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Topic: The Caucasions are the Ten Lost Tribes : Current Events and the Ten Tribes

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The Caucasions are the Ten Lost Tribes : Current Events and the Ten Tribes


There are several groups of people that claim to have identified the Ten Lost Tribes (and they apparently think their list is irrefutable even though, as with Yair Davidy, his statements concerning America being Manasseh has been refuted by myself and others) but their lists are not consistent with each other and none, as far as I can tell, provide conclusive evidence although they all seem to have settled on the belief that the Anglo Saxon's are the Ten Lost Tribes.  Mr. Davidy demands submission to his claims which are based upon linguistics (his specialty, apparently) which, unfortunately for him and his cause, is not admissible in a court of Law in cases of Inheritance which is exactly what we are dealing with in identifying the Lost Tribes.  The Science of Heraldry, however, is admissible in a court of Law to determine Legal issues surrounding birthrites and he would do well to tailor his view with that in mind - I would suggest to him the book Symbols of our Celto-Saxon Heritage by W.H. Bennett who does supply a copious amount of proof to identify many of the tribes of Israel via their symbols (derived, as they were, from the Blessings involved as well as the constellations assigned to each of the tribes - this is the material that this post is founded upon), which would be admissible in any court of Law on the planet. 


Now, with the previous mentioned book in mind, and in light of certain current events, I propose to you that, in general, the Caucasians are, in fact, the Ten Lost Tribes.


Now, to set the foundation for this study, I stumbled upon these things when I discovered that the Apocrypha was considered Inspired Scripture by the early (Jewish) Church and was accepted, as such, by the Gentile Church for 1500 years before it was discarded.  For instance, the Anglican Church included it in the King James Version for 200 years before they removed it in the 1800's.  It was discarded for the simple reason that Jerome couldn't find any of these books in the Hebrew however, if this was the criteria for Inspiration we would need to discard the entire New Testament so the reader may want to reconsider the matter concerning the Inspiration of the Apocrypha.


Now, the significance of this is that the Apocrypha contains the Book of II Esdras which has clear cut descriptions of the Ten Lost Tribes in it and was referred to many times by the Apostles and Y'shua himself.  This would, instinctively, be an important work to those Ten Lost Tribes and they would have cherished it without knowing exactly why it was important to them.  This is more so true because, two thousand years ago, there is some indication that they descendants of the tribes still knew that they were descended from the tribes and were not considered 'lost' at that time. 


So, I considered it of more than passing interest that the only other Church to give II Esdras its due was the Russian Orthodox Church (the Catholics having left it out of their Deuterocanonical books) and soon after realizing that I decided to investigate the possibility that the Caucasions are the Ten Tribes.


It just so happens that this corresponded to certain current events that seemed to be a fulfillment of the prophecies concerning the Ten Tribes (Blessing of the Tribes by Jacob in Genesis and Moses in Deut.) which were stated specifically to be referring to the end days so I include these here.


The key was in correctly identifying Asher as Russia (note the semblance phonetically between those two names).  They would be blessed with children to rival Ephraim (America) and Manasseh (England) which, of all the tribal nations, is best fulfilled by them.  They would dip their foot in oil (natural gas) which is self explanatory.  The Prophet pleads for the other tribes to accept Russia which is the "Black Sheep" of Caucasia.  His bread begin fat is referring to the prosperity in Russia since the end of the Cold War and the Royal Dainties to Caviar and their Emperorship.  Guarrentied strength to rival that of Joseph and under his foot is the Iron and Brass Restraining Bands of the Roman Empire (i.e. Daniel 4 - Brass is Greece and Iron is Rome).


The Ukraine was clearly identified as the Hind set Free (from Russia) called Naphtali who will possess the West and South as they look to join NATO and Continental Europe who favor their entrance due to their goodly words concerning Democracy.


This left the Crimea to be Issachar who has bowed down between a rock and a hard place (U.S. and Russia) and settled on staying with Russia.  The Sacrifices are probably Orthodoxy (i.e. the Eucharistic Sacrifice) and the riches of the Sands are the Natural Gas supplies.


It is possible that these three countries are the Treasure hidden in the Field who, like the Vision of II Ezra itself, is hidden from the rest of the tribes having discarded it form their sacred canon.


The identity of the other tribes has been established, to a certain extent, via British Israelism and some Jewish sources with the possible exception of Reuban and Zebulun and Reuban and, to my mind, Germany fits the description given for Reuban as being populace (i.e. German speaking countries) and the Prophets prayer that he not Die (due to their Facism) but Live.  The lofty blessings given him are clearly portrayed in the financial empire Germany has become as well as the methodical discipline that got them there (including their Emperorship as with the Russians and French).  Being unstable they did not excel (WW I and II).


Gad is, therefore, equated with Scotland because they are the leaders of (Templar) Masonry worldwide and, like England, use a Lion as an Emblem which explains the lofty blessing given to this tribe.


Now, Joseph's other sons are to be seen in Spain for various reasons (the Iberian peninsula gets its names from the Hebrews).  The use of the symbol of the (running of the) Bulls (Joseph's symbol which was also claimed by Manasseh becoming the British Unicorn) and that they (along with Ephraim and Manasseh) would push the peoples to the ends of the earth.  Catholic Spain is "separate" from all the other 'protestant' Lost Tribes (excepting Catholic France), which is the cause of the Archers (America, as Ephraim, took Sagittarius as their emblem) grieving him (US Mexican war which is now being played out again by the immigration problems currently being experienced as depicted in the news).  The real blessing, implied by the Burning Bush, is actually due to the revival of the (Jewish) Premillennial Faith under Lacunza, a Catholic Monk from Chile.


Zebulon is more logically connected to the Nordic People as a Haven of Ships and connected to Issachar which we have already identified with the Crimea.  How this applies to the end days can be seen in the melting of the Arctic Ice making circumpolar navigation possible with all the Treasures included.


Thus, Simeon, who was scattered among Israel may very well be th4e Caucasion Penal Colony of Australia where there may yet be honor among thieves as he is described in Jacob's blessing.  Joseph, of course, cast Simeon into the slammer while his brothers were free to return home on the first trip to Egypt.  This would probably include New Zealand and any other British Colonies.


The charge that some of the peoples are not from the Tribes due to their ante seminism that they have manifested through the years can be countered by the Envy of Ephraim towards Judah and the Vexing of Ephraim by Judah that will vanish in the end times, which we may have already begun to see in the warming of the relations between France and Israel.


The other countries of Europe such as Portugal, Italy and Greece would be the descendents of Japeth whose tents the Lost Tribes were destined to dwell in per Noah's blessing but this requires further research including the symbols used by the peoples involved.


Ishacar, Zebulun, Naphtali and Asher are, of course, the first of the Tribes to go into captivity thus separated and "hidden" from the others.  They went north and east after passage through the Caucases thus driving the rest of the tribes westwards through northern Europe and thus, via Russian Orthodoxy, would appear to be the Treasure Hidden in the World.


Judah, of course, would be the Jews which includes Levi and parts of Benjamin.  Benjamin proper would be France and French Canada.  Ephraim is America (the "new name" that the Lord would name appears to be "Ami" and "Recham" from the prophecy (said together and where the final 'm' would be silent) which leaves Manasseh to be England and English Canada.  Simeon is Australia and New Zealand.  Dan is, of course, Ireland and he left his name all across Europe on his way to the Isles.   



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