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Topic: The Date of the Micronova recorded in Ancient Astrology!

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The Date of the Micronova recorded in Ancient Astrology!


I just stumbled upon this the other day.  Knowing that a Micronova occurred in mankind's recorded history (see my posts on Planet X) then I concluded that the Ancients would have recorded it somehow in an ancient Starchart of some kind.  I checked out the Egyptian Dendera Zodiac but couldn't find anything but then I remembered that each one of the Seven 'Planets' of Astrology rules over a specific constellation - obviously the choices made would point out a specific date in mankind's history and what more important date then the day when the earth got knocked off its Axis by 23* - this would actually be even more important information then the global flood.


So, one web site mentioned that the Night Time rulership in Astrology of the Planets over the constellations is very ancient (with the day time rulership being invented around 1751 or so) and the line up has anciently been :


Sun over Leo

Moon over Cancer

Mars over Scorpio

Mercury over Virgo

Jupiter over Pisces

Venus over Libra

Saturn over Capricorn


Now, I had already determined the approximate date for the Pole Shift at around 3582 BC based on a Biblical Chronology and the translations by Sitchin of the Sumerian texts.  So, I checked that date first but to no avail but I knew that the Horus War (as I call it) lasted about seven years (type of the tribulation) so I added seven years and found that it was really close to a match and then subtracted one year for a target date of 3576 BC which was extremely close so I then simply had to adjust it for the Sun in Leo and Moon in Cancer and BOOM I nailed it on the third try (which is pretty incredible and indicative that this is the right date - I was looking at the date within five minutes of looking for it) at August 9, 3576 BC.


Now, there are two, 'seeming' contradictions that are easily explained.  On any given date you are bound to have more than one planet per constellation and, since you only want one planet per constellation, you would have to assign one to another constellation but, obviously, using logic as your guide.  So, in the picture, you will see that Mars and Venus are both in Libra.  Well, obviously, you are gonna assign Venus to Libra as Blind Justice and thus Mars would be "enthroned in Scorpio".  This is supported in two ways.  The first is that at the time of the Pole Shift there were no boundaries between the constellations and, in fact, several of the constellations were actually considered the same, such as Taurus and Aries (see Bullinger's Witness in the Stars) and this is especially true of Scorpio whose claws encircle the Scales so that both Venus and Mars could be said to be in either Libra or Scorpio.  However, we also have from the eye witness accounts of the Micronova that it engulfed Mars and that it blew itself into Scorpio (this latter from the Phaethon mythology) indicating that Mars was slightly ahead of Scorpio exactly as it appears in the photo above.


The second one involved the Sun being in the first decan of Virgo but this, anciently, is where the Tail of the Lion is (in the Egyptian Dendara Zodiac) with the boy standing on the Tail and thus you could easily say that the Sun is still in Leo.  This would only make sense (with Mercury directly in the middle of Virgo) because at the time of the Micro Nova the Summer Solstice was now (apparently - and that for the first time) occurring right here in Leo.


Thus we have a perfect match from Astrology that a major event occurred on that day and one could imagine that the story of the Tarot Cards is actually explaining what happened on that day if the two systems are connected.


Another interesting point is that Sitchin will tell you that the texts imply that there was some type of super conjunction in the heavens that pulled Abaddon (Nibiru) out of its orbit into a collision course with Rahab (Tiamet) and if you look at an overhead view of the Solar System on that day you will find that all the planets are in the same third portion of the sky in a type of conjunction just as the text said.






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