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Topic: The Eternal Sacraments

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The Eternal Sacraments


Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you and fill up that which is lacking of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body's sake, which is the church, whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God, even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory...

I don't really know how to explain all this but I think I need to record it for, er, the Record.

With the realization that I needed to be properly Apostolically Baptized, I realized that there may be some Communions and Charismations of the Sacraments that, instead of being applied to myself, would have been applied, via the Spirit, to others in the course of Church and Israeli History who were already covenantally clean, as I was not until then.

I base this application of the Spirit to others on the verses above (Col 1) that says that we can fill up the measure of the suffering of Christ (which may be a direct reference to the Stigmata) which seems to imply that some of His suffering can be taken upon ourselves for his relief.

Being that we, and especially myself due to Theoferrum, have been Baptized into Christ, then this is a logical conclusion and this is very similar to a post of mine called A Force of One at the URL below.

So, I got to thinking about all this and found several things that could hardly be a coincidence, when taken in the aggregate.

1) For instance, on exactly three occasions I "stole" (St. Ephrem) the Eucharist from the Greek Orthodox Church (I'm not Orthodox) and this conforms perfectly with the three times that the Black Plague hit Christian Europe (300, 1200 and 1600 AD), which, by the way, originally originated in the area of the Black Sea. One time, before I even found out what Transubstantiation was, I "stole" the Eucharist from the Roman Catholic Church, just before I started my conversion process, and exactly one time the Black Plague hit the Middle East before the Christian Era (assuredly via the Levitical Sacrifices which were still efficacious at that time) in around 200 BC.

2) Before I had been Apostolically Baptized, I partook of Communion in the Catholic Church about 100 times and I have mentioned elsewhere that this equated with the amount of Disciples in the Upper Room on Pentecost when the Spirit was poured out and the 20 that are lacking are actually represented by those services that I attended where there was more than one Priest concelebrating the Divine Liturgy - or possibly the 20 times that I partook of Communion via the Spirit while watching Videos of the Divine Liturgy in the five other churches I hadn't attended yet (about four times each).

3) One time I accidentally picked a scab at the time of communion and without thinking I licked the blood thus my blood came into contact with the Divine Body and Blood of Y'shua and this resulted in all of the Incorruptibles that have been manifested in the Churches History - including a whole Coptic Town that was martyred in the Middle Ages and found just recently that Father Marcus has actually seen with some of the body still actually bleeding.

4) If the Indian Orthodox Church has been excommunicated by the Patriarch, then that means I received communion at an excommunicated Church that is in rebellion against Y'shua and this is very possibly where all the Stigmatists have come from which is a literal fulfillment of the verse at the top of this post and, by the way, it is very possible that the Apostle Paul was the first Stigmatist - I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.

5) My actual Catholic Charismation (under a Protestant Baptism) resulted in the Charismatic Movement that affected some Protestants and the Catholics (but not the Orthodox or the Orientals). Their Holy Oil was originally given to them by the Coptics and is the Myron Oil or it was at one time and I suspect they have continued the same process as the Coptics.

6) Six times the Host has been dropped in my presence and four of those were intentional. The first, at the Byzantine Catholic Church resulted in the Chalcedon Schism where the Orientals were separated from the rest of the Church (and who have been vindicated) thus this affected the 'Catholic' (which was composed, also, of those who became the Orthodox) Church but left the Orientals untouched. The second time resulted in the Iconclast Schism which was subsequently healed and that is because I actually caught the Host without it falling to the ground. The third time a Latin Priest intentionally dropped the Host and here is the Filioque Schism (i.e. the Great Schism) which affected the Catholics and Orthodox but not, really, the Orientals. The fourth time, by the same Priest, resulted in the Protestant Reformation. The fifth time was just the other day at the Coptic Church but I don't think this was intentional and it resulted in the Ethiopian Church which was not a schism but a natural growth and separation where they are still in full communion with my Coptic Church. The sixth was similar cause just this past Thursday they also dropped one of the blessed loaves (before the Divine Liturgy so it had not gone through Transubstantiation) and this resulted in the separation on friendly terms again, of the Eritrean Church from the Ethiopian Church. Another reason that, even if intentional, it didn't result in a Schism in the Coptic World is possibly because the entire floor where the altar is located behind the Iconostasis is considered Holy Ground by them and they actually kiss it after reading the Gospels and require one to remove their shoes when you go up for communion.

7) If there are any of the Saints from Israel and the Church who have become Immortal and achieved Theosis in this life, I suspect it is from one of the services before my Baptism where I uttered the Sacred Name of Y'hava over the Eucharist as Y'shua did in the Upper Room that night when he blessed the Bread and Wine. I suspect this is how I will become immortal and achieve Theosis when the proper time has arrived. I have done this anywhere from ten to twenty times or more before my Baptism - Apostle John (confirmed by the Greek Orthodox Church), Apostle John Mark (he left me a sign), Apostle Paul (confirmed by Father Marcus and the Coptic Church - an old famous Monk out in the desert named Paul whose body disappeared), Peter (if Paul became immortal then probably Pete did too since they died on the same day), Ezekiel (like John he ate the little book which is similar to the Eucharist), Jonothan (ditto - remember the honey - manna tastes like honey), Isaiah (had his tongue touched with the coal which is similar to the Eucharist), Daniel (who stands in his lot in the end days) with his three friends - I guess you get the point and there is another lady confirmed by the Coptic Church that I have recently mentioned on this site somewhere from Baalbek.

8) In order for me to achieve my Theosis, I have determined that it is necessary to partake of Communion in all of the Seven Churches - four of which are Oriental and three Catholic. These three would apply, perfectly, to the three Nations that kept Egypt (home of the Coptic Church) from dealing the Ottoman Empire a fateful blow back in 1840 AD and then, 47 (days for) years later, Russia dealt the Empire its death blow and those same three nations pretty much took over the African Continent - the last Nation (Fish) of the 153 Nations (Fish) in the Net that Peter dragged into Shore. Russia is perfectly represented by the Byzantine Church here in Phoenix that I just attended the other day which is, literally, a Russian Church. Roman Catholic France (one time Capital of the Papacy) is represented by the Latin Church I attended a couple of weeks ago and Britain, who took over Egypt and Palestine, will be represented by the Maronite Church when I next attend it. The Chronology that ties all these together is March 13, 2010 which is Ascension Day and my 153rd day from when the Catholic Church in Santa Fe withheld the Eucharist from me leading me to the Orthodox and then Oriental Churches. That event seems to be the beginning of the dragging of the net to shore (i.e. the calling out of the Gentiles from the nations) and it will be fulfilled in my life in miniature (in days) and in the Church in actuality in years ending 2033 AD thus it started in 1887 AD the year Russia did in the Turks. Now, the parallel in my life was my Baptism in the Egyptian Coptic Church on March 28, 2010 AD or exactly 47 days (thus also years) before Ascension which equates to 1840 AD and that is when these three nations teamed up against Egypt and kept them from doing in the Turks. This one is so unbelievable that it can not be coincidence and pretty much proves the point of this post.

9) And the event where they withheld the Eucharist also was played out in the life of the Church which I just learned the other day when I read the book, The Saracen Blade by Frank Yerby who mentions that some king somewhere in Europe withheld the Eucharist for Four Years from his nation cause I guess he was mad at the Pope or something.

10) On exactly two occasions I have received the Sacrament of the Extreme Unction which is actually a Healing Ceremony. Now, what is interesting is that the very first time in the Catholic Church in Santa Fe under Bishop Mike Sheenan, it was actually during a service for Veterans. This was literally fulfilled with the healing of the Syrian General by Baptism in the Jordon River Seven Times. The second time was probably fulfilled in Job's Healing after his trial was over.

11) Now, before I was actually Baptized, I went to kiss the hand of Father Marcus in the Coptic Church (which Father John of Holy Trinity in Santa Fe will tell you is the same as kissing Y'shua's hand for the Priest is the Vicar) and he wasn't paying attention and lifted his hand up and hit me in the mouth and this resulted in the Earthquake that hit Egypt at the turn of the century which knocked off all the White Casing Stones from the Great Pyramid and probably hit a predominantly Coptic area.

12) When we were decorating the Byzantine Church for Pentecost (and my charismation) I accidentally walked through the main door of the Iconostasis which, to them, represented the door into the Holy of Holies (as well as the Eastern Gate of Ezekiel's Millenial passages) and is reserved for the Priest alone as the Vicar of Christ. This found its fulfillment with the Death of Uriah when he reached out and touched the Ark for the Ark is located in the Holy of Holies where only the Priest on the Day of Atonement was allowed. He then told me my mistake but then gave me allowance again for the purposes of time and this resulted in an Ordination, of sorts (see below on self baptism) and I went through the doors two more times and this ended up being played out with the Death of Aaron's Two Sons who offered the strange incense on the altar before those very doors (curtains, actually, in the Temple).

13) Now, Fire from the Ark of the Covenant and from the Base of the Cross that Helen cut off and left at Jerusalem, whom someone tried to steal and was subsequently burned; similarly to the Cathars when they were executed (according to Frank's book the Saracen Blade and he gives the source) when fire appeared at their feet, was a result of me 'cutting off' the Byzantine Cross (that had been blessed by a Byzantine Priest) on the day of my Baptism (and it probably had some of the Holy Myron Oil on it at the time), to make it into a Coptic Cross. This is also what happened at Theoferrum when I back handed the adversary who was standing behind my right shoulder and it links all these things together.

14) So in one of the Latin Churches in Albuquerque, someone gave me a Scapula of our Lady of Mt. Carmel and I researched it and it was scriptural for it promises Deliverance from Hell and Mt. Carmel is one of the Gate Posts to Hell with Tyre in the north the other gate and, sure enough, Samuel escaped from the gates of hell to give his last prophecy to Saul.

15) After my Charismation and impromptu Ordination by Father Kurt but before my Baptism, I was still struggling with my Protestant Baptism so I Baptised and Charismated myself and then received self Communion and this was all transferred to John the Baptist while he was still in his mother's womb.

16) I was sprinkled (asperger) exactly twice in the Latin Church (one of which was the Tridentine Mass), but since I was still ceremonially and covenantally unclean, this Annointing of the Spirit, similarly to Pentecost, would have been transferred to two other people as if out of thin air and, lo and behold, Eldad and Medad received the Spirit in just this manner. Then, while I was in the process of conversion to the Coptic Church, they sprinkle the congregation at the end of every Divine Liturgy and I went through exactly three of those sprinkle events and these correspond, perfectly, with the three times the Spirit came upon Balaam who went on to bless Israel.

17) Just after my Catholic Charismation I joined the Knights of Columbus (he's, ah, Jewish, ya know) and this was played out in the History of Israel when Zara and his family left Egypt and moved to the British Isles. His bodyguards formed the oldest Chivalric Order in the world called the Knights of the Red Branch of Zara and it was still in existence a couple of decade ago and I suspect it still is making it about 4000 years old.

18) My Catholic Confession should not have been necessary cause I needed to be Baptised and Baptism takes away all your sins but I had to confess there and, again, in the Coptic Church who don't practice the former view and this perfect Confession resulted in the Repentance of the worst King in Israel - a Blasphemer and Murderer.

19) Now, after my Baptism, but before my first Communion, Bishop Yousef of Texas placed a "Binding" (Baptisimal Girdle) on myself which was subsequently released by himself after Communion - normally its released a week later but he was not going to be in Phoenix a week later and what a Bishop binds can only be unbound by a Bishop. This was fulfilled in the Binding of Ezekiel for the Seige of Jerusalem, who was subsequently released after he did his time, so to speak.

20) Now the Catholics have this cool tradition where you walk into the Church and dip you three fingers into the Holy Water then Bless yourself for Protection by making the sign of the Cross over yourself. The Eastern Churches do not use the water in this manner. So, before I was charismated I figure I crossed myself about 100 Times (which I am still looking at) and after my Charismation and membership in the Knights of Columbus but before my Baptism, I figure I crossed myself an additional 300 Times. Thus, under the Martial environment and the reasons for crossing oneself (done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - four taps) should have resulted in four groups of about 300 Soldiers each being given Y'hava's Divine Protection. Abraham's Army, when he rescued Lot was about 300 (and caused Y'hava to say to Abraham that He was his Shield and exceedingly great reward) as was Gideon's Army, and David's Army after the death of Saul and Paul's Army, in a manner of speaking, was about three hundred men who were saved from the shipwreck and protected by Y'hava cause they stayed in the ship. Interestingly enough, the Army of Israel that defeated the Midianites without the loss of a single man was was 300 Thousand Soldiers and may be what Y'shua thinks of me Crossing myself for protection. Since Baptism I have crossed myself five additional times (each time you go into church you cross yourself and then again when you leave for 2 + 2 +1 =5 this last one was outside of Church) which means there should be two individuals who received Divine Protection on two separate occasions. David escaped Saul's Spear Twice and Y'shua escaped twice (once through a crowd that was gonna stone him and the other who was going to throw him off a cliff) and the last one Jonothon escaped Saul's Spear also, on one occasion.

21) This one is the coolest of em all. Exactly three times before I was Baptised, I was blessed with the Holy Grail by the Priest (they put the chalice on your head and bless you with it) - no more or less though a Deacon had a chance to bless me with the chalice and turned it down and the last time at the Coptic Church one of the members tried to get me to leave without realizing what I was after but I waited until Father Marcus had blessed me with the Holy Grail. Now, this was played out, perfectly, in the life of Israel for Y'hava himself Ordinated exactly three Monarchs in Israel. Saul from Benjamin, David from Judah and Jeroboam from Ephraim and that is a fact and an incredible fulfillment. Now, get this, after my Baptism (today in fact - May 2, 2010 AD), I went to St. Mary's Syriac Church which holds their liturgy in St. Mark Coptic Church's spare Chapel, and the Priest refused me communion cause he didn't know who I was but he placed the Plate (not Grail) on my head for a blessing and this is foreshadowing the restoration of the Tabernacle of David (as predicted by the Word) under the Crown Prince of the Davidic Throne (as opposed to King represented by the Grail), as he is called by Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Hosea and this may include a combination of all of the first three Monarchies in his person - but this remains to be seen at this time.

Now, no matter how you look at it, this is proof that, in fact, Transubstantiation is occurring in those three denominations (Catholic, Orthodox and Oriental) and it also proves that I was at the Cross in the Spirit at Theoferrum and that my spirit has been alloyed to Y'shua's Spirit and it is very, very strong indication that my Theosis will be accomplished by the Eucharist from the Seven Churches and, when my Theosis does occur, it is probably destined to be World Changing in Nature.

Interestingly enough, this last Thursday for the first time I made it to the Coptic Church early enough to hear all the Gospel Readings for the Hours one of which was from Matthew where Y'shua said that you don't light a Candlestick to put it under a bushel but on a Candlestick so that it gives light to all that are in the house.

Kinda like that thar fancy Lighthouse in Alexandria, hey.

There are three more incidents that may be important and that might have played out in history so I record them here until such a time as things click and I understand how they apply.

1) Kissing the hand of the Priest was reconciled for me by Father John of the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Santa Fe who showed me that this is not wrong but it is the same as if you kissed the hand of Y'shua himself since the Priest is His Vicar and since Y'shua instituted that same Priesthood. Now, I did this only one time before my Baptism and that was with the Greek Orthodox Priest in El Dorado (or perhaps it was with the Greek Orthodox in Phoenix - either way it was in a Greek Orthodox Church). Now, this is standard procedure in the Coptic Church and I have kissed Father Marcus' hand probably a dozen times before and a dozen times since Baptism.

I know exactly how this played out in history! This resulted in the Orthodox Churches recanting their statements that the Orientals were Heretics. Father Marcus has stated that the Catholics will never make this same admission which I agree (cause it might cause some of the Catholic Faithful to question the faith) and, you will also never see me kiss the hand of a Catholic Priest. The Pope would be the only one and I kinda doubt that I will ever meet him anytime soon. Anyways, since this was done before I was properly baptised, it will probably not lead to reconciliation between the two with full communion but the Orientals at least have been vindicated.

2) Ash Wednesday is, like the two above, a strictly Catholic Tradition and this was actually the last time I received communion in the Catholic Church before my Baptism and it was my first, and probably last, Ash Wednesday and it just happened to be on my birthday of February 17, 2010 AD and I suspect it has played itself out in History somehow. This is actually an anointing cause they mix the ashes with the Holy Oil and thus it is a sign of repentance but it is also a blessing of protection and thus, it should be similar to the one above in some way.

Got it! This church is told that if they don't repent then the candlestick will be moved, which it was, as I have stated elsewhere - it was moved to Avignon. It was not likewise stated that, after the fact, if they repented, the stick would be moved back to its original home however, that is exactly what it did after exactly Seven French Popes ruled. The Ash Wednesday ceremony is predominantly that of repenting and thus, the affect of my one and only Ash Wednesday was the return of the Papacy to Rome.

3) The Rosary - either before, or after, my Charismation, I said the Rosary one time in the Byzantine Church (no more, no less). This, by the way, like the blessing with the water in the Crossing of oneself, is a totally Catholic Practice and doesn't really have a counterpart in the Eastern Churches.

You are not going to believe this one. I said the Rosary only once and that resulted in all the apparitions of Mary that have occurred throughout church history (now you know why there were so many). The fact that this was done in an Eastern Catholic Church resulted in the apparitions being distributed throughout the three Apostolic Churches - Catholic, Orthodox and Oriental - and this includes what is perhaps the most famous of them all and that is our Lady of Guadaloupe!

Notes to the Last Three :

1) Yesterday, when I typed up the section above, I had just lit a candle for Barnabus - the Son of Consolation

2) I actually solved them in the reverse order that I originally typed them up (Rosary, Ash Wednesday and Kissing the Hand). This calls to mind the Lady of Perpetual Help which itself calls to mind the Woman who encompasses a man. This was just hours after I had been blessed by the Priest of St. Mary's by having the circular Platen placed on my head.

3) The last conclusion concerning the Rosary was made just before nightfall but still in the day that I had received communion at the Maronite Church (I didn't receive communion at St. Mary's).

4) The man who led me through my first (and last?) Rosary was my sponsor upon conversion to the Byzantine Church and he was a Maronite which is another reason the apparitions have occured in all three Apostolic Churches. There are originally 15 Mysteries of the Rosary and this is how many of these apparitions have been approved by the Roman Catholic Church (five historical feasts of apparitions and ten that have been approved as being authentic). There are, literally, hundreds of reported apparitions but they are not notable enough to have been authenticated. I would guess there are 50 valid apparitions cause that's how many beads are on a Rosary.

5) I said my Rosary at the Lady of Perpetual Help Byzantine Catholic Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico which, at the time of the apparition was frontier land owned by Mexico where the apparition occurred. It is also no coincidence that this greatest of all apparitions, which resulted in the conversion of an entire continent (and which is also recognized by the Orthodox Church as well as the Catholics), included a Miracle -to convince the Priest who had specifically asked for one - of Roses blooming in the Wintertime.

6) This praying of the Rosary actually resulted in the apparition of our Lady of Mt. Carmel which I mention in the first section.

7) At least one of the 'apparitions' may have been fulfilled when I lit a candle for Mary when I was researching Mariology for my Catholic Conversion and she showed me two verses - the one which says, "on the day you were born your cord was not cut" referring to the city of Jerusalem which Mary personifies and this implies the Immaculate Conception and could be used to support that view but it is also of such a nature that it could also be used to support the Orthodox View that has been explained to myself and of which I have researched also - don't know for sure about the Oriental view. The second verse was the one that occurs in the New Covenant passage of Jeremiah (chapters 30-32) which says a Woman shall encompass a Man where Mary is the most famous woman of the New Covenant and has brought comfort to millions over the last 2000 years.

8) Supposedly you get some type of indulgence for saying the Rosary or something to that and I gave mine to the native American two year old that my enemies killed when I started attending that Church - he was suffocated twice (revived once) by his mother (due to MKULTRA mind control transmitter) in a park across the street from the church.


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