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Topic: Planet X is the Philosopher's Stone : Mysterious Black Boxes

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Planet X is the Philosopher's Stone : Mysterious Black Boxes



It's Black Dwarf Material from Planet X!


Carbon compressed at 1/20th the Mass of the Sun and it is a Telluric Energy Magnet - a Geo Magnet.


If you look at the Indian Names for this Stone in the Wiki article one is the Stone of the Waters and these things are showing up on beaches.  They are either from Planet X's approaching debris field falling into the ocean and washing up or they are time displaced from the time of the Flood.  Just like the Odyssy Movie they appear out of nowhere.


These are literally the Philosopher's Stone!


When Planet X impacted and destroyed Tiamat (Vrtra of the Indian Mythology) it fractured some of the Carbon Surface of Planet X which you can see in the infrared picture of this Black Dwarf.  That debris became part of the debris field that precedes Planet X as its Bow Shock and that follows it in its wake.  Some of this assuredly landed on the earth and whenever Planet X passes through it pulls them to the surface or through time from the period of the Flood - just like a Magnet will pull little pieces of iron slivers to itself.


As far as them possibly falling as debris in that form - a sphere in Space has 'geolines' in it and when the various strata shrink they crack along these lines.  Thus, compressed enough, the debris may actually be in these precise geometric patterns - kinda like the geometry of Fool's Gold - this is what the Crop Circle is saying - you can see the Black Slabs in the Debris from Planet X at the time of the collision with Vrtra!


A large chunk of them probably landed on Jupiter forming its Ring - in the 2010 Space Odyssy Movie they all come pouring out of Jupiter at the end of the movie.


Mysterious Metal Boxes :


Magnum Opus Article Wiki :


Burnt Carbon (i.e. White Dwarf to Black Dwarf) displays Rainbow of Colors :


"It is related to the black-body effect, where an object appears black (it absorbs the full visible spectrum of light) at room temperature but it starts emitting visible light when its temperature is rising."


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