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Topic: Black Dawn : Planet X is here!

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Black Dawn : Planet X is here!



Planet X passed Sun July 15, 2013 AD popped Io's cork Aug 23 its outgoing wake passed over the earth and we'll probably hit debris from its incoming wake between April to June.


Two days after it broke the Ecliptic its Gravity Waves hit Stereo knocking them higher making the Planets Mercury and Earth appear to drop in their orbits.  You can actually see both Mercury and Earth do a Three Step - Forward, Backward and Two Steps Down perfectly showing the passing of the Gravity Wave.  Since the publishing of this video the Stereos have recorded a Black Spot 'transiting' the Sun from Earth's point of view, the Sun's Umbra has become 'Eclipsed' by an Unseen Object and a Umbral 'Pole' formed on the other side of the Sun on July 16th at the same approximate time distortion slammed into Lasco.


Post Scripts :


Let me explain some things.  The Solar System actually has an 'up' and a 'down' which is determined by the Sun's Poles.  North Pole is up and South Pole is down.


Electromagneticism flows from positive to negative.  The Sun's 'Equator' (which is also the Solar System's Ecliptic) is neutral - this is why Saturn's Rings form at the Equator and the Planets on the Ecliptic which are, basically, the Sun's 'Rings'.  So, the Ecliptic is exactly equal to the surface of an Ocean.


Now, as far as I know, all the satellites we have are protected by the Earth's Magnetosphere so the hit we took from X's Electromagneticism when it broke the Ecliptic only registered as a 'blip' on the screen and they went back to normal (see Suspicious Observers daily news for the 28th to see the hit on various Satellite Programs at URL below).


Except for the Stereo Satellites because they were unprotected and thus they are still receiving distortion eight days later.  Thus, these are the perfect Satellites to use for 'buoys' cause they are just free floating on the surface of the ecliptic and when they were hit by that Gravity Wave it is obvious.


Planet X will pass between the Sun and Earth approximately July 8, 2013 AD (plus or minus two day error factor) and combine its gravity with the Sun's via Wave Propagation and the Earth is gonna get Hammered.


For those who believe in the Magnetic Universe Theory - this video not only supports your theory but it also proves that Gravity is a separate force from Electromagneticism and you have to consider both on them in your Theories.


Fire AND Ice as it were (name that movie quote).


Some might ask why, if its that close, it hasn't devastated the earth yet and this is because Planet X has only a fraction of the Sun's Mass - lets say 1/Xth the Mass of our Sun - so as long as Planet X stays 1/Xth AU away from the Earth then the Earth is stabilized and protected by the Sun's Magnetosphere for the most part.  But, when it passes directly between the two, it's bad news.


Best way to watch this video, by the way, is to listen to AC/DC's song Thuderstruck while you watch it.  Just start the music video first then start this video about two seconds later.


Post Scripts :


1) Contrary to Popular Ignorance, we still don't know what the Speed of Gravity is cause no one has actually measured a Gravity Wave - see Article Below by Miles Mathis.  Well, your Intrepid X Patriot has just done what no physicist on the Planet has been able to do and that is Clock a Gravity Wave proving it does not travel at 'C' or the Speed of Light.  Planet X broke the Ecliptic Jun 27 and its Electromagnetic Wave hit the entire inner Solar System virtually immediately.  Its Gravity wave, however, didn't hit Stereo Behind until two days later so, basically, it took 2 Days for the Gravity to travel about 1 AU (93 Million Miles) meaning it travels (in this case) about 40 Million Miles a Day or about One Million Miles an Hour.


Beat that you NASA pukes.


The Speed of Gravity :


Best Viewed in Full Screen Mode.


After I posted this video, lo and behold, NASA 'found' Gravity Waves.


Some conclusions have changed on its orbit due to a re-evaluation of Sitchin so see my post on Planet X for Dummies.


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