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Topic: The FBI and Vermont

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The FBI and Vermont


The FBI and Vermont


From: Theoferrum1 (Original Message) Sent: 6/22/2007 12:48 PM


In reference to the letters between myself and Mike Marquise, let me give the reader some background. You will recall that his old man worked for the FBI. Well, Mike came to stay overnight - the only time he ever stayed over night - and then after we had ate supper, he kept insisting that we go up on the hill around 7PM at night in the middle of winter - the same hill we had our graduation party on - and I final agreed so I wouldn't have to listen to him pester me about it any more, and so off we went and half way up the hill something came screaming over our heads from the north west and crashed on our land in the lower field. It scared both of us and we hightailed it back to the house, all the while he's screaming "its a UFO". I didn't care what it was, I was just heading for cover and after I had calmed down, I determined it was a meteorite.


Now, however, I am convinced that it was a rocket or missile launched from the hill beyond ours (Mt. Ara Drive and/or Murphy Drive - see map of Groton below where the Pound Road is Lovers Lane and was about one third of a mile above our house which is situated to the right of the Minard Hill Road on Glover Road) which was higher than our hill and we would not have been able to see the launch and thus it would have looked like a "UFO" or a meteroite. Now, ask yourself this. During the time that there were more cows in Vermont then people, exactly what was the FBI's interest in Groton that led them to post one of their agents there who had to commute back to Massachusets everyday for three hours? Do you suppose they were interested in cattle russling across the Vermont Canadian Border? And exactly why would the FBI be interested in launching a rocket or a missile over the head of the poorest kid in Groton and then try and get him to think that it was a UFO?


If you want some more information, see my post on the CIA and Vermont and you will want to check out the comments below. I thought I was done with this story however, last night I realized what the deal was. A couple of years after we moved to Vermont, when I was around two years old, my mother noticed that some men were coming walking out of the woods about a quarter of a mile away from our house, on the hill on the other side of the lower pasture, and they would stand there, watching the house. She assumed that it was some rednecks from Groton and was, rightly, alittle upset and saw this as a threat to her family. Not knowing what to do, she finally decided to take a target with a bull's eye on it about the sizse of a large beach ball, and set it up on that hill about where the spooky men were want to stand and then had her son Jim target practice with his old man's World War II 22 and he actually got to the point where he could hit the bull's eye which, from a quarter mile away is quite a feat, since the rifle only had peep sites on it. Anyways, this took care of the problem, or so she thought.


Now, it just so happens that the Missile would have hit our land just about on the very spot where we had placed that target. And, since the son of an FBI Agent just happened to be there to witness this event, that means that those men were from the FBI and that was a 'payback' to my mother for having the audacity to believe that she had the right to protect her family, on her land, in this Free Republic. Now, it just so happens, that they came walking out of the woods on an old Logging Road that ran almost due north to what we used to call the Old Ghost Shacks on Harry Welch's Land. If you followed that logging road onto his land and bore slightly to the right, in about another half mile or so, guess where you would be? On Mr. Marquises Land about the time that he moved to Groton, I might add. When I made this connection last night, I then rehashed as much of my childhood as I could for suspicious events and came up with quite a few and the reader can see the post by the same name for more information.


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