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Topic: The CIA and Vermont

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The CIA and Vermont


The CIA and Vermont


From: Theoferrum1 (Original Message) Sent: 6/22/2007 12:47 PM


Remember the Con Artist that weasled his way into a job at Blue Mountain and ended his very illustrious career by trying to stir up the student body to hate the Muslims by burning an Effigy of the Ayatollah? Think that was just a coincidence? Nope. That was the CIA. I have had plenty of run ins with them out here in Denver which is the City they are planning on making their capital of the New World Order here in the States when the Manure hits the Fan, so I can spot them pretty easily cause they are all over the place here, so when I remembered that chump, I realized, exactly, who he worked for.


So, what in the world is the CIA doing infiltrating a High School in the backwoods of Vermont to try and stir up hatred of the Muslims in the Student Body? Well, this is because they are running their Mormon Armegeddon Script which basically states that Joseph Smith is the Stone Kingdom of Daniel Two, destined to overthrow the evil Babylonian Empire - namely the Republic of America - and establish the Theocracy on this Earth. That is why you have a lot of Agent Provocateurs pretending to be Christian Patriots and telling everyone that America is Babylon, to stir up the Patriots to fight against the Government so that they can impose Martial Law and/or destroy the Republic.


People like Steve Quayle from the Q Files, Alex Jones and possibly Rick Wiles from TruNews are nothing more than Propagandists spewing out the Mormon Eschatology as are most of the 'Christian' 'Patriots' who claim America is Babylon and they are to be avoided. Part of the overall Chaos that they envision is to start a war between the Christian World and the Muslim World, which is why we are currently in Iraq threatening to Bomb Iran, and why Dubya fancies himself as a Crusader and this shows you exactly how long all of this has been in the planning. What most of you reading this (if anyone ever does) probably don't realize, is that the main recruitment center for the FBI and the CIA and all the other intelligence agencies in this country is located right smack dab in the middle of Salt Lake City.


The reason for that is because when this country went to build up its Nuclear arsenal, most, if not all, of the uranium we needed was sitting on territory owned by the Mormon Church. At that time they were able to, basically, buy the Federal Government, for all practicle purposes. If you doubt what I say consider this. You know, of course, that there is a Mormon who is planning on running in the next Presidential Elections. But, did you know that Vice President Dickteaser Cheney is a Mormon? And that is not all. Did you know that the President's Right Hand man, Karl Rove, is also a Mormon? So, now that I have your attention, let me tell ya about the Mormon Church and Vermont but let me leave you with this. You will recall that the Mormon's believe and teach that we can become God...


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