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Topic: The Eucharist and the Black Plague

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The Eucharist and the Black Plague


So, just for the record, I figured I would give an update of what I have been up to real quick.

Since Passover of this year I decided I would go back to Church (13 Omens verifying this decision to date) and decided - since my mother is Catholic and the majority of ministries to the homeless are from that denomination - that I would check into that religion and lo and behold I have found that their teaching on the actual presence of the Lord in the Eucharist is 100 % correct verified by the Scriptures and the early Church Fathers - specifically Ignatius and Justin both of whom knew the Apostle John - and by History itself.

This latter is worth mentioning. Paul noticed in his day that those people who did not believe in the presence were taking the Host unworthily and were literally "dying like flies" and if it was noticeable in his day and age it should have been noticeable in our day and age and so I figured that I would check the history books - in fact, when I arrived at this conclusion I immediately thought of the Black Plague - and sure enough on three separate occasions when a large group of Christians who didn't believe in the Presence, but who were actually partaking of the Host from and Apostolic (ie Catholic) Church were transubstantiation was occurring, they ate and drank judgment to themselves and starting dropping like flies.

Once in the peak of the Gnostic Christian movement in circa 250 AD and the second time in the days of Wycliffe who was, for all practical purposes, the first one to deny the physical presence and his work influenced a whole generation of Christians and the Black Plague peaked about 40 years later in 1400 AD and then the third time was in the days of Calvin who did the same thing as Wycliffe.

After that, the Protestants had broken away from the Catholic Church and thus transubstantiation was not occurring in their churches and thus there was no 'damnation' or judgment.

Now, the interesting thing is that the Black Plague starts with spots of blood under the surface of the skin and thus it literally looks like they ate and drank the Body and Blood of the Lord unworthily.

And, now of course you know why the snotzies started the Swine Flu in Catholic Mexico, don't you - just in reaction to my recent conclusions however, if it was because they were partaking unworthily, it would have been the Black Plague, not the immortal swine flue but that shows you how desperate the little snotzies are.

Anyways, because the Body and Blood are actually present then, in theory, after I am confirmed in the Byzantine Catholic Church and can partake of communion then my change as a result of Theoferrum should occur.

I am the Resurrection and the Life. He that believes in me and dies, yet shall he live. And he that believes in my and lives, shall never die...


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