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Topic: McMasterville Fire

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McMasterville Fire


McMasterville Fire Sixth Grade


David Hill May 20 2007 | McMasterville Fire Do you remember our Sixth Grade Class Trip to Montreal and the next day when we were heading home we stopped outside of town and there was a building in the shape of a Golf Ball on the other side of the street that caught fire and burnt to the ground while we all watched? That was the McMasterville Fire of the Chemical Plant owned by CIL which is the company that Dupont broke away from - in other words, they are sister organizations. Now, the date was October 1, 1975 according to the local Radio Station (you don't need the three double u's on these url's) : Do you think that it is just a coincidence that exactly Seven Years Later to the very day - the very year of our Graduation - that the other famous Golf Ball Building called Epcot Center was Dedicated?


So, exactly what do Dupont and Disney have in common, you might ask? Well according to a guy by the name of Fritz Springmeir, they are both one of the 13 Blood Lines of the Illuminati.


One should keep in mind, however, that he has been proven to be a propaganda disinformationalist cause he repeated a brainwash trigger word on tape meaning that he himself is brainwashed and the specific propaganda that he is spewing out is that these bloodlines are all Jews and thus the "Jews own the Media" or "the world" to try and get everyone mad at the Jews again just like they did with Hitler in WWII. Anyways, what the hell do these two asswipes have to do with our Sixth Grade Class Trip to Montreal, one may ask? Well, that is why I want to talk to Mr. Michael Marquise. You will recall that his old man was an active agent of the FBI at this time - commuting, I might add - three hours ever day to work.


Here is the url : The other one is on the Merovingian Lineage which I have found out is a bunch of lies that I might comment on sometime but for now we can get back to the subject at hand. Why did Dupont burn down his own building and kill some of his own employees in the process? Cause the Golf Ball symbolizes the Earth to these people and they want to take the current World's System and burn it down and rebuild it - the New World Order out of Chaos as Dubya Senya would say. The proof is that they separated the two events by exactly seven years - the length of the great tribulation. The Insiders do not actually believe the prophecies in the Word however, they know millions of people do, so they have to try and produce their version of Armegeddon and make everyone think that it was the Biblical Armegeddon. Ya follow me? This will effect us all cause these are the morons that actually run this world.


So, I went to see if XXXX. XXXX had registered so I could contact her and get Buckley's email address and lo and behold what did they advertise on her front page but a free trip to Epcot Center :


Just a coincidence?


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