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Topic: Transpermia from Planet X

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Transpermia from Planet X



Mysterious current events indicate that we are moving into the debris field from the destruction of Tiamat captured by Planet X's Magnetosphere resulting in past, and future, transpermia - i.e. the transmission of life from one celestial body to another within the same solar system - my definition and more likely than panspermia which would be the communication of life between two separate stellar systems.


Check my Playlist of the same name on my Youtube page for ongoing cases of this.


Post Scripts :


1) Scientists theorize Red Rain in India possible case of Panspermia :


2) I had theorized that Planet X might be responcible for various major plagues in mankinds history but forgot to include it in the video.  For instance, some scientists believe the first case of the Black Plague can be traced back to the Philistines capture of the Ark - note also that thousands of Israelies died from opening the Ark - the Ark was made at the time of the Exodus which was one of the passes of Planet X and its debris field through the Solar System.  Maybe I'll make a video on that as well.  Anyways, they just had a man catch it from a cat bite the other day - today being June 16th, 2012 AD.


3) Meteors starting "very agressive" Fires in Colorado :


4) Unidentified Spider swarm in India : Video also shows massive Bee explosion (this just after bees were reported dying all over the globe) and Locust Invasions in California and Middle East and an outbreak of E Coli in Florida (not to mention the Black Plague just the other day).  It also shows an incredible sea of foam in Australia.  Mysterious Hazes (to which could be added two mysterious Darkness events in daytime).


5) Zombie Apocalypse from Air Borne Rabies - Unidentified Virus :


Source Videos :


Ice Sphere :


Cascade Creature :


Monster :


Raining Fish :


Stones Explode :


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