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Topic: The Mormons and Vermont

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The Mormons and Vermont


The Mormons and Vermont


From: Theoferrum1 (Original Message) Sent: 6/22/2007 12:51 PM


The reader should check out the first couple of blogs in this series before they read this which should, at the least, grab your attention and, having done so, this post should be a real eye opener. So, why, then, is the FBI, CIA and the Mormon Church so interested in Vermont?


Joseph Smith's old man was born and raised in Topsfield, Massachusetts and when Smitty was a very young child, he uprooted his family and moved them to Sharon, Vermont. Now Smitty believed that he was the Stone Kingdom of Daniel Two, destined to overthrow the evil Babylonian Kingdom called the American Republic and, after his visions, he founded the Mormon Religion by, get this, taking the Masonic Secret Rituals and going public with them. Interestingly enough, Smitty was a Merovingian Boy made famous of late by the Da Vinci Code (URL below) and was funded by the Rothschilds (who work for the Jesuit Black Pope who runs the world), in order to establish this religion and then, when it was up and running, they killed him to make him a martyr and give the fledgling religion the impetous it needed to become firmly established which succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations.


Now, along with his belief that we can become God, Smitty also believed and taught that the Endtimes Prince of the Ten Lost Tribes would be successful in overthrowing the current world systems and establishing the Theocratic Kingdom on this earth. He also believed, and stated, that this end times Prince would be named David - based on statements made by Jeremiah, Hosea and Ezekiel. So, this would appear to be the reasons for their interest in Vermont but why, pray tell, their interest in Groton, Vermont and specifically in yours truly, enough that they would assign an FBI Agent to purchase a house less than a mile away from my house (as the crow flies), about one or two years after we moved there and then launch a missile over his head when he was a teenager.


Well, the answer may lie in the fact that Howard Hill was also born and raised in Topsfield, Massachusetts and uprooted his family when I was a young boy of about four months old and moved them to Groton, Vermont which is a Stone's throw above Sharon, Vermont where Smitty grew up and had his visions. Remember that these are the people who run the world and we have the information from one of their own to yours truly that the Mormon Church has been commissioned to build the next Temple in Jerusalem, which is the Temple that the Insiders want to place the Antichrist so that he can proclaim himself God and have everyone in the World Worship him and these are the people who ran a Headline in the Times of London on Passover of 2006 emphasising, "The High Priest of the Latter Day Geneticists" and these are the people who would love to clone Jesus Christ and make the clone into the Antichrist and these are the people that, for some strange and unknown reason have been interested in me from before the time I was born. My name being David...

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