRA: A Grain
GRH: A Kernel
GRN: Smooth (as a Threshing Floor!)
GRD: Abrade or Scrape
GRH': To Grate
GRN: Rough
GRZYM: To Cut Up
GRZN: Axe [threshing instrument?]
GRL: Harsh
GRM: To Denude
GRC: Crush
GRA': Scrape Off
GR: To Burn (as lime in a kiln)
GRPH: To Sweep Away [like chaff is swept away]
GR'R: Rolling (country) [like chaff is rolled away]
GRS: To Husk or Beat Corn
GRSH: To Drive Out or Produce (as if expelled)

Now, take a look at all these words, and you can easily see how that this group of words are all connected to the Threshing Process. Notice nothing is mentioned about tying up bundles, or the Harvesting or Reaping itself, or even the storage into barns. This one group of words that surrounds GR are ALL tied to the Threshing Process.

And, even your word above, Foreigner, is tied to this if you all just think about it for a minute. For, during the Threshing season, the Rich Landowner, would hire workers to do the work of the threshing. And, these people would also be his 'Guests' (which is also another meaning of that same word), and would stay at his estate until the threshing was accomplished.

Hence then, again, GRDN literally means, when you take the entire Hebrew Root Word Picture into account, would be The Judge of the Grain Harvest, or the Thresher.

Or, to respectfully put it all in terms that everyone can understand: here comes the Judge!


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