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Topic: The Razor's Edge : Addressing the Charges of Blaspheme against York Rite Masonry

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The Razor's Edge : Addressing the Charges of Blaspheme against York Rite Masonry


There are two Charges of Blaspheme that have been leveled against Masonry that need to be addressed.  The first one has already been explained in my Video on the Hidden History of Masonry which the reader should view but I will summarize it here in this post.


The Name of the God of Masonry revealed in the Seventh Degree, which the Masons say is Jahbulomn (or some such variation), is a corruption of the original name which was Y'Ba'Al Amin.  The letter Yod in Hebrew, when used as a prefix, simply means 'The' and is used as such in the Sacred Name Y'hava (meaning The Breather just as He appears in Genesis).  Ba'al simply means Lord or Possessor and even Husband but combined with the definite article then it is The Lord and, thus, when used of anyone other than God becomes blaspheme. 


Perhaps this is the place to explain exactly how this Name got changed around and it should be obvious to anyone reading this that it occurred at a time that Israel was very familiar with the Chaldeans (origins of the  'Bul' in the Name according to the Masons) and with the inhabitants of India (origins for the 'Ohm' in the Name per the Masons).  Further, it had to have been changed by someone who was, basically, a Grand Master over Israeli Masonry at the time and, thus, the only contender for this redaction is Jehoiachin - probably about the time he got out of the slammer in Babylon.  This change was subsequently brought back to Israel proper by Zerubbabel and it was also sent out via the Babylonian Exilarchy of Jehoiachin's descendants, one branch of which settled in Syria (hence the Druze Rite being, basically, the same as our York Rite) and the other in Normandy (see Zuckerman's work for the details on this) where it was given to the Anglo Saxon Masons.


The second charge of Blaspheme occurs in the Sixth Degree where the Sacred Name is used in a Profane way as a Password but then, at least on two occasions, the Candidate must use the Great I AM without specifying that it is a Password thus claiming, himself, to be the Great I AM.  This is, in fact, Blaspheme and needs to be addressed by Masonry and we can start by showing just how the Sacred Name came to be used in this manner.




We know, of course, that Masonry came from the Egyptian Mysteries and the Egyptian Book of the Dead was actually used in Egyptian Masonic Ceremony to prepare the Pharaoh for his trip through the underworld.  These were various Magic Spells (actually also called the Book of Spells) that he needed to recite in order to pass all the hazards of the underworld in order to make it to the Elysian Fields of Bliss.  Several of these Spells, such as the Chapter on Coming forth by Day, required the Initiate to claim to be one of the gods (I am Horus!  I am Osiris!  I am Ra!) in order to scare and trick the denizens guarding the gates of the underworld so as to gain passage.


After the Exodus, because the Egyptian Mysteries had fallen into Paganism, Pantheism and Polytheism, Moses deemed it necessary to clean up the Canon of Scripture from all this corruption and use the Sacred Name in the texts instead.  When he was done with the Scripture, he then changed the Masonic Ritual as well (as Grand Master of Masonry over the entire Israeli Nation he had the authority to do this as no one else before or since has - excepting Solomon).  In order to accomplish this change, he would also have had to change the Lectures in each degree to fit them to their current situation in order for the changes to be appreciated by the Israelites.  He would have used Ham, Shem and Japeth as the Three Masters and then used the story of Melchizedek restoring Jerusalem after the rubble of the flood and complete with building a Temple and probably discovering an Antediluvian Crypt all of which is indicated by the Order of Melchizedek given to High Priests in Arch Rite Masonry.  These would subsequently be changed by Solomon to match his building of the Temple. 


Now, when he got to the degree in Masonry where the individual made a claim to divinity, the original word was assuredly Adonai (which has been recorded in just about every branch of Masonry indicating that it is original to the system hinted at by its inclusion in York Rite Masonry under the name Adoniram).  It's inclusion in Egyptian Masonry was originally designed to counteract the fall where the Image of God had been marred.  The reader may scoff at this at first until he considers that the practice was added at a time when the entire world had fallen into cannibalism (a matter of record of the cultural mythologies from around the world) and, thus, mankind was viewed as being no more than an animal himself.  Thus, by having the candidate claim to be Adonai, it would force the individual to confront the fact that he really was one of the Sons of God like the Angels and not just a glorified monkey (as the fallen angels themselves referred to mankind) and this would serve to lift his thoughts back to where they had been before the fall.  This was the whole purpose of Masonry to begin with.


Well, Moses perhaps understood this but at the time he considered Adonai to be more Sacred then the Name he had been given by God and, further, the Israelites had rebelled against this Name (the sin of the Golden Calf, the rebellion of Korah and even of Miriam and Aaron) so Moses thought it was necessary to force the Leaders of the Israelites into accepting this new name and by including it in Masonry it would insure that they passed this on to the rest of the nation and so this practice was continued in Masonry up unto the present day.  That this is what actually happened is supported by the Super Excellent position in Cryptic Masonry which he also started at this same time and for the same purpose (where the purpose is actually listed in that degree and was to revere the Name of the Great I AM and to be faithful to your vows which, in this case, was the vow they made on Mt. Sinai).


The reader should consider that in order to change masonry it would require someone who was, for all practical purposes, a Grandmaster of Masonry over the entire nation and only Moses and Solomon were ever in this position.  Further, this particular inclusion in the York Rite Lineage (and no other branch of Masonry) required someone with a knowledge of the Israeli Religion, Masonry and also the Ancient Egyptian Practices and, once again, there are only two people that meet these conditions (Solomon probably initiated sometime after he married Pharaoh's daughter).  Finally, the change must have been made at a time when the Sacred Name was not as Sacred as it is now or there is no way the Redactor could possibly have inserted it in the Rite without meeting with major resistance - even death on charges of Blaspheme - and thus, only Moses could have made the change.


Unfortunately, what he didn't realize is that the founder of the fraternity had chosen Adonai for the specific reason that you could claim to be Adonai and not be guilty of blaspheme (The Adonai) for it simply meant Lord and was applicable to either God or man similarly as Elohim for God and elohim for the sons of God.  By making the switch he crossed the fine line between the two (hence the title of this post) which had disastrous consequences for himself and the nation as we will now see.




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So, lets take a look at what happened after Moses changed the Rite and what affects it had on the nation of Israel.


Moses and Aaron commit blaspheme and both end up dying in the wilderness because they didn't exalt the Lord in the eyes of the Israelites but, instead, tried to fetch water out of the rock for them (i.e. instead of God bringing forth the water).  Almost always, when you commit blaspheme someone has to die.


The Israelites finally get into the promised land but because all the leaders have taken that Sixth Degree, they fail to drive out the inhabitants as ordered, being under a curse of sorts, but end up being judged by them through all these centuries and with many of their descendants dying because of this failure.


Gideon passes the degree and ends up building an Idol out of Gold which cost the lives of all his sons.


Samson takes the pledge and loses his freedom, his eyes and, finally, his life.


Saul was doing great for the Lord till he became King at which point in time he assuredly was initiated through all seven degrees and ends his life consulting with witches and committing suicide.


David, who had been initiated (which is the subject of the 151st Psalm), becomes King and subsequently commits adultery and murder and loses the child born from the union.


Solomon, who also was assuredly a seventh degree Mason, falls into spiritual adultery and ends up being the cause of the loss of the Ten Northern Tribes to the new Northern Nation.


The Northern Nation goes through three Monarchies one after another, kicks all the priests out, builds their own Idols and end up being destroyed and scattered to the four winds by the Assyrians where they have remained lost to God, Israel and History for 2700 years.


The same process occurs with the southern nation eventually being judged by the Chaldeans and then by the Romans where they have been in their diaspora for 2000 years.


But then, along comes one Man named Y'shua ben Y'hava who manages to pass through all Seven Degrees of our Antediluvian Masonry without committing blaspheme and He ends up turning the entire world upside down where it has been for the last 2000 years.


Saul of Tarsus, who was assuredly a Seventh Degree Mason being a Pharisee and a Freeman, starts out destroying the Church and is responsible for the death of the first martyr but, upon conversion when the sin of blaspheme is washed away, realizes his sin and confesses it and humbles himself ("by the grace of God I Am What I Am") suggesting a change to the ritual in the process and then goes on to turn the Roman World upside down where it has been for the last 2000 years.


The Templars, when they, collectively, blasphemed the Lord ended, for all practical purposes, being wiped off the face of the earth and today, York Rite Masonry is in danger of becoming extinct as it is absorbed into the apostate 33* Masonry which, though they have an anointing from Blue Lodge Masonry, do not repeat the same mistake as the York Lodges do.  Thus, when York Rite Masonry should be ruling the world it is, basically, playing second fiddle to one of the daughters of Babylon.


So, it would behoove the General Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons International to consider changing the password of the Sixth Degree.  I would go with Paul's suggestion and they might want to consider some type of Ceremony of Repentance including a Episcopalian Bishop who is also a Mason.  Otherwise, they Fraternity will continue to languish and may even pass off the scene before the founder of the fraternity returns which would be a shame, to say the least.



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